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I think those who follow the paranormal, especially the subject of UFOs, are fully aware we have recently been under a flood of Orb sightings all over the world. My email box continues to fill with those sending me reports of Orbs along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. I understand the Pacific Ocean coastline also has had a huge amount of Orb reports as well. Without question I will remember the summer of 2012 as being the summer of the Orb.

The things that stick out in my mind from all the accounts I have been sent or heard concerning the Orbs this summer is the similarities that were reported with almost each and every report. The Orbs were reported as silent and craft size meaning as large as a car or bigger. The Orbs were all a bright white yet consisted of a material that was not blinding so that those viewing it could see a plasma or movement to the lit object. The Orbs all rotated in color from white to orange to red and most would dim out completely at some point revealing the outline of a round dull black object that would either dim out or completely disappear. Others would watch as the Orb would regain its color pattern and quickly fly off into the night

Unidentified Objects and Mankind


Not only were the Orbs completely silent they were fast and able to maneuver without the usual banking or slow change of angle needed for conventional air craft making the same change of direction. The Orbs were seen most often going towards or coming from the direction of the Ocean.

Although there were sightings of one single Orb the majority witnessed two or a group in formation flying at enormous speed yet able to stay in formation while making incredible changes in direction or altitude. Many sightings were seen by groups of people. A few cases reported the Orbs stopping dead in the air hovering near or over them as if deciding what it would do with those watching them from the ground. These events were frightening to those who experienced them.

I was told that some of the people who experienced the Orb sighting did try to report it to local authorities or place it on internet reporting agency’s which simply went to a dead end as far as figuring out what it was that they were seeing.

I am sure I am extremely unpopular with the paranormal community but admit that we are lost when it comes to handling the ongoing , growing , in our faces, over our heads, continuous situation of unidentified crafts and objects flying in our skies. I know there are a few good people trying hard to handle this area and others who obviously want to control the reporting of all these things but not for the good of anything other than their own private agendas. A single person trying alone to deal with this has no chance at all to do all required and needed to find answers. All he can do is try to keep up the list of reports he is sent in what I am sure is an avalanche of data.Sadly we also find people who have no business, skill or background claiming they are a reporting agency. It is just a hot mess of confusion and a disgrace.

The other organizations listed as reporting agencies seem to be busy with internal management problems and a team of those who seem to be far more interested in control of the subject than any actions or answers. There is not one organization of serious science researchers to be found where reports can be sent for true investigation by professionals who have the ability, background, training or equipment to find the truth concerning this huge ongoing, growing phenomenon of unidentified flying objects.

On top of a lack of true investigators with the background needed to find answers we have an actual refusal by those needed and able to really investigate the subject of the tsunami of sightings worldwide due to the fact they fear it would destroy their credibility. A great deal of this is is due to the massive amount of fiction and fantasy that has been tossed into this subject by those who simply refuse to stop muddying the water. The amount of people wanting to be part of this subject matter at any cost has produced a land of opinions, fantasy, delusion and confusion that keeps the world of UFOs a convoluted mess. It is surely one of the main reasons those we need involved in this research stay instead at arm’s length.

It is hard enough to wade through the amount of material given by good people who have had real encounters or sightings. Add in the opinions and fantasy of those who want to be part of this subject but have no real experience and you have an overwhelming tonnage of material that has us stuck and lost to what is truth and what is not when it comes to unidentified flying and submersible objects. Reality was lost long ago once we started to entertain ourselves with scary stories and waste our time faking photos and videos. The most distressing to me are the mountains of opinions or fantasies of what people want this subject to be about that is based on nothing and tossed at the public as truth. I find this a hard roadblock to over come for those trying to figure out what is really going on. I have had encounters with unknown objects and still have no idea who or what they are , where they come from or what they want. I have clues by way of my experiences and those of others I believe to be telling or real events but know until we have the solid investigations needed it all remains unknown.

It becomes more difficult with each passing day to find an end to this problem much less a solution. Every day all over the world good honest people are seeing things they do not recognize or understand. Unfortunately as many people, for reasons only they can tell us, are making up stories and faking reports , videos and photos that they spend huge amounts of time and energy contriving as to claim they too have had an encounter with an unknown event

Recently I listened to an internet radio show where a man was being interviewed as having intimate information about aliens and claiming he was in constant contact with other worldly beings. Sadly I remembered this man from years ago claiming a similar story of being an actual alien. He was doing this at the time in the chat room circuits and was placed in jail for causing harm to young men in a very nasty manner who believed him to be real and arranged real contact with this monster. It ended when this horrible man was send to spent some time in jail for his evil deeds. I was not shocked to find him back at his old ways nor was I shocked the public was still buying in to his insanity by giving him air time while interviewing him in a serious manner. How can we ever expect to be treated in a serious way with our demands for disclosure when we behave often like fools without any filter presenting things as real possibilities that are simply ridiculous?

