Strange Animal In A Swamp Of Extremadura, Spain

Beings of unknown nature, with grotesque or escalfriantes, who have terrorized their witnesses, in many cases an entire people.

One of the first articles of this space is the meeting of Jose Pancho Campo with a stranger, who claimed to be the devil, with crowbars, a fact which led him to an untimely death and strange circumstances. Event that has occurred in other places around the Hurdes, 

La Vera in Extremadura and elsewhere which claims that it has been showing up to the devil.  To be or ghost Saucedilla, as already noted above, a ensotanado be about three feet that seemed to float in the air. Direct testimony like red eyes, the apparition on the road with something that could not be explained or supernatural folklore.

This area of Spain has not escaped Weird news, such as who edited the magazine Karma-7, number 24 (Year III) in November 1974, which mentioned that in late August of that year, Moral, a village in the province of Cáceres Borbollón near the Reservoir, was seen by a lot of people a large strange animal that crossed the lake’s surface.

The day the “monster” appeared above the waters of the reservoir is holding a regatta of sailing boats and many people watched the strange appearance of the animal, some even using binoculars.

He crossed the lake at high speed scrolling through the surface and in its rapid journey was accompanied by another with similar characteristics animal although less large.

The next day the news had leaked out to the neighbors and locals, and many people visited the lake again without repeating any sign or appearance of this strange animal? What did the people? A joke?

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