Strange Events Continue…

I have been very lucky over the years to have  people from all over the world send me emails concerning events that they have encountered or found confusing or something they could not explain . I also have had many emails filled with opinions  about the paranormal .
I admit to having difficulty keeping up with my emails but will say I am grateful for all who have taken the time to write to me.
I decided to share with all of you  to the best of my ability what the people are telling me is happening to them  and what concerns them .
One subject that continues to bring me many emails is the ongoing strange sounds that are being heard all over the world.
I find this a very difficult area to pin down or find answers to for various  reasons.  First and foremost I have found that the type of noise the people write about  relates directly to where the person lives. Location and sounds heard go hand in hand.
The people who live in  less populated densely wooded areas like the  parts of Canada or the open forested areas of the United States are reporting a more organic  biological growls or howling being heard that they cannot pinpoint or find its root cause .
Those living in  cement covered highly populated city type areas are reporting a loud mechanical type  noise that they  are not able to track with a metal  slant to its echo . This noise is very loud  and offensive to those who are reporting hearing it.
Lastly people living in a more suburban area  mix of  both  open wooded areas and pockets of population  are reporting an annoying hum that sounds very much like a diesel engine idling in the distance. The problem is that no matter how far and wide they search they cannot find the source.
 The common reaction to those reporting any type of  noise is concern as they all  insist they have never heard  the noises or sounds they are hearing before in their areas.  The next reaction is fear as all have  tried in vain to find the source of the  noises  without any luck.  It is clear strange sounds are being heard that do not belong in the areas heard all over the world.
I had  one email from a woman who not only was complaining she was suffering from a ongoing annoying noise in her area  but she thought she may have a clue to why we are now hearing the sounds worldwide.
I am not sure how to tie her suggestion into a working theory however she feels our ever growing and expansion of wireless and addiction to technology may be a root cause to a new gaggle of distracting sounds that are somehow being caused by the madness of  our times.  Could all these new noises be a product of a huge grid of gadgets and wireless technology overloading  our  sky, land and …ears?
I am not sure if those in the wilderness hearing screams across the tree tops they are not able to identify would agree with this idea however it could connect with the city and suburbanites  out there who cannot come up with any other explanations.
I have heard and  tried to find the cause of an annoying Hum that comes and goes in my area without success .  I am open to any logical explanation to why we have all these strange sounds  being reported .  For now it will have to stay on the shelf with a hundred other unknowns.
The next subject that I  have had a large amount of emails about are  reports of disappearing planes.
I  happened to have shared  this experience  not only once but twice in my life.   Both times I was with a family member who also watched this happen.  Simply said  I was looking at a clear blue sky when I noticed a bright plane flying along  in the sky that simply disappeared before my eyes.  Both times the sky was cloudless and both times the plane never returned to be seen again.  I will tell you this is a very uncomfortable experience to view as it has no logical explanation .
The reports on this issue are the same  no matter where they are seen.  People are  reporting that while  looking at a clear blue  sky they notice a plane flying along  doing nothing unusual or concerning.  As the people  casually watch the plane fly by the plane simply vanishes before their eyes.  It happens in an instant.  You are there looking at the plane and as you look it is simply gone!
I was called by a reader who was a bit shaken a few days ago who was driving along the open road  in New York.  She was driving  along  the  Ocean Parkway area of   Long Island when she and her husband  noticed an extremely bright almost neo white plane flying along in the great open cloudless blue sky . Suddenly  before their eyes the plane disappeared-  it simply blinked out of the sky. 
They pulled off the road and got out to look around as they could not believe what they had just seen.   Miles out over the ocean ,  way too far for the plane to have traveled they noticed  another  white gleaming plane.  They watched that plane and  again right before their eyes this plane also simply disappeared.  The sky was pure blue not a wisp of a cloud anywhere.  The couple stood and waited to see if the two planes would reappear.  They  stood  there watching but after about 15 minutes gave up and went along their  way.  They were very upset and confused on what it was they had witnessed.
I have no idea at all what it is that so many of us are seeing happen with this disappearing plane event.   I imagine it could be a cloaking system.  I do not understand why they would be using it over areas where millions of people can see it take place ?   I will leave this subject in the same pile with  HAARP technology and all that remains unknown  with  all of those unknowns.
Another area that I  receive a  great many emails about is the downfall of the paranormal as a serious subject that needs serious study.  The people who are interested in really understanding the truth behind so many unknowns are growing in concern about how badly the paranormal has fallen in recent times.
