Russian spy ring’s secrets revealed in Anna Chapman voice analysis

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman’s unconscious communications revealed hidden intelligence including the name of an accomplice along with occult dimensions of her spy ring’s command structure according to a study released in Vancouver, British Columbia. The report was issued via podcast as the Federal Bureau of Investigation raised the grave spectre of an invigorated Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), stating that Ms. Chapman and her accomplices, considered “cream of the crop”, represented a “new breed of illegal operative” whose covert activities were ended last year “before classified information changed hands.” Responding to a Freedom of Information Act Request, the FBI on October 31, 2011 released video from hidden camera surveillance of Ms. Chapman recorded during their nearly decade-long “Ghost Stories” investigation that led to the arrest of the spy ring.

According to a new edition of The Secret Message Report, secret encrypted messages reveal how elements of the intercepted espionage effort were consistent with a covert agenda involving both international and domestic MKULTRA-like “ghost” operatives in North America. One source describes how MKULTRA was the codename for an illegal operation run by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Scientific Intelligence in which subjects were subjected to torture, including sexual abuse, in order to partition their minds for use as Manchurian Candidate-type assassins. In 2007, the Government of Canada faced victims seeking a class action lawsuit for its role in allowing Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (whose assistant was father to former Spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada, Mila Mulroney) to use the Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University to further the ethically void CIA “Frankenscience.”

The Canadian report describes how secret messages encrypted backwards in the remarks of Ms. Chapman were identified when the audio soundtrack from her video interview for New York Entrepreneur Week featured on TechCrunchTV was reflected through a digital mirror and monitored in reverse playback. This study used voice-based disclosure technology known to readers of for revealing unconscious secrets from the spoken testimonies of UFO witnesses and to international audiences for revealing geographic and strategic intelligence pertaining to the Iraq War. According to the podcast report, secret messages from the unconscious voice of Anna Chapman refer to a person named “Tim” and link that name with a “Vegas drop.” The messages also include descriptions of “sorcery” and a “master” who “walks with the dead.”

Click here to listen to this new podcast, featuring the secret messages of former Russian spy Anna Chapman, on The Secret Message Report.

Canadian national security spy concerns were recently highlighted in the case of a reportedly Canadian scientist who admitted economic espionage in giving Cargill Inc. trade secrets to China along with the alleged use of Canadian passports by Russians indicted on charges of conspiring to act as secret agents in the United States. In 2010 Richard Fadden, Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), also relayed his suspicions of how municipal politicians in British Columbia are under the “influence of a foreign government” on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation national television. The CSIS director later stated (in a moment of extreme situational irony) how the cases were not, however, “of sufficient concern to bring them to the attention of provincial authorities.”

Psychic Spies

Occult influences in modern intelligence culture can be revealed historically, iconically and through a review of language used to describe covert communications. The use of encoded language to conceal information concerning spiritual sciences and the acquisition of supernatural human performance capabilities (against religious prosecution and abuse by underdeveloped persons of questionable character) predates the use of encryption for political purposes only. A crypt, for example, describes an underground burial vault in the modern use of the term. In this sense, to “encrypt” is to bury a person, whereas “decryption” implies the raising of the dead from their graves.

These same influences are seen in agency logos. The former British Military Intelligence (MI5) logo, for example, includes the Eye of Providence or “All-Seeing Eye” in the capstone of a pyramid, reflecting the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and that symbol’s current use on the back of the US one dollar bill. From this perspective, even the acronym CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) can be interpreted as an example of both applied transposition and substitution ciphers revealing CIA->ACI-> All C-ing I->All-Seeing Eye.

In the most archaic sense, the “All-Seeing Eye” represents a performance characteristic of clairvoyant persons, whose practice of mental concentration promotes Ajina Chakra (“Third Eye”) activation via the ascent of their dormant or sleeping microcosmic potential (Sanskrit kundalini), allowing lucid perceptions of intelligence from beyond the constraints of time, designating those individuals as seer, soothsayer or sorcerer.

Dr. John Dee, the original “007”, employed “scrying” (mirror or crystal-gazing) to develop intelligence that was used strategically as well as in psychological warfare (psyops) propaganda operations against the enemies of Queen Elizabeth I in sixteenth century England. As a transposition cipher, the term “psyops” becomes “spy-ops”. In this sense, a spy is a person concerned with observing the soul (Greek psych?), as revealed during the interview with former Russian spy Anna Chapman, in which she describes New York Entrepreneur Week as “a place where you have similar souls.”

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