Strange Days And Nights

by Louis Hart

Occasionally days come around that have a strangeness about them.  The sky looks different.  Maybe the blue is off color or the clouds are moving about erratically and have weird shapes.  The whole atmosphere seems charged with expectancy.  Expectancy of what?

Yesterday was one of those days.  I kept looking out the windows, wondering what was up.  When I went outside a feeling of disorientation prevailed.  I felt like if I talked the sound would be out of sync with the movement of my lips.  Throughout the day the strangeness persisted.

And then…night came.  As I sat quietly I thought I heard faint sounds just outside of the door.  Rustling…scraping noises.  I peered through the window and seeing nothing I eased the door open and stepped out onto the deck.  There was no disorientation this time but the air still seemed charged.  The hair on the back of my neck was  standing up and I broke out in goose bumps.  I felt chilled to the bone and quickly went back inside.

Through another window I thought I caught sight of some small forms moving amongst the trees below.  I smiled, thinking it must be the faerie folk out for a dance in the moonlight.  But wait…it was overcast and the only light was a soft glow coming from an unseen source.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared from somewhere above.  I could clearly see it yet it made no circle of light on the ground.  It remained for about a minute and then slowly retreated back upward and out of sight.

Then I knew.  It was most likely the Extraterrestrials!  I should have realized it right off when the out of sync feeling descended on me.  I don’t know what they were up to but then they tend to be unpredictable little dudes.  It wouldn’t have surprised me if they had landed their saucer in the middle of the road, turned on some music, and started doing the boogie-woogie.

And if they had…I think I would have just gone on out there and done a few steps with them.

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