Scotland has voted ‘No’ to its own independence today, yet many citizens will not be happy at this emotive result. But what comes next? 

It would be interesting to know many British citizens resident within Scotland, fearful of breaking old links with London, actually voted in the latest referendum. Quite a large number of English families of course do move to Scotland over the generations. How powerful was their influence?  And not to mention members of the House of Lords resident in Scotland and their families and their multitude of additional camp followers. It just takes one large social grouping with a vested interest of influence to affect an entire community.  Has this happened here and if so to what extent? 

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Plus, the highly influential Queen was reportedly “horrified” at the prospect of threats of Scottish independence.  Royal trips up to Balmoral Castle (one of the residences of the British Royal Family since 1852) may have been rather ‘awkward’) so? 

The highly undemocratic ‘Royal card’ is one that the ‘subjects’ of the UK have been trained to accept, without question for centuries and the massive influence of this factor alone is substantial. Even calling for genuine democratic rights rather than royal concession, via allegedly ‘divine’ regal privilege of ascendancy, is frequently greeted with cries of one being a traitor or unpatriotic. They tell me that now Scotland is still chained to Westminster’s power it will continue to pay billions of pounds for nuclear weapons when the mainstream of folk in Scotland wish to invest this money in things like enhanced pensions or better childcare. I hear it will also lose the ability to remove the bedroom tax and to invest in offshore energy wealth. It’s all very interesting stuff.

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Nevertheless, the impetus for change and potential for later dissent has been fired up, that much is certain.  Just one negative national incident or social injustice that offends the proud Scottish people in the future may lead to a new call for a ‘second’ referendum. 

For some who are now resting on their traditional laurels the latest battle may of course be ended, yet I feel the greater struggle for independence/liberty is far from over. The wheel of change has been rolled and it will not stop! Many of the votes cast in this heated Scottish referendum may therefore be more aligned to mass subconscious mind manipulation and unjustified anxiety over what could have been advantageous change, rather than doing the ‘right’ thing for the land itself! 

History teaches us that disgruntled factions within cultures can and do at times resort to harsh measures to pursue transformation when they feel bitterly disenfranchised. 

Therefore, let us all hope that peace will remain supreme in the future herein, as we do not want another repetition of the divisive and long-lasting ‘Irish’ situation.  




This video link presents allegations that this vote was rigged. Clearly further investigation is required


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