Sexuality & Religion: Woman – know thy place!


Feminism and the psychosis behind organised faith systems

Equality amongst the sexes, a fair crack of the whip for all; but what place (if any) does so-called ‘Feminism’ hold within the religions of this planet?

Okay folks; at the customary risk of displeasing the overtly sensitive (who labour under fashionable yet invalid perceptions) and those who fail to ‘read between the lines’, due to terminally heated or insecure personalities, I will have a crack  at explaining things a little further.

 Our earliest ancestors living a ‘Hunter-gatherer’ type of existence were not troubled by modern confabulations of equality. Diet, warmth, mating and overall survival against hostile environments remained the most imperative aspects prominent in the minds of the first Homo sapiens.

Like many other animals surrounding them our forbears got on with whatever they did best. To do otherwise would have been irrational and simply led to hunger and ultimately death. The most aggressive and physically potent members of a tribe (either male or female) would fashion weapons and venture out into dangerous regions to hunt game for food.

To some extent historical conditioning/taboos have robbed women of their right to choose and their abilities, which once gave them the respect that they were rightly due. Size and strength, the macho-image, is a sad result of aeons of patriarchal human mind-manipulation. Originally, like in numerous other animal species, the sexes were on a similar functional basis. Powerful women were once just as dangerous as any man and of course ’still’ are today.

Evidence of such parallels in nature abound. A powerful Lioness will often do the hunting whilst the lazier male suns himself in the shade. What is of paramount importance is the individual’s own ‘personal’ potential, regardless of gender. Man-man prohibitions and doctrine affected the individual liberties of the masses. Ruling priesthoods, to enable them to thrust their intolerance upon society, created sexual stereotypes.

The old mediaeval Christian witch figure of a hag on a broomstick is a prime example of a male-dominated religion enforcing its prejudice on a naive culture. This single occurrence has  done more to damage and de-empower elderly females than any other in western history.  Restrictions on ‘individuality’ go hand in hand with any fundamentalist credo.

Fundamentalist rules for life always end up disenfranchising rightly distrustful minorities that refuse to conform.

It is essential that we see the difference between natural social gender development and that which is insidiously inflicted on us by taboo-ridden, ruling Juntas with hidden power motives/agendas. The cosy image of the petite domesticated woman at home and the sturdy, bread-winning male is a mind-control mechanism cleverly incorporated into human subconscious by the narrow-minded priesthoods of Islam, Christianity and Judaism etc.  This ancient ruse has been so successful that many will bitterly argue against it, little realising how they have been ‘conditioned’ to do so.

Of course women are equally capable of going out to work whilst men stay in with the children, yet the patriarchal mind-set ultimately traditionally rejects this concept with its so-called family (meaning monotheistic/female-disenfranchising) values! To some extent, marriage may also be viewed in this context as a type of institutionalised ploy to demote women to the lower (servant of man) ranks.

Unbalanced patriarchal faith systems have always led to the subjugation of the female gender. The recent (and ongoing) tumult in the Church of England over women priests gives prime evidence of a masculine backlash that has its roots in the early days of repression of balanced, natural, Pagan religions. Secular societies too have often inherited cultural taboos affecting females and simply kept them in operation for their own ends. 

Pre-Christian societies were very often matriarchal with women holding leading roles as warrior-queens, lofty high priestesses and prominent spokespersons. Pagan myths and legends gave dignity to the female principal of divinity in the form of a plethora of multi-functional goddesses. Lunar/Earth goddesses matched by their consorts often in the guise of a Horned/Green/Sun-God ensured that man and woman were of ‘equal’ importance separated by nothing but their own personal abilities.
As above so below! Harmony betwixt the sexes existed on all levels of reality. The sexes were equal yes, yet different in many natural ways and every balanced Pagan knew this truth (and still should) intimately. Old heathen faiths of the earth have largely regarded male and female as equal and only when women escape the grip of Patriarchy do they truly find genuine empowerment and balance. History testifies that the oppression of women was clearly created by hard-line, patriarchal systems and not Paganism with its respectful gender balance.

Women’s rights suffered a crushing blow with the creeping onset of Christian/Judaic, monotheistic censorship. Women were from then on treated as second-class ‘unclean’ citizens at the mercy and servitude of men.

Ancient myths originating around the Goddess were usurped, subverted then drastically altered by the patriarchal Bible-authors in order to force out any mention of feminine divinity (the Goddess) from native traditions, customs and mind-set of the masses. Women became harlots to tempt man from the Lord, or as in the case of Lilith/Lileth (first wife of Adam), night demons to threaten mans’ immortal souls and steal babies.

