Southport Air Show 2012 – oh no, not ‘another’ UFO!


On 9 September 2012 the first day of the Southport Air Show took place. The weather was warm for a change and I took a lot of photos and videos whilst watching the aircraft perform along with my two youngest children. I was sort of hoping that UFOs would give the event a rest, yet when we arrived home one of the videos grabbed my daughter Jasmine’s attention.

Click here to enlarge photo above.

The first second into the clip and an ultra swift UFO whizzes from right to left across the frame. Here is the video…

As soon as you click on ‘Start’ you will have to freeze the video immediately or else you will miss the UFO, as it only can be seen in the initial opening fraction of a second.

I quickly took a few still images directly off the PC screen with my camera for a better look and you can see that this UFO is dark underneath and cylindrical in shape.

Above: here we see the UFO travelling across the screen from right to left. The camera was quite still as I was focusing on the fighter plane, which can be seen here behind the UFO.

Above: the UFO, which I have ringed, is almost out of the frame here.

Above: here we have a close – cropped zoom of the entity. It is saucer-shaped and light on top, which may indicate a shiny metallic surface. Again, one can see the jet in the distance behind it.

I believe that due to the immense speed of this UFO its features would not have been visible to the naked eye. However, the camera just about captured it but you need a quick eye to spot the thing as the clip starts. Blink and you will undoubtedly miss it.

Later in the video we can make out birds flying etc, yet what was this? Its profile is not like any other craft I am familiar with.

This UFO is very similar to one photographed in Cumbrian a while back by Mr Bob Atkins. I in fact discussed that one on American television with the Today Show’s anchorwoman, Dara Brown.

Over the years I have reported on similar UFO sightings at Southport too:

I make no final claims to what this unidentified entity actually was and add it for curiosity value alone. Nevertheless, some of us UFO researchers actually get out there and film, others tend to rabbit on about what may be what yet never really bother to ‘do the business’ at hand.

Now that the MoD have halted their UK UFO monitoring facility perhaps the media need to take up the banner of UFO research. I have mentioned this situation before. The public have a right to know what is travelling through their airspace.

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