Publisher’s Note: I received this as an email from David on Monday and was hoping some of the UFO Digest readers could help him and perphaps contact him with information if any of you have had a similar expereince as he describes below. I would like to thank David for contacting UFO Digest and invite others with sightings and questions to do the same by contacting us. Dirk

Hi I had an encounter some years ago in Scotland but never told anyone till a few weeks ago when I was reading about encounters and orbs and realised it was the same as my encounter.

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I reported my story to the another UFOr site and never got a reply so I messages to them again and got a reply saying my email must have went missing and to email again so I did but my emails seem never to arrive so I thought I would try again to contact UFO Digest as I was just wondering if anybody else had had a similar experience.

I was camping with my friends in Scotland and we were staying in a bothy (old croft cottage). I woke at night and went to the door where I saw one of my friends outside with a light shining on him: it was so bright I shouted to him but I got no answer, just then a small silver, what I would say silver ball came straight for me…I could smell static electricity.

It started spinning round and round my head very fast. It felt cold then the light was gone and I was back lying on the floor on top of my sleeping bag and my friend was back in his. I don’t know what this means or what it was but I have never told my friends about this as they would think I’m mad so I kept it to myself until now. I was just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what happened and about any similar experiences thank you.  My email address is [email protected].

Thanks David

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