Southport Air Show 2012: the real stars of the show, the pilots in action


I have written at some length over the years with regard to unidentified flying objects involved at the Southport Air Show. However, we would not even have such a wonderful event if it weren’t for the dauntless efforts of the pilots themselves.

Therefore, here are a few colourful images I have taken during this last weekend to celebrate the RAF and others involved.

Above and below: several shots of the Red Arrows display team that are always the stars of the show.

And here’s a video I took of the Red Arrows in action.

Above: the Gloster Meteor.

Above: a spitfire and hurricane accompany the Lancaster bomber.

Above: various helicopters put in a good showing with great aerial stunts.

OK, I had to include just one image, which shows a UFO below that I have ringed.


Above: a rapidly moving Eurofighter Typhoon; but what is the white UFO to the bottom left? You decide for yourself what that particular object was…

It was a brilliant show and all credit to the organisers involved.



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