Posted by Craig Woolheater

One of the readers of has sent them a link to a website that shows photographs and relates a story that is truly amazing.

The reader, nicknamed ‘CryptoInformant’, claims that one day in June, about 1990, he and friend Joanne Rauch were hiking along the central Oregon coast at Cape Meares, when they spotted a large object on the beach.

Luckily, they had a camera with them and shot a few pictures of what may well be a ‘sea serpent’. It was approximately 33 feet long and had had its head removed.

‘CryptoInformant’ states that the head was missing as far as he could tell. It was either chewed or screwed off by a propeller, or perhaps rotted away. is asking its readers to determine what the carcass is and to name it.

To read the entire story and see more spectactular photos and perhaps to name the carcass link here.

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