Self-Help Against Demons: How To Disarm a Demon

Lightning flashes in a thunderstorm, which hit trees and go into the ground, act as a food media, a power grid for demonics to utilize and to manifest.

When kaleidoscopic colors and animated figures storm your mind’s eye, when you close your eyes to retire to sleep, you are with a demonic, standing gauntly by your bedside.

They use this animated psychic fascination to keep children awake all night, night after night, to weaken them towards jumping onto and then into, children’s energies field.

Demons and other nasty spirits, often visit, but don’t normally reside for long in our 3-D physical dimensional plane of existence.

Since demons do not have a corporeal, earthly form, it is very energy costly and quite difficult for them to wander freely, or to have their full destructive force, in our physical dimensional world.

But they CAN and DO hitchhike around, bound to human- others’ energies.

It is remarkably true, as is much, in wrongly scorned and forgotten legends, that ghosts and demons cannot cross a running stream.

Running water creates a subtle yet powerful electrical current, that will easily de-manifest them.

One beset with demons can easily surround one’s feet with a running garden hose to break connections.

Underground streams, sewers, water mains, and below pavement conduits exist, and in much the same fashion, function as major obstacles to demonic motility and mobility.

Thus, hitchhiking and ensconced onto a person’s energy field, easily shields them from these entity’s destructive forces.

If demonics were allowed to predominate, rather than just linger, on this Earthly plane, they would have long ago destroyed and corrupted everything still beautiful and celestial.

Instead, demons are vested with temporary powers to be used here – unless and until they can find a way to gather more energy.

For them, it is much as swimming is, for us; one can dive down deeply into the water and hold one’s breath for some time.

While we’re there, we can urinate in the water, make a mess of things, or simply observe what’s going on.

After a short while, out of oxygen, we need to come back to “our world” breaking the water’s surface.

It’s the same for demons.

Demons “hold their breath”to come into our world for a time, but can’t stay for long.

A major exception is similar to swimming.

Just as longer dives are enabled with breathing apparatus, a demonic can have longer stays in our existence if they have energy.

Although a person’s Spiritual Energy is brightly generated in an aura around people, unseen by most, but visible to psychic sensitives, untoward spirits have also been known to drain batteries, room heat, causing cold spots, electrical and light energy.

Comparing spiritual energy to house electricity is like comparing our sun’s brilliance to a car battery in strength and range.

Demons feed on energy and we are all unknowing porch lights; some are poorly flickering projectors, others are floodlights on flatcars, that pierce the darkness.

We largely ignore these types of personal/ spiritual energies because they can’t be measured on a scientific scale.

We don’t yet have technology or understanding to measure them, but they exist.

Animals are the most sensitive to seen and unseen energies.

To train a dog to listen to you, you don’t have to say a word; change your energy, and your dog will pick up on it better than a yelled command..

To keep demons from affecting you, control your energy.

Visualize that you have large extension (imagined) arms, that lightly brush your body’s skin, from top to bottom and back again; this astral exercise changes the magnetic field of your body and affects a demon like a magnet affects iron filings on a sheet of paper, dislodging EMF connections.

Avoid anger and unlearn fear and remain calm as a heavy stone dropped into a deep lake; abandon resentments and grudges; let absolutely nothing ruffle your feathers.

Evil spirits need negative energy, so starve a demon of all negative energy, effectively suffocate it from this world, a diver with no oxygen.

Negative energy is the engine that makes it work.

If a book flies off of a shelf, simply think;,”These things happen”, and ignore all provocations to feel fear.

Control Your Energy and You’ve Starved a Demon

Controlling your personal (spiritual) energy is simple.

First, control your thoughts and thus you control your energy.

Control your thoughts?

It starts with awareness.

Start by becoming very aware of your responses to certain things:

-What makes you smile?

-What makes you angry?

-What instantly annoys you?

-What sets you off?

– What are you afraid of?

-What are you jealous of?

-What lingering animosities or grudges can you recall?

Start to notice your emotional responses enough to put it into words.

When and why do you feel this way?

What logic or word salad is your mind using to justify this emotion?

Challenge each negative ideation that surfaces, because it is food to a demon.

Go back into every room, in your lifetime of memories, and forgive those who hurt you the most, out of a sheer self survival motive.

Understand that our fear, anger, anxiety, and even depression is unjustified, easily blown out of proportion.

Being aware of any irrational thoughts and fears is the first and most crucial step to negate and reverse them.

Replaced negative inner thoughts with positive thoughts and vector away all negative thought, by connecting past disturbingly stimulating events with positive or neutral responses.

It’s surprisingly simple, to deny a demon a foothold and to deny it food of

negative energy.

Actively countering negative energy gives the demon less power, less time in our plane, and thus less evil effects on people.

Understanding this is VITAL to keeping demonic evil minimized.

Spend no time weighing its nature or fearing its behavior and think of everything except the demon.

It will do negative miracles to get your attention, but your energy goes into whatever you think about or focus on, so refuse to think of the demon.

Ignore it and it becomes starved.

Fear and loathing and angst and grief bring it closer to you.

Energy attracts like energy, so if you put out only positive vibrations, you will not only attract positive vibrations, but you’ll also be repelling negative entities.

Don’t Fear The Demon

Fear is the main source of negative energy.

When, through psychoanalytic psychotherapy one traces most negative emotions back to their origins, they turn out to be a subordinate form of fear.

Calmly and evenly react when you are in a scary situation, negating

any “fight or flight” response.

When faced with danger or fear one gets an adrenaline rush that helps you do one of two things – either stand and fight, or run away.

Both survival instincts, when faced with a demon, are problematic in that the emotion that come with fighting tend to be anger, and the emotion that come with running, is fear.

Both are very negative feelings.

Demons feast on such negative power.

If you let demons scare you, anger you, or consume your thoughts you are effectively giving them the exact energy they need to get stronger.

Should you err,

luckily, such energy is not permanent and it takes a lot of negative energy for a demon to exist in our world.

Even if you’ve fed the Beast for years with your fear, anger, anxiety, and sorrow, starve it; resolve to stop your emotional negative energy, to the point where your reactions to scary events and feelings are neutral.

Clear your mind and repeatedly tell yourself that everything will be just fine.

Find a comedy station and watch non stop stand up humor or sitcoms to laugh;

you can truly make yourself unafraid, to view evil spirits with a detached curiosity rather than a terrified reaction.

Keep Evil Out

Part of self-help in ridding your life of demons is learning to face your own “demons”.

Identify and confront the things in your life negatively out of balance.

It starts with something as simple as cleaning your house – it is well known that messy or dirty surroundings attract negativity and by extension evil.

If you are lazy, exercise.

If you are overweight, go on a diet.

If your boyfriend abuses you, leave him.

That’s the best advice you’re likely to get.

It’s harder to clean up your mind when your surroundings are a mess.

As you sort out your thoughts, sort out the rest of your life as well.

If it seems overwhelming – that’s another thought that can simply be challenged and changed.

Momentum is a way to sustain the direction of energy, so begin to make positive changes, immediately and build on them – a little every day.

Ignore the negative things in your life and they will go away.

Choose positivity in everything you do and soon enough you will contain nothing but positive energy.

It is a guarantee that demons will soon have no foothold and thus no concerted interest in you, anymore.

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