Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies:

(…See Eve Lorgen’s classic book, “Alien Love Bite”, for a deeper analysis/ understanding of alien mind control of sexual behaviors of alien abductees.)

After abductions, aliens through implants and mind control, can and do “turn up” the sexual energies of alien abductees in a purported attempt to “study” human response/coping behaviors.
Part of  the understanding of the interaction between alien and humans on Earth is not just in understanding alien tactics and underlying alien motives.
It is of a sexual nature.
The astounding answer in part begins with the realization that we are, by nature, beyond our awareness and general understanding, inter dimensional beings.
We contain and exude both a physical energy and a spiritual energy.
As some of our psychic “energy” extends into other dimensions, these energies can be seen and regularly utilized by dark entities.
Reptilian/grey aliens the pilots of UFOs, demons, and other dark astral wildlife, frequent this dark dimension.
Aliens often seek us in the same way that remora and lamprey seek denizens of the deep and for the same parasitic reasons.
Grey-reptoid aliens can even throw demons into the nightly abduction equation to muddle things, just for spite, for those abductees who guess too closely to this or any other alien/human interaction relationship truth.
Demon possessed or not, aliens,  just like demons, can and do to enter into our physical world, from that ethereal energy dimension which is the very same that ghosts inhabit, to prey and feast upon human beings, who they relish controlling and even sometimes, possessing.
With a single mindedness, controlling reptilian aliens prevail with impunity; they are predatory, sinister and self justifying, the three criteria of evil.
 We are mere mice for them to toy with; 
they literally feast on our ethereal energies.
The post abduction sexual behavior of alien abductees is choreographed and micro managed; worse, aliens participate in these field experiments with humans..
At the very least, these unscientific, controlling alien entity’s behaviors are most revealing; this  perverse, unprofessional alien behavior in such direct sexual participation persists and all under the seeming guise of ‘testing’.
In so many case studies of alien abductees, a key element of what is post”alien abduction”, is often also a ‘sexual’ phenomenon..
From a Case of an abductee, Phyllis, who lives in the Philippines, from private communiques:
Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t especially mind my sex volume knob being turned up- there are probably millions of women, in their thirties and forties, my age group, who would kill for that opportunity!- Men too-
Anyway- I’m not exactly a nymphomaniac- it seems that the only one I get that hot about is the first guy who approaches me in a bar.
I will go anywhere with them to get that itch scratched.
That’s a fact- so what if these grays use me?

I’ve learned to milk the situation too. Sometimes I have a real climax just fantasizing. It’s like a strong erotic sensation comes over me and I can’t control it or fight it off. So I just ride it out until the end. It is better sex than with the men I go with. If this comes over me and I don’t have a date I sometimes go to a bar and pick up a man instead of fantasizing it- I feel like I have to have sex right then. It can be scary sometimes. At first I suffered daily with unsatisfied desires and frustrations- it was torture. I like some parts of it, but sometimes it is too much, I get tired of feeling used.

Dear Phyllis,
You insist on missing the essential point;if you are, and I am STRONGLY CONVINCED  that you are, being played like a church organ, sexually, with all the foot petals, by the very entities who I write and fight and resist and complain so much about, why would you let and allow them to constantly have their “way” with controlling  you?
Like “needing” a drink and not taking one knowing that it’s the worst reason and wrong time to take one, when you really need one, for that very reason.
 That is the precise time to deny them that imposed upon you drive to sex and the energy that they crave and feed from.
 Resistance means refusing to play their ‘game’ regardless of the pleasure you might on the moment derive, because you now know that you are simply being manipulated; aren’t you more willful and more resolute and more determined than they are?
When one knows that ‘they’ are in one’s picture, for an abductee admittedly taken since childhood,  one must thwart them by refusing sex when you’re ‘horny’ precisely because you  know that they benefit directly from your energy; why persist in allowing them to force you to ‘feed’ them?
However, it may be exactly what it appears to be: actual sexual manipulation by an alien race.
 Information voiced through the clients forms a consistent body of knowledge about the alien beings and their motivations for coming to our planet.
Dr William Baldwin echoes what I’ve separately stumbled upon.

The alien agenda behind the sequence of close encounters, leading to abductions, and then to possession, is similar to their planetary exploits; after exploration, comes conquest.

What follows is phrased from his astounding preface: 

[From a case study]

Mona and the ET Controllers

“Mona expressed dismay at her unusually high sexual appetite and her promiscuity. This condition had existed in her life since late adolescence. She had difficulty maintaining monogamous relationships and this caused her deep sadness and confusion. In session, she discovered an ET group experimenting with sexuality. The ET researchers would intensify her sexual desire, like turning up the volume on a TV set, then observe her behavior and her reactions to her own behavior.

