Scientific Events that Most Changed the World

Scientific Events that Most Changed the World—Survey Response 

By Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.  

Used with permission of What’s Happening Magazine.

In your opinion, what are the five scientific events that changed the world the most?


1. Discovery of quantum physics

2. Discovery of relation between space time and matter

3. Discovery that there are laws of physics

4. The invention of the concept of energy

5. The use of mathematics to make predictions in science

Quantum physics has led to many of the discoveries of the 20th century that we take for granted such as the computer, nuclear and atomic energy, modern medicine and new drugs, many electronic, photonic, and other new technologies based on quantum physics such as the laser, HDTV, DVDs, MRIs and many more. Metaphysically it continues to lead us to new visions that connect both spiritual and physical ways of being. It explains, for example something called the observer effect which indicates how mind and matter are inescapably linked and will lead to even more insights that could shed light on why there are thinking human beings rather than not having any such creatures; how life and mind themselves evolved, and possibly the emergence of mind in hitherto unsuspected realms of existence. 

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