With this the way of things in the area of the UFO subject we cancel out all chances of moving forward to finding answers. The good people do not want to be ridiculed or involved with the unbalanced or fraudulent and often do not report what they have seen. I am known for protecting my sources which is why I believe I am contacted by so many people who have had true sightings or strange experiences. I have no reliable organization to help sort out all of this data and the massive amount of important information that is available goes unused and lost due to our own madness in the handling this subject. Not only do I clearly state I am not in any way a researcher , I openly admit I have no qualified people, organizations or agency’s to suggest to those who contact me.

Now with a summer ending that was packed with constant reports of strange silent flying Orbs we are no closer to understanding them due to our own failure of how we approach and deal with the subject of UFOs. It is our fault we do not know who or what is behind this issue. As long as we continue to keep this as a source of chiller thriller and not as factual events that our science should already understand we will continue on in ignorance.

This is not the governments fault or the science professionals who refuse to seriously tackle these unknowns fault – this is our fault all the way and that is about the only real true fact we have about this subject. Until we grow up and knock off all the private needs and agendas and stop making this area of the unknown a form of fun and entertainment it will not change. When we deal with the subject as a society who wants and demands to know and stop making it a three ring circus maybe our government and university and research labs will begin to take what we are seeing seriously. For now we are stuck in a big mess of confusion and lies. This of course is a blessing for our government who has no wish to clue us in on this topic. They are extremely happy with the road we have taken as they need not do anything but promote another Hollywood Space Thriller to keep us chasing our own tails and out of their hair.

It is a shame as it keeps us locked in the dark ages and completely ignorant of what we should know. I can offer the reports and advice from those who contact me but I fully understand I am also thrown in the big pot of distrust and disbelief. How else would it be considering how we act and react to this subject?

I continue to write about the encounters I believe to be true in hopes someone will recall something I have written that one day may help them if it becomes their night to find they are looking in to the cold dark eyes of the unknown. I also try to relate to others my concerns due to firsthand experience I have had in the areas I write about. I rarely speculate and find it amusing to find so much of the paranormal lost in opinions and speculation made by those who have not ever had an experience or the background to do so. I know it keeps us locked where we are and until it changes we will continue to walk around with our opinions and speculations and little or no facts! No one believes the next guy and everyone thumbs through the paranormal looking for a new scary fun story. Let’s face it with Dec 21st right around the corner would you really be spending your last days alive listening to a bunch of silly people talk about silly things or would you be out living your last days to the fullest? I think you would be busy doing other things if you truly believed the world was about to end!

The Orbs are being seen. UFOs are being seen. I am sure all of the people who have reported them to me asking me what they could be are not all making the sightings up. I am also sure I have been sent false reports and adjust my inbox accordingly to discard those who are obvious and insincere. With that said I still have ended up with a large amount of people who witnessed Orbs and other unidentified crafts this summer.

I have no idea at all what they are. I have no idea at all who is behind them. I do know they seem to want to watch us in some incidences and in others appear to be in a big hurry to get to a destination and have little interest with the humans viewing them.

I always remind those who send me reports of seeing strange objects in our skies that we do not know what these objects are and to always deal with the event with safety as the first concern. I warn people that unidentified objects are unknown and until we understand what they are and who is behind them we must handle them with care. I have known of cases where people have been harmed by Orbs and cases where UFO encounters have not gone well and need people to understand and handle these events with great care and safety. You have no idea what these things may be and have to go about dealing with them with the idea you have a 50/50 chance they are harmful or harmless. Are those odds enough for you to risk your life or those of your family or friends? Always think safety first.

I wish I could say I know who or what is behind all the unknown objects seen since man has been looking towards the heavens but I cannot. No one can at this point in time. We know they are there, we know they are ignored by the governments in most places on earth and that we are left to our own devices which we continue to muddy and destroy which ruins our chances of finding out fact or truth. Until we have official professional agency’s where we can report without fear of rejection or ridicule what we are seeing it will remain this way. Once we establish a true place of real investigation the fakes and frauds will be sorted out quickly by those qualified to determine the real cases from the fake ones and we will slowly be on our way to understanding what is happening every day throughout our skies.

For now I can only hope the fools who are responsible for muddying the water to the point of destroying all chances at truth will soon find something else to fill their private agendas so we may one day advance past our total ignorance concerning the subject of UFOs. I can only hope this happens for us before we are consumed by our own ignorance.

For now if you see something be careful and retreat to safety and find other people and lights. If you want to report the event or feel threatened call your local authorities and report strange air traffic and lights over your location and ask if it is a police action. That may get you a car sent out to see what you’re talking about and if you’re lucky a law enforcement person as a witness.

As always I wish you the best of times as we make our way along our curious journey upon our mother earth.

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