Robert Morningstar Living Up To Mystery Schools – Gnostic/Archon

Publisher’s Note:  This article was originally a comment regarding the John Lash article but I have changed it to a stand alone article because of its length – 

Bravo Zulu Robert- Finally we are getting somewhere! John Lash is spot on with the Gnostic Kundalini which we also use in medicine as the double serpentine Caduces or so some of us like to believe. Not only are we impressed with your findings and recommendations, but we are impressed with your author John Lash.

(I LEARNED TAI CHI IN HAWAII! GREAT FOR BODY-MIND-SPIRIT – I have a manual with photos here in the house. I should use it more! TJ)

It is obvious that we in the modern mystery schools do practice in the ancient mystery schools of the 33 and channeling. The channeling of our higher power the spark of light to most who learn the inner workings of the Ancient Mystery Schools and study Ancient Texts and Cuneiform.

I am learning that Tai-Chi Mastering is not your only choice of topics of our occult wisdoms. Robert Morningstar, I have yet to see your writings on the UFO Digest, and since you are the Editor, I have to ask myself why?

You are a brilliant lighted soul with a master calling in the wisdom schools as one of our masters on earth at this time. I do not need to tell you what you already know. Share more of your inner light and guidance with all of us. You should direct more information to the new and young neophytes.

Sure some of us “Old Guys” the “Baby Boomers” may have studied the ancient mystery schools and combined both eastern and western wisdoms and spent hours reading anything we could on the occult.
I know I spent many years learning to perfect Tantra using Kundalini and serving as a Psychic and Medium.

I soon learned there were many masters and many levels and was always willing to share in the meetings we had in Hawaii. However, there were those of us who had reached a level in MENSA that could only share our interest in the higher powers with logic and this would soon turn again back to the kundalini of one’s own self.

Each of us have parts or shards to offer others and it is apparent my dear friend that you are one of the Alien Lanterns here to point the way. Maybe the God/Goddess DNA is in us all and we have merely to learn to tap the source through our own intelligence psyche? If this is what you teach as a Tai Chi Master then share with us your inner structure and belief systems please!

It is apparent with your recent calling to instruct others at the A.R.E. NYC ORG that you are revered of one with wisdom to share.

Therefore, this one article which you decided to share proves to me that you are aware of the fallacies or misinterpretations of the scaled teachers.

Would you be under the impression that some of these scaled serpentine mammalians who come to us as Aliens are not evil but teachers?

The fact that many on earth fear snakes has made us all recognize fear and dying. The fear that is imposed on us by David Icke with his Reptilian Agenda may be part of the wicked and evil traits we can become. I personally do now want to go there! I hate snakes although I do not kill any live creature I would avoid going places with them. I have snakes here all around me, my home, my small lake here where I live in the hills of Kentucky. Reptilians and snakes I choose to not visit and will walk a far path around to avoid.

But, those who may be our teachers who come in USO or unidentified submersible objects or flying saucers that can fly in space or under water may be able to shape shift. I am not sure if you are going to go down that avenue or path with your future stories, research, and instruction.

Reason being, that is one path I began venturing down when I was attached to 13 RECON at the Kaneohe Marine Base as a Medic or HM2 on my reserve time. I was serving my last 6 months or so over on the Kaneohe side of Oahu Island while I was doing my reserve time while serving as a GS5 in personnel security. I was just beginning my career and was already approved for HM1 in the medical field with so real medical background other than psychology and graduating the Naval Hospital Corps School in Great Lakes, Oct. 1985. I was transferred with my spouse to Hawaii Nov. 87-88 and served there until April 29, 1993 and moved in May-June 1994.

The entire time I served in the military whether in uniform on weekends or in suit during the week in personnel and information security, I met others who would mention about certain Hangars and their secret sightings of the lights on Kaneohe Bay side of the island. Those who worked there had suspicions and we knew they were not submarines because we had them on our COMNAVBASE side. Robert you are in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves so you know what I mean. There are people serving that won’t mention their interests except to other believers. IT is another “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to anyone without a need to know and one learns who one can trust with their personal interests in the mystical tours of life.

This article you have shared I believe is to bring us all closer together and to bring us back to the reality that there may be some “TEACHERS” out there who may resemble one of STAN LEE’s characters and I don’t know the actors name but he resemble an amphibious friend of “HELL BOY”.