We discovered a large network of DFEs [Dark Force Entities] of various levels controlling the ETs in this activity. This particular experimentation involved a broad segment of the human population, and Mona was just one of many people affected. The ET technicians divulged this information, and further revealed a sordid picture of the intrusion.

Some of the DFE-influenced ETs had become personally involved in human sexuality, purposely stimulating licentious and depraved sexual activities. Not only were they distorted in their scientific observation, they were participating in the experiments.

Mona was sickened by the discovery of this information. She had known something was very wrong in her life and suspected entity influence, but had not dreamed of this kind of extensive involvement, particularly the ETs. She was deeply relieved to finally get relief from this terribly intrusive and very personal violation.

Human beings are so terribly caught up in sexual issues from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood, even old age as senility sets in. The entire issue is compounded by the social issues regarding sex, marriage, monogamy, adultery, promiscuity, the religious taboos and imposed guilt, the very real problems of unwanted pregnancy and abortion, disease, human possessiveness and jealousy, and other issues. It is a fertile field for dark force entity influence.

These experiments on emotions and sexuality are ostensibly designed to study human feelings and behavior. The technician simply turns up the volume on some aspect of emotion or behavior and records what happens with the human subject. This behavior or emotional outburst causes anguish in the human. This is the desired result. The anguish is the underlying goal of the project.

The energy emanation of the anguish of human suffering is harvested by the DFEs.

It is used as energy, sustenance, food. In most cases we have found, and other therapists report the same situation, it seems the experiment is a cover for the activity of the DFEs.

This is the true purpose of the “research” conducted by the aliens.

In most cases of ET attachment where such a group is operating, the ship captain or the base commander may be evasive, deceitful, even defiant, and refuse to remove the intrusive devices and alien beings. They will usually divulge the information that there is a high dark being who controls their people.

A client will sometimes describe a sinister and menacing dark figure on the craft, clearly exerting powerful control, and always situated near the ship’s captain.

The ET technician is usually unaware of the dark influence. The commander of the space craft is conscious of the dark presence in about half of such cases. The ruling council members on the home world are aware of the dark lords in charge at various levels. They acknowledge that they, or their predecessors in the council, struck an alliance with the dark forces long ago for the purpose of gaining personal and political power.

However, once that dark contact was established, the DFEs took power over the council. The DFEs assumed “ownership” of the alien civilization, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

The council members, usually from three to eleven in number (though once it was reported as a senate of about 1800 members), are grateful for the assistance in separating themselves and their citizens from the DFEs. With the assistance of many light beings, we facilitate the total removal of the dark force entities, from the lowliest DFE attached to the ET technicians, through the dark lords on the craft, to the high-level dark beings wielding power over the council members and the overseers or enforcers who lurk behind the scenes.

After the release of the DFEs from their civilization, the council gladly orders the removal of the implants, monitors, communication devices, various and assorted headbands and skullcaps, and the ET technicians. They order the return of all the craft orbiting this world and any other, and the space stations involved in this hideous project. A tremendous piece of work is completed in a very short time. The effect on consciousness cannot be measured.

Clients have discovered not only these attached ET technicians and their equipment, but also unattended probes and other devices in various parts of the anatomy and in the chakras, or energy centers of the body, both on themselves and other family members.

These probes are non-physical in nature, yet connected in a way which allows for the transmission of information to the ET scientist’s location. The probe, or connector, may also allow the ET to remotely control some aspect of the physiology or mental/emotional functioning of the person.

In an altered state, a client can visualize the probe, often a black cord, leading to the ET laboratory. We direct the question to the alien researcher. This communication passes directly to the ETs along the attached connector, and the surprised ET will answer through the voice mechanism of the client.

This can be surprising and distressing to the client, but with our assurance that the control is only temporary, and that many people have overcome this intrusion, most clients continue with the dialogue.”

So the horrid truth emerges: In summary,
With a single mindedness, controlling reptilian aliens prevail with impunity in the sexual lives of alien abductees.
These entities may well be called, evil as they are predatory, sinister and self justifying, the three criteria of evil.
 We are mere mice to toy with, for them; 
they literally feast on our ethereal energies.
Sexual behavior of alien abductees is choreographed and micromanaged; worse, aliens participate in these field experiments with humans..
The light of this article, of alien/human interaction is shone into darkest corners and is recorded and documented in more detail, in Eve Lorgen’s book, “Alien Love Bite”;.
I also write about this phenomenon so as to illuminate these dark corners for others.
Paul Schroeder

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