Monotheism blamed womankind for every conceivable evil to befall society. Even certain later Pagan mystery schools like Mithraism contained a nucleus of what today might be seen as sexism. The worship of the God Mithras was a male-orientated path, however even then women were not left out in the cold for they honoured the Great Goddess Cybele. Although sexual discrimination seems to have existed then, at least the Pagan, male/female balance of equality remained intact.

With the rise of Christianity women took a back seat and men ruled the roost. Today Christianity still largely controls our society. The powerful Fifth column of Christian MPs in Westminster regularly forces through legislation promoting family/marriage (Christian/male-dominated) principles. Christian females would do well to realise the gross intolerance dwelling in these absolutist, faith-systems and wake up from their blinkered, masculine-injected slumber. Most however will be incapable of pulling themselves from out of the prison of sexual inequality for they are so well trained to simply know their place!

Most genuine (no, ‘not’ the typical egocentric, plastic New Age stylists that are so vocal today) Pagan women celebrate the awesome diversity, which coexists between the sexes. They realise that Pagan cosmology is sexually balanced and seasonal festivals are carefully worked around the harmonious male/female principles. Talk of sexual equality in Paganism is in fact superfluous for every genuine Pagan realises the inherent energy balance dwelling behind their spirituality. The Priestess is just as important as the Priest in Pagan religion and will always be an essential part therein.

Pagan women do not (unlike their monotheistic-controlled sisters) need to constantly reinforce their right to exist equally, even in a Christian (male-biased/Goddess-less) establishment. Their strength of natural ‘magickal’ understanding puts them above such simplistic feminist ideology so beloved of seemingly liberal-minded, yet emotionally-challenged, Christian-indoctrinated females. Of course, there is always room for further knowledge about Pagan deities.  However, there is no reason for feminist activists to dive in and interfere with a wholly balanced situation, which certainly doesn’t require any alteration. Because by doing so feminists simply put more strain on the old religion and distort it into something else entirely.

Following one’s nature and individuality is crucial and this may result in all male or all female groups, which is quite acceptable so long as the adherents are honest and feel that natural desire. The danger comes when one group uses the Lunar/Earth Goddess visage to promote the idea that Paganism is somehow ultra-feminist or anti-male in perspective. Such unbalance is detrimental to both male and female Pagans and plays right into the hands of fundamentalist activists. When this situation occurs, the real reason for sexual discrimination (the patriarchal system) is jettisoned, forgotten and instead the foolish wrongly believe that merely a Goddess-only brand of Pagan faith can put centuries of discrimination to rights.

These naive feminist Pagans/New agers are so fundamentally- indoctrinated that they fail to realise that they are inadvertently transporting ancient patriarchal hatreds right into tolerant Pagan society.
Feminism is a comprehensible (monotheistic) rebellion against decades of biased, puritanical One-god indoctrination and oppression of the female gender.
A considerable percentage of totally misguided women regard themselves as being Pagan when in fact they have actually failed to break the chains of Church based  mind-control. These women unknowingly display all the signs of fundamentalist-hatched repression and subconsciously perceive every male as a threatening adversary to be challenged. They have (unlike enlightened Pagan women) failed to liberate themselves from monotheistic affiliations and conditioning. Their overtly heated contempt for males is really a subconscious ‘admission ‘of bogus Christo/Pagan philosophy, attraction to Christian tenets and in fact absolute humbug. 

Females who ‘think’ they are liberated, yet are under the Christo/Pagan spell of duplicity, will feel especially threatened by my words and perhaps resort to typical crass  insults and abuse. This is quite understandable yet simply additional evidence of the outstanding success of the patriarchal-induced mindset, which they dwell under!

Unfortunately this (anti-male/Goddess-only) feminism results in additional disharmony, which in turn causes disorientated men to match the attack and fight back. These men then usually fall victim to allegations of being called male chauvinist pigs!

Exclusively ‘matriarchal’ faiths are just as unbalanced as all God-only  religions and have no place in authentic Paganism. Only the very closed minded and truly un-liberated could support the feminist lobby and still claim to be grass-root Pagan at heart.

Unfortunately thousands of greenhorns (both male and female) joining Paganism are being fed on an unwholesome diet of Goddess-only Paganism by the confused feminist lobby. This antagonistic faction rejects any brave Pagan man standing his ground (against this obvious bias) as being an enemy to be tackled; thus he is immediately ostracised and called unworthy. Feminine zealots possess the remnants of disruptive, patriarchal, mind-control that is totally alien to bona fide balanced Pagan philosophy.
Genuine debate about feminism is stopped short when we discover that even leading male Pagans are effectively silenced for fear of upsetting the feminists in Paganism or being branded as satanic child/woman abusers. This is absolute insanity and proves just how far the old religion has fallen from its originally balanced position.