Do you know who I am referring too? That is one of the Beings I have come in contact with on the island while visiting the Kaneohe sandy beaches with the Palms with the moon shining over the water. I do not believe we were to be spotted and if we were not suspected of being there then why would they visits? I have often wondered if we were allowed to know of these amphibeius alien creatures who can live on both land and in water that night!

Sure, I know – Most people will say I saw the Navy Frogmen in their wet suits! Been there done that a million times in my mind.

One of our contributing authors has asked about the UFO sightings on the Kaneohe Bay Side of the Oahu Island. It has always been a “HOT SPOT FOR UFO SIGHTINGS AT NIGHT!”

Also, for USO’s and these amphibious creatures for which we had a special meeting called to inquire if other people were familiar with them or had sightings! I was so shocked when I saw this amphibious creature on a movie called “HELL BOY” that I watched one day because someone else had it on at their home that I spilled my drink I was holding. I actually spit the drink out as I was choking. I had done a Psychic Festival in Biloxi Mississippi with some other Psychics and Hypnotists with Pegasus Group out of Indiana. We were not really aware of each others skills or backgrounds and were staying in a large mansion of the Hostess. She offered us her large home with guest rooms and a large entertainment center room.

We were all in these recliner rocking chairs and thankfully I only got the drink on me as I choked. I did not share my shock and awe of this amphibious creature being but they could sense that I was in deep contemplation. When I see the movie industry portray energy beings that I was aware of in my past in my reality I always wonder where they got the inspiration for such creatures. Thank God I have never seen any Reptilians like in the movie ALIEN.

Anyway, it is time to make some advancements in the future of all these various intelligent beings that come and go from this planet. I only can share those I am aware of. I can share those I have seen in this reality. I can share those I feel an attachment too in spirit. But, you can do the research along with others and take the path of analyzing the ancient texts and compare the codexes of ancient times with what we actually receive today in these modern times as channeling!

Afterall, You are aware of Edgar Cayce and his psychic talents! We still have the ability and talented individuals on this planet!

I am beginning to believe that our Ancient Mystery School Masters actually never went away they just visit as they choose and check up on our progression with their favorite students who rise to a level of enlightenment to be involved with them without resulting in fear of the unknown as in fight or flight. I really don’t have all the answers at all. I am just as normal as all other beings on earth. I simply rely on my past memories, my research of books, and my practiced skills and talents which I share with others when I can.

Stay in touch with us on UFO Digest and make this sight a place we can not be afraid to express the metaphysical mysteries and to research the unknown among the word jockeys and geeks that some of us are. I like sharing SCIFI and SYFY but these days there needs to be more of a STAR TREK and STAR GATE and not so much doom and gloom darkness creating fear!

We need some positive force like Luke Skywalker and less Darth Vader. It may still be the force as positive and negative balance for us all in our own individual worlds since we are each a unit. Let us know your input on each individual unit and what you think of our inner connection to those above and those in the middle as the aliens and ETS!


I am never sure I should write and share anything but there seems to be an internal force and passion for others who say they enjoy my stories and sharing my experiences. So, I am glad I can feel this part of me that when I write I feel included in a larger energy and power. I hope all writers can feel this passion and guiding force. I simply want to be a part of the soul solution and not the problem and illness in the dark! That is why I share the words Shift and Uplift in the Health and Prosperity of the Ascension Center Enlightenment or ACE as the Ascension Center ORG.

I never realized that there was a similar organization until I read about you at the A.R.E. Org. and the one I was inspired or channeled to create is called the www.AscensionCenterOrg. or
A.C.E. Ascension Center Enlightenment ACE Metaphysical Institute!
Came back and added the FISHMAN- Only thing this proves is someone either knows about the USO aliens or they have a great imagination. Abraham “Abe” Sapien (born Langdon Everett Caul) is a fictional character in the comic book series Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola. He is identified as an Icthyo sapiens, similar to a merman. As well as regular appearances in Hellboy and B.P.R.D., Sapien has also starred in his own one-shot comic, Abe Sapien: Drums of the Dead by Brian McDonald and Derek Thompson, and the mini-series Abe Sapien: The Drowning by Mike Mignola.

There are a lot of coincidences in this world in which we all live. Maybe we should ask Stan Lee to create our new Aliens of the USOs that are now suspect as far as I am concerned. I tried to forget what I didn’t want to deal with in 93-94. I guess I am ready now to add another ALIEN TYPE – TYPE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE!

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris,  Author/Entrepreneur consultant, trainer in mystical experiences that include Extraterrestrials, & Ancient  Civilizations.  

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