Reptilian Alien Space Parasites?: A Bad Sci-Fi “B” Movie?

by Paul Schroeder





Questions and Answers


Dear Phyllis,

 Do please explain this, from your letter:

“But I’ve been getting some very interesting audio as they are being marched off to the gallows..”

What precisely do you mean by this, above? ..
How, Phyllis, far down the ‘rabbit hole’, am I gone, to shrug into a struggle to accept / digest this, very next sentence of yours? :
“Mostly they use (believe it or not) our toilets as the carrier for mind programs. I know it sounds crazy but who doesn’t use a toilet? The water acts as a delivery system and the program travels up via the base chakra right into the different parts of the body.”

Phyllis, I would never have been able to believe in reptilians until I became allergic to, hypersensitive to negative footloose wandering ‘energies’ ; some were not at all spirit human beings.

I tried  praying FOR them, instead of praying for myself, that God stop my psychic experiences as most of them were untoward struggles.

Dark humans, of various shades, lost,  with hungry anger, floated in like bats to eat moths at my LIGHT, and many were demented, controlling and  persistent.

 Reptilians?! Not in my wildest dreams, to coin an inherent irony.

Surely, I and everyone had seen the humanlike reptilians in the film, ” Jurassic Park”.Those were sentient VelociRaptors and this one was a spitting image.

 Your advice is, I find, dead on, not wacky or borderline delusional.

My mind is now so open that my brains leak out of my ears like applesauce . .

Beyond my own belief, I actually saw one.

Squinting under a roaring shower faucet, I saw one materialize while I was showering.

I had stepped under a full shower to help me to visualize a removal of an especially painful astral “pinching burn” from an unseen entity who had floated onto me.

I always experience that ‘burning localized pinch’

 when a Neg, a negative entity, makes astral connections .

This one was much stronger than usual and very stubborn or deaf and persistent ; it caused me a great discomfort.

It was THERE, clearly unseen, getting stronger, burning my skin where it touched me..

Past experiences with unseen nasty types, not unlike this one, had hard taught me that if I tried to ignore it or tried to eloquently cajole it away that my sleep would be tortured with 3-D Technicolor worst scenario vivid nightmares, in a telepathic attack .
It might very well BE a demonic but did “Reptilians” even exist?

It was the farthest thing from my mind.

I vaguely disbelieved in such widely reported inter dimensional creations.
I  had planned the shower to be a help; I could visualize a raining violet fire onto, into and throughout me to cleanse/remove the lampblack darkness of the attachment touch of this negative, fighting astral fire with astral fire.This often worked well.

It was so strongly ON ME, hurting me and apprising me of its remora, lamprey like attitude towards me, one of a perverse proprietary nature. 

 Under the force of the shower partially appeared a reptilian sentient being, five foot tall , greenish- brown in color, with yellow cat’s eyes, for a full three seconds. 

 A saurian Spielberg creation, an upright monitor lizard, intelligently curious enough to materialize to take a look at me, or worse, for me to have a look at it, must have used my energies and the water’s energy to appear before my startled soapy eyes .
The creature In front of me closely studied me with a burning curiosity, peered at me in two birdlike turns of a saurian head; it looked brilliantly intelligent.

Since then, there has been a “face” to my unseen harassment ….

Thank you for encouragement and wisdom.
As much as you’re willing to share, in kind, what’s your personal experiences with such amazing interdimensional beings?

 I suffer nightmares regularly, in  bidding retribution for  writing reptilian expose articles since that experience .

Something that I dared not even guess existed, is much with me, stubborn, smarmy, wily.

Midnight/ morning hour psychic attacks/ abductions occur as seeming vendettas for my continued resistance efforts and writings.

These vivid, dark nightmares DO ‘milk’ me;   I am trapped and controlled within these imposed highly structured telepathic attacks. 

Who would have ever surmised that during alien abductions one acquires a parasite, an immature, devious ethereal psychic lamprey, an immature reptilian ‘energy’ which feasts from one’s angst?

Has this field of inquiry become a Sci-Fi bad “B” movie?
I am lucky to write of my struggles; many more only merely suspect these things.

Tens of millions milked ethereally and manipulated by these reptilian parasite entities, have strong sinister whispering into their tiny unschooled ears, and almost all of these people never see it coming. 

Laughing it all away, as a neutralizing tool, never  struck me either, perhaps partially because these beings do often exhibit a rarefied and poignant sense of humor themselves. .

Hi Paul,

 It’s technologies and implants that are still giving you a hard time. They are no longer physically able to do anything but think of the matrix like a very technologically advanced video game. The reptilians are the time lords and programmers. They sit at their computers and track events in this time although they are no longer really here now.

I’ve heard them saying things like “What is that date?” Insert the (crap) at this spike.” Stuff like that. When I hear them, they are fast forwarding to the future which is now and then they switch on something that was inserted into your body.

Mostly they use (believe it or not) our toilets as the carrier for mind programs. I know it sounds crazy but who doesn’t use a toilet? The water acts as a delivery system and the program travels up via the base chakra right into the different parts of the body.

I have loads of audio and reversals about this.

So what to do? No you don’t have to go out to the outhouse, try mentally removing all of these implants and astral programs from your body. Try immersing yourself in healing light.

Ask the One to also help you to stop being hammered. It’s important to believe that you can end this with help. Confidence is everything. It weakens the batteries.

Aggressive energy is the power source to keep the technologies going. I used to fight these entities constantly. Then I told myself, fighting’s over, you will only power up their stuff.

So I encouraged everyone to stop fighting and begin to laugh at their efforts and just KNOW that you will be better. They had no recourse for this. They can’t do anything about healing energy and confidence. They can use your aggression and spin it right back to you.

This race is very very smart.

But I’ve been getting some very interesting audio as they are being marched off to the gallows. This has already happened, but in their time, it is in the process of happening RIGHT NOW.

I’m going to send that out. I think you’ll like what you hear.



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