Space aliens stamp on Bletchley Park

By Terry Mitchell

Hot on the news that the UK government is releasing UFO files Bletchley Park’s secret post office has been invaded by extra-terrestrial visitors. They are even using its red call box to phone home. But it has the problem licked by capturing them on some very collectable stamps.


Artist Danny Rogers

Terry Mitchell was briefing local artist Danny Rogers on a new project when Danny’s amusing images of space aliens caught his eye. The oil on canvas paintings depicted the aliens in a variety of amusing situations including “First Contact” involving a red call box just like the one outside the post office.


All 4 designs in the limited edition series can be viewed on the website at Issue price is £40 per sheet of 20 stamps with a discount for ordering all 4 sheets. Further information on signed editions and reserved numbers can be obtained from Bletchley Park Post Office, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB or calling 01908 272690.

Bletchley Park Post Office was the undercover mail room for the Enigma code breakers during World War 2. It was opened by the GPO in 1947 as a sub post office. Since 1994 it has been issuing limited edition stamp products. These combine postage stamps and original art that appeal to a broader public than stamp collectors. It is a key attraction for the 120,000 annual visitors to Bletchley Park.

Danny Rogers produced a first day cover design for the post office in 2000. He has now decided to focus on his art as a career and Bletchley Park Post Office is helping him establish through special stamp issues. He is currently working on images of famous people associated with Bletchley Park.

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