Those who desire answers are disgusted with silly sites  that will address anything on any level including huge amounts of fake videos, photos and reports.  It has not gone un noticed that the  subjects considered unknown have been a play park for most which pushed out or turned off those who try to take it seriously.
I understand this as I too have been forced to a point that I feel my time is  wasted   by way of the  internet in finding the  answers   I  set out to find when I first entered this arena.
 What can I say concerning this  other than it is as it is due to those who dominate keeping it at this level. It also seems to be an area that being  competitive  for attention and time rather has overshadowed  anything remotely close to a group of  like minded people  looking for answers.  I do not see any changes coming in the near future to move the paranormal from its present course.
I  will admit I was very sad to see some parts of the paranormal  taken over by powers that should have placed  all the unknowns on a road to truth yet instead seemed to crumble what they got their hands on instead of moving it ahead.  It  appears  we are now moving backward instead of foreword   in understanding all the things that we should understand.
Lastly an ongoing group of questions comes to me regularly asking me why I think UFOs and aliens  ( if that is what pilots UFOs )   do not land openly and  meet and greet us? 
Of  course  the emails come in many forms with many questions   however  they all come down to having the same  concerns.
I  have tried many times  during my time writing articles about  the UFO/ alien subject to make one hard point .  Unfortunately no matter how I try to explain my answer to this  I find I am unable to say  it in a way that is understood.  I will try this one last time to reword my answer to this question  in order to explain my thoughts on this issue.
 Humans view every subject, every experience, every part of  living on earth as a human.  Human opinions, knowledge and understanding is based on human encounters and experiences on this earth. 
Understanding this to be true it is very hard for humans to think.  relate to or experience  anything other than a human.
Here lies the problem.  Non -human beings are other life forms that are  NOT human.  They do not think like, react like,  or relate like humans to  ANYTHING  as a human does.  Knowing this you must understand that we do not think like other beings  and other beings do not think like humans.  We may be similar in some or maybe even many areas but the main focus for us has to be to understand that other life forms are not human so STOP asking them or waiting for  them to act like they are.  If you want to understand why alien life forms do anything at all you must stop thinking like a human!
The closest we can get to understanding other life forms is to try to relate to their behavior by way of how we may react to similar scenarios.
Think about how we handle our science projects when we reach out to  decipher areas that we wish to observe or  harvest  or control .  We  first watch by simple observation or by taking a slice of the  object at hand so we can slap it under a microscope to view it .  We do what we want to fill our curiosity about the fundamentals of how it works.  We then either capture it  to use as we please,  dissect it ,  experiment on or  simply tag and track  what we are studying.
Rarely do we stop to introduce ourselves,  invite the object of our curiosity into our labs, homes or  hearts-  we simply observe, use or  discard  what we  were  investigating .  Of course we  also have moments when we develop  conquer or breed what we have studied for our benefit.  That is a  outcome not to be  forgotten.
Other life forms that are  much older,  far different,  very advanced  certainly share our ways in these areas.  If  they felt we were worth more of their time at this time in history we would know it.  Until then they decide how we interact.  Obviously for them keeping us at arm’s length to observe  maybe use – is exactly how they want it.
I understand this is a frightening bit of information to  digest.  I wish I could say I believe all  life forms that visit and observe us are wonderful loving beings out for only our benefit who  care deeply about our species however  that is simply not how I think it is .  I believe we may be kept at arm’s length for   some time to come. I also know I could be wrong and things could change in a moments time concerning our observing  visitors. 
To be honest I have no idea who or what these other beings are or where they come from. They could be aliens from another planet. They could be dimensional beings or time travelers of our own kind  returning in time. They could be transporting from another universe or from a source we could not even imagine.
The main thing for us to understand is that we have no idea what we  are dealing with. We do know they are there. Many of us have had to deal with these creatures first hand . Others have seen them flash across the sky or hover above their homes. The fact is we do not know what it is that  so easily does these things on their terms with little or no concern to what or how we feel about it.
Knowing this do not keep trying to give them human thinking, human emotions, human type logic or  for that matter human science limitations.  You will spend your time spinning your human wheels but will not be any closer to understanding who or what these beings are much less understand why they do anything.
My advice would be to avoid contact with these beings if possible . 
Realizing how far we are as a society from being able to deal with all of these unknowns  saddens me deeply.  It is hard  to watch as we continue on down a path of  blindness  laughing our way while fabricating all kinds of fiction in hopes we can  be the next big you tube or abduction case of flying about the universe with happy Yoda type  aliens telling you the meaning of all things