Six Stages Of Life According To Dr. Barbara Young, Ph.D.

I once had a pleasant conversation with a Dr. Barbara Young, Ph.D. who did live in Ohio and has since moved to Tucson, Arizona.

Tthe last I spoke to here in 2008. At that time, she gave me permission to distribute her article/essay to those whom I shared an interest with in the Ascension Center Enlightenment which we call ACE. I submit this now as Barbara also gave me verbal permission to include this with our future ACE Guide which we shall be using in the ACE Institute for the New Age of Ascension which we shall be sharing now from 1999-2000 through eternity. My own personal book is called the Book of Theresa which the entire Ace Guide shall be a part of the story of my life on earth while here.

I shall hope to complete the Book of Theresa before I expire in this lifetime. If not, some of it may be found on my website and also on of which now I am a part as the founding publisher. Those in the future I hope shall desire to publish for me and my predecessors. For now, I call my imprint Timely-Manor Books. One of my callings as a writer, and publisher is to assist others who are called to be authors and writers to get published. I guess one might call me a publicist in some circles.  I shall be glad to share others at no charge to be published as time allows to encourage others own thoughts, opinions, philosophies, news, and views.

I encourage all intelligent beings to share their awareness of how they see life through their own senses while here on earth. I share that we are all here to explore, learn, and teach. The Ascended Masters and Lightworkers do just that, we explore, learn, and teach together while here on this planet. We all share the term “Shift and Uplift Health and Prosperity for All!” This is our motto to live by in this lifetime as we participate in the Ascension Center Enligtenment (ACE) offered to us by the Extraterrestrials. We all are giving of our finds to see the shards and the pieces of our puzzle come together which they left us to find sent to the four corners of the earth and that which from the heavens came to this universe, the metaverse, the xenoverse, and the Omniverse. 

The Great Cycle of Life of Six Stages
Created by Dr. Barbara Young, Ph.D.
The World’s Great Cycle of Life consists of involution’s Eden, the fall, and Mortal Stages followed by Divine Transfiguration in the Awakening, Rise, and completion in the Heaven Stage. Each stage contains its own standards of achievement that must come to maturity before graduation into the next higher stage can take place. 
Earth its self is traversing through the Cycle of Life of six stages, where each stage consists of a civilization. Within each world stage, the civilization’s collective consciousness advances according to the Cycle of Life’s six progressive stages. And lastly, within the Civilization’s six stages, the human spirits advance through their own six stages. 
Mortal and Divine Spirit’s personal advancement may or may not evolve parallel with the Civilization’s stages. Yet, in many cases I find that Divine Spirits are advancing parallel with the current Civilization’s stages. 
The World Civilization Cycle of Life Time Line
Divine Spirits within the current World Civilization are in their first, second, or third time through an entire World Civilization’s six stages. A Divine Spirit, say in the Awakening Stage will remain in that stage throughout an entire Civilization Cycle. This same Divine Spirit graduates from the Awakening Stage during the Civilization’s Heaven Stage. In the next World’s Civilization, this same Divine Spirit enters as a Spirit in the Rise Stage and will graduate from the Rise Stage during the Heaven Stage of that Civilization. This same Divine Spirit will then enter the next World’s Civilization in the Heaven Stage and Serve as Idealist, Leaders, and Religious Prophets that can now enter into the Completion Itinerary in the civilization’s Heaven Stage. The Divine Spirit now ends the need for rebirth. The Spirit’s Countenance is now an Individualized Being of Pure Light who is awarded its Robes of Glory.
I have found that the reincarnated Divine Spirit’s in the Rise and Heaven Stage were destined, as required for advancement, to initiate all world cultures and all philosophies within that culture. 
If, in each life, Divine Spirits have access to the Divine Life program they not only Advance their Divine State of Being, but can be of greater service to society because of their access to unlimited Knowledge that can provide assistance to all human needs regardless of the Philosophy. After a Divine Spirit renews its Divine Life Program, it is basically living two lives. Their consciousness is very aware of Divine Truth, Knowledge, and the True meaning of life, as well as a highly developed State of Wisdom. 
The Current World Civilization Cycle of Life is briefly described below:
Prior to 10,000 BC – the fall and early Mortal Stage.  
10,000 to 3000 BC – The Mortal Stage begin – primitive tribes and the establishment of cultures, written language, arts, social laws, mathematics, and architecture. Temples are built to honor external Gods as well as the Worshipping the Sun or the Light of the God…
3000 BC to the Common Era – the Civilization’s Awakening Stage is Initiated. Cultures evolve that introduce laws, political institutions, guaranteed rights, professions, and trades; ordered streets, communications, rites solemnities, science, and education. Wars teach the value of life, order, and discipline. The arts, literature, and poetry are the exercise and contribution of advanced Divine Spirits from who is introduced visual and audio harmony, the reality of beauty. It is the Age of Mythological Gods and Polytheism Idealism that provided an example to live by, as well as the belief in external Gods. The act of Worship and sacrifices to the Family of God are instinctually supported that provides the mature mortal Core-Self with the memory necessary for Transfiguration into a Divine Spirit–the key? Divine Love for the Individual Members of the Family of God. It is a time when the Divine Spirits, fully Awakened to the Family of God give birth to civilization and take within the pride of participating in a single collective endeavor, the greatest that man has ever collectively attempted while in full Divine Awareness and Divine Cooperation. 
These crucial memories evolved the Spirit in support for completion into a Spiritual Divine Body of Light and the development of Their Divine Feminine and Masculine Higher Selves. The Polytheism stage supported the up and coming Civilization’s new Rise Stage initiated in the Common Era. 
Common Era to that of AD 2000 – the Initiation of the Civilization’s Rise Stage, the stage that introduces an advanced Divine Life Program. The Program provided Divine Spirits Access to Divine Temples for Unlimited Advancement for all material philosophies, and the means for a mortal spirit to enter into Divine Transfiguration to become a Divine Spirit. The World Ideal in the Common Era was to lead world societies into advance sciences balanced with Divine Life Spirituality and Ethics. 
AD 2000 to that of AD 4000 – the “Heaven” and last Civilization Stage is again awarded the entire Divine Life Program. The stage provides the means for all Divine Spirits to find completion working with the Program’s Itinerary as well as those mortal Core-Selves ready for Transfiguration into a Divine Spirit. For instance:
If the Divine Spirit is in the Awakening Stage, the Spirit enters the Itinerary for graduation into the Rise Stage. 
If the Divine Spirit has been in the Rise Stage, the Spirit enters into the Itinerary for graduation into the Heaven Stage. 
And if the Divine Spirit has been in the Heaven Stage, the Spiritual-Soul enters into the Itinerary for completion to become an Individualized Being of Light, when God the Father Awards the Spirit with His All Knowing Robe of Glory and God the Mother Awards the Spirit with Her All Understanding Robe of Glory–the Nature of True Love. 
It is during this period in the civilization’s Heaven Stage that is referred to as the predicted “End of Days.” The Divine Life Program provides the Itinerary to graduate all Spirit into the next stage of Divine Life.

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