Reptilian Alien Drawing

When one encounters a demon, at bedside, one knows that the expression, ‘bad dreams’ simply doesn’t make the grade.

The nightmares are extraordinary in clarity and vividness and cause angst, comparable to consciousness, realistic in every way.

They begin even before one’s head hits the pillow, with eyes barely just closed, before one starts to dream and these vivid nightmares underline the powerful nature of an unholy one’s psychic, telepathic attack.

Strongest demons can be seen as devils, in their ability to create negative miracles and their ability to step within us.

That morning’s, was typical of the intensity and ferocity that demons bring to the torture of the spirit and mind:

I am drowsing over the bathroom sink, half asleep and yawning, supporting myself with my arms on both sides of the sink, eyes semi-closed, tired, half asleep and completely naked when something gently brushes my face and loins, just below the sink and just above the sink.

I open my puzzled bleary eyes and clearly see an enormous conglomeration of festooned fishhooks surrounding me, suspended, hanging from the ceiling above the sink.

It is a filigree chandelier of thousands of razor sharp, hanging and connected fishhooks that I’ve stumbled into and onto stark naked and half awake.

Pinching sharp connections of fishhooks causing pain into my groin area, into my lips and into the cheeks of my face sharply apprise me, more quickly panicking now, that I’ve walked into a booby trap and I begin to be aware that I am deeply hooked in myriad places.

I force myself to think but panic rises as a gorge in my throat and I want to run from this place but am transfixed, by the horror that I cannot for I am attached.

Because I have gently moved, I am more firmly hooked, into my genitals, and now hooks bite and pull through my lip and my cheek, as I steady myself to weigh the moment, in growing horror.

To move backwards, now, in shock or in a panic of flight, I realize, is to only deeply gaff myself further, in dozens of places, inextricably and beyond help.

I am attached painfully to fishhooks from my top to bottom, still awakening, sleep clouding my mind and standing at my sink!

As I lift my right arm to gently work out one fishhook from a cheek muscle, razor thin dozens of other fishhooks fasten against and bite into my flesh, scaring and driving my barely controlled panic further into a growing sense of desperation, deepening my frantic angst.

As I fully awaken, more quickly now, there is a gathering sense of heart pounding panic and helplessness, and the hook in my cheek tears deeply into my mouth and the fishhooks unseen beneath the sink begin to bite deeper and more painfully there into me.

I am a marionette impaled from face to scrotum I am in a frozen wild frenzy, immobilized, in pain, in horror and panic struck.

I have wandered unknowing into this macramé of razorblade- like thin fishhooks some madman and murderer fiendishly has concocted over my sink in my bathroom for me to walk into!

The slightest movement brings sharp painful reminders that I am in too many places stuck fast, and in a nightmarish predicament that I realize I cannot solve.

I am now beginning to feel despair, screaming, moaning and muted, for the hooks bite even more deeply into my facial muscles when I open my mouth to try to scream out and holler for help, from my wife, who is still asleep in the other room.

Opening my mouth to yell, I feel the deeper bite of the hook into the deeper muscles of my face and I can only growl and moan loudly, additionally aware that I won’t likely be able to reach her ears with my low moaning for assistance.

I am becoming more entrapped with every movement!

I am so full of fear that I can hardly breathe.

I am impaled throughout on a monstrous wind chime of dangling fishhooks, completely and totally trapped and in heart pounding horror, feeling fully awakened, alert and conscious, now.

My fear level climbs to near hysteria when suddenly; I awaken in a startled reflex, in bed.

It took me weeks of active banishments and many passive tools of metaphysics to eventually deter this demonic and I have often offered prayer for those it attacked, after it left me.

But I have never forgotten those out of body attacks to my astral self, recalled as powerfully imposed nightmares, as one flirts with the Beast of Madness, in such demonic encounters.


Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a confirmed atheist, UNTIL Paul saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at night.

Then, he knew that they were interested in an essence that he never suspected that he had, a non-physical soul.

Our spiritual powers that interest and addict interdimensionals are the very powers that can be used to thwart further attacks.

They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with human beings, as a sanctuary, to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling that we have.

Souls are garnered, detoured from our natural spiritual evolution in Heaven.

These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls, stuck to our energies, which bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.

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