Running Horse Pub Patron Snaps Photo of UFOs!

Publisher’s Note: Discovered this gem in a Google News Alert. It appears a guy went outside of a bar and had the luck of taking the above photo. This article was published in the Mail Online Posted by Sam Webb. Enjoy Dirk
A pair of mysterious fast-moving discs of light have been pictured in the skies over the Berkshire town of Bracknell.
Steve Lambert, 42, was making a phone call outside the town’s Running Horse Pub when he spotted the UFOs at 8pm on Friday.
The driving instructor from Basingstoke, Hampshire, said: ‘I was drinking with my girlfriend and her son.’
I have enlarged the top photo and enhanced using autocontrast from Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
He added: ‘I went outside to make a phone call when something caught my attention.
‘It was around 8pm at night so there was a little bit of sun but it was mainly overcast.
‘It was heading south west and quicker than any normal aircraft. 
‘I only saw it for less than five seconds.

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