Without doubt, Pagan feminists have more psychologically in common with monotheistic fundamentalists than they do with their chosen spiritual path.

The writing’s on the wall, Christo/Pagan feminists are Christians in everything but name. The strange irony of the situation is that they have utterly failed to escape from the potent male-controlled (monotheistic) mind-traps, which they actually claim to oppose so effectively. These feminists cannot see the essential Pagan male/female equilibrium, which resides on all planes of existence because their blinkered emotional idiosyncrasies won’t let them. 

It’s high time that both male and female Pagans stood up to this (Christian-based) feminist threat to genuine Pagan harmony – now!

Paganism is the Mother/Father spiritual ethos of all later man-made faiths. The essential balance in Paganism when it comes to sexual equality was corrupted and quietly removed largely from the face of humanity, via the onset of one-godism.
We need only look at more barbaric forms of monotheistic thought process such as Islam to see the damage done of female rights therein. A Muslim man can easily divorce his wife via a single utterance, yet a female has to go to great pains to divorce a man. If she remarries her children will likely be given to her ex-husband. If a female is thought to be unfaithful to her husband in such a faith system then she is liable to be buried up to her waist and stoned to death by men.
Alternatively she may suffer ‘honour violence’ and this will permit others to abuse her at will.

This is not idle gossip from the Middle Ages but what is actually happening today as I write. Am I being unkind to bullies; am I being overtly judgemental by highlighting these revolting injustices to womankind here and now? You bet your damn life I am; guilty as charged! 

Such barbaric intolerance has no place is any civilised society – anywhere! Some people may feel it best to support the general herd, hide under rocks like frightened mice and stay silent about such detestable matters yet I would strongly disagree.

Religious credos that are employed to terrorise women and others into conformity must be exposed as the insidious dictatorships that they truly are!

We can of course also find similar references within the Bible that urge murder and evil discrimination with the terminally repugnant ‘Leviticus 20’ being but one example of man-made religious insanity, blood lust and evil gone wild.

Murdering homosexual people, family members that get ‘too’ fond of each other, etc may be advocated by the biblical rulebook, yet thankfully secular regulation now prohibits the priesthood of that particular cult from gratifying its intolerance against others.  Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ had the right cut of the mustard concerning the psychosis behind this made-made ecclesiastical lunacy.

The spin we are expected to digest is indeed crazy yet historically successful. The spin itself exists because over the centuries the population have been basically too petrified to challenge it. The fear is two-fold in nature; fear of the clergyman, with concomitant communal acceptance, and fear of not being able to jump on the Eternal Salvation bus. Mankind may however escape the clutches of such misleading propaganda given time.

Incidentally, In some ways the most recent claims of the alleged god-man, Jesus,  being a married Rabbi (so-called evidence comically based on a bit of scrap paper) or a king (evidence based on misunderstanding over ancient coinage and subliminal acceptance of typical Church  spin) are all founded on the mistaken hypothesis that this god-man was an authentic personage in history. This absolute nonsense is where all these attention-grabbing yet fragile fantasies fall down at the first hurdle. Society continues to promote and enforce religious lies that lead mankind into yet greater perplexity.

Some of us speak out against this insult to the spirituality our species; some alternatively prefer to hide under stones and ‘hope’ things improve! Those of us who ‘do’ speak up are frequently subject to the critical slings and arrows of the discontented herd, yet this is the price we pay for opposing such despotism.

I for one have been cursed as the ‘Antichrist Incarnate’ by many for daring to challenge pious orthodoxy and various widely-accepted beliefs;  yet if my well-meant words have helped just ‘one’ person use  that most enlightening  word ‘Why’ , then my efforts have been 100% worthwhile! Aggressive four-letter worded filth in the email inbox or letter box is par for the course when one bothers to take a solid stance of conscience. In all seriousness this sort of unlawful yet childish abuse (from many who ‘should’ know better) is a case of ‘sticks and stones’ with me personally and is something that I find quite sad rather than any type of great insult or threat. 

Follow the grazing adult sheep like a gentle little lamb if you must for the sake of your personal sanctuary and subconscious desire to conform to the herd, but do not doubt the motivation of psychic freedom fighters who continue to seriously challenge religious bullies, plastic pretenders of any ilk and the sheer malevolence of totalitarianism on this planet!

Yes, we can all become the elegant poets and wax lyrical, like the ancient Celt. Nevertheless, at times and also like the ancient warrior, we must be ready to confront falsehoods injustice, inequality and despotism within the realms of mankind.

The ancient equilibrium has been lost thanks to monotheistic corruption of what should be essentially wholesome. It must be regained if mankind is ever to realise its full and awesome potential.

Find your own truths and discover your own path – ‘before’ someone does it for you!

Pat Regan © 2012

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