By  Chris Holly

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Many who have had a strange experience occur in their life can feel a bit  uncertain if their experience was truly odd or if other people have reported similar  events  happening to them too

I know the number of strange creatures being seen  all over the world is growing yearly. I do not think people all over the globe are making up stories of odd looking beasts or creatures. I think people all over the earth are seeing things they do not understand and have started  reporting them more openly.  The internet has allowed  those who felt alone to find that other people are also dealing with strange events and society is opening up about what they are seeing and experiencing

I often receive emails and phone calls from people who tell me about the odd things they have seen.  One of my readers wrote to me about a frightening experience that happened to him somewhere in the Idaho wilderness while on a camping trip.  It seems the man and his friend were hiking on the trails around the camping site where they were staying when they became disoriented and became lost in the woods.

The two  men took a wrong path and ended up miles away from their campsite.  They knew enough to find and stay on the hiking trail but were stranded in the woods for the night.

The two men set up a make shift campsite right on the trail for the night. They started a fire however they  were without any extra clothing or sleeping gear. The two men sat close to the fire trying to rest until morning.

The one  man laid close to the fire on his side facing the woods he noticed what looked like glowing yellow eyes peering at him from the wooded area next to the trail.

He watched the eyes as they were looking directly at him. In his mind he was trying to figure out what the animal could be. He realized that the eyes were too high and far too large to be the typical small forest animals that are normally found in the woods.  They were high enough in the woods to belong to an animal as tall as a human if not taller.

If it were sitting in a tree it had to have an enormous head as the eyes were very large.  He thought of an owl but quickly ruled that idea out as these eyes were slanted and far too oblong to belong to an owl.

He asked his friend to look at the strange set of eyes.  As his friend turned towards the eyes they closed or moved or disappeared. His friend only got a very quick glance at them .  His friend thought they may be fire flies.   The man knew that fire flies were not native to the area.  He also recalled his father telling him that fire flies flickered on and off and they were green “ or “greenish.”

What he saw were clearly two slanted large yellow glowing eyes.

The man continued to watch the woods.  Within a few minutes, the two glowing eyes once again glowered from the wood side without flickering or blinking.  They simply looked at him for a few seconds and once again disappeared.

The  man felt he was being watched all night and knew that the eyes looking at him were not the typical thing one sees at night in the camping park.

As soon as day break arrived, the two searched the area next to the trail where they saw the eyes the night before watching them.  They found broken twigs and three huge impressions of large foot prints around the tree they thought were close  to where they spotted the watching eyes.  The  men quickly found their way back to the parks regular camp site.  They told the others at the campsite of the eyes, however, no one  had any idea as to what they may have encountered.  The men ended the camping trip and never returned to that camping area again.

The two men were very confused at what had been watching them the night before.  They have no idea what it could have been and have no desire to meet up with those eyes again while lost in the woods at night.

I have no idea what animal could have been watching them from the wood side that would be so large and have yellow slanted glowing eyes.  I think the two  men may have been very lucky that night as the creature watching them seemed to want to keep a distance between them.  

That is not the case however in this next report.

While I was visiting an old friend he told me a story that has haunted him for over 40 years.

He told me that shortly after he returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968 he had a encounter in the woods surrounding a lake located in upstate New York.  This event has haunted him his entire life. He and his girlfriend where double dating with another couple. The date was winding down and the two couples decided to end the night by spending a little time parking at the local lovers lane that surrounded a nearby lake.

The two couples were sitting in the car with the radio playing.  It was summer time and they had the windows rolled down in my friends pride and joy, which was his 1959 Chevy Impala.


File:Chevrolet Impala 1959 2.jpg

 1959 Chevrolet Impala


The foursome had split a six pack of beer.  My friend decided to leave the car to relieve himself in the wooded area that surrounded the lake. The other young man with him decided to do the same.

My friend told me he and his friend walked over to the edge of the woods to take care of what they needed to do. He could hear the girls laughing in the car and remembers that ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ by the Rolling Stones playing on the radio.

Suddenly, as he faced the woods, he thought he heard movement very close to where he and his friend were standing.  He stood absolutely still and just listened.  Having just returned from fighting in the jungles of Viet Nam,  this man knew the sounds of the night and could recognize the difference in how animals and humans move in the wild.  He knew instinctively something was there  and that  -> “something” was watching them.

His friend was oblivious to the presence and continued to go about his business talking endlessly without a clue that anything was wrong.  My friend punched him in the arm and signaled him to be quiet and listen.  Both young men stood motionless listening to the night.

Without warning something large and fast started crashing through the woods towards the two friends.  It was definitely large and it was coming straight at them.

The ground under them vibrated as this large heavy thing came slamming through the woods towards them.  The two friends ran to the car yelling for the girls to roll up the windows.  The young men frantically locked the doors and rolled up the windows.  The girls helped as well.

They barely got the last window up and all the doors locked when the thing from the woods hit the car.  My friend had started his car with the intention of speeding away from the area.  As he gunned his tires he realized they were spinning and he was not moving…

  The Thing was holding on to the car!

Whatever it was that had chased them was now on the back of the car pounding on the trunk of the 59 Chevy.  The car rocked up and down as it pounded on the rear of the car.  All four inside the car where screaming in terror as the vehicle shook and heaved up and down.  My friend kept gunning the engine.  

The Chevy V-8 roared as he thought  “If it hits the ground while in gear it will surge forward” and away from whatever was attacking them.

As the car bounced, my friend realized the “Thing” was lifting the rear end of the car off of the ground enough to prevent the car tires from being able to grab the ground enough to pull away.

Suddenly my friend stopped spinning his tires and threw the car in reverse.  The car snapped backwards enough to loosen the grip of the thing holding the car from moving.  As soon as he did this my friend immediately threw the car into drive and nailed it.

The grip was broken and the car took off like a bullet down the old road of the lovers lane.

The foursome in the car kept screaming as they could both hear and feel the heavy pounding footsteps of this thing chasing them as they sped down the road.  My friend hit the gas without looking back and placed as much distance as he could between the car and the thing from the lakes woods.

My friend told me that he will never forget that night, nor can he stop from hearing the ‘Mama’s and Papa’s  song ‘Dedicated to the one I love’  …

It’s always in his head when he thinks of that day!

Just imagine how strang it was:

That song was playing on the radio for the entire time he was having the tug-of-war with “The Thing” attacking his car.


“Dedicated To The One I Love”


They did not stop until they were back in town near a populated area.  When they pulled over they got out to look at the back of his car.  

The Chevy had large V-like wings as part of the 1959 Impala design.  One of the wings had been bent or folded over.  The trunk had been pushed in where the thing was pounding the car.  The foursome also recovered long strands of hair that appeared to be caught on the wing of the car as the thing bent it.

The two couples searched the Main Street of the town until they found one of the local policemen.  The two young men tried to report the incident to the policeman.  The cop was rude and laughed at the report of the lovers lane creature.  He told them to find another story to explain the damage to the car.

The policeman decided instead of taking the report to cross question the young returning veteran about his tour of duty in Vietnam.  This small town officer decided to accuse my friend of horrific crimes while serving his country.  The cop and my friend nearly came to blows, however, the other young man and the two girls managed to end the unpleasant  episode .

The two couples decided to leave the event alone with the promise that none of them would ever go near that lake or wooded area again.

The next day, my friend and the young man that was with him the night before tried to lift the back of the Chevy off the ground enough so that the tires were off the ground as had been done by the creature the night before.  They could not do it.  They had two other strong healthy young men join them in trying to lift the car just enough for the tires not to spin.  It took five men to lift the car for a split second off the ground just so the tires were not in contact with the ground.

My friend has no idea who or what he encountered in the woods that night. He does know it was terrifying and unexplained.

I have to wonder what it is that we are experiencing all over this planet with so many unknown creatures causing so many unknown encounters with so many ordinary people.

I think now with the resources of the Internet we are realizing that these events are taking place all over the world with many different people with many odd creatures.

It is time that we understand that we are completely lost when it comes to many areas of the paranormal due to our own lack of interest or knowledge to what others are enduring.

When I hear about the experiences like the ones I have written about here, it becomes clear that we all need to pay attention to these reports and acknowledge that there are just too many things we are letting slip by without demanding serious investigations of so many unknowns.

I for one would like to know what lies beyond the wooded edge as well as what is flying around over my head.  I am tired of being told it is all nonsense and living forever in the dark ages concerning that which we simply do not yet understand.

All I can say is:

Please be careful where you go and what you do as none of us ever know when it will be our day …

to look straight into the eyes of the Unknown!


Chris Holly

Long Island, New York

November 19th, 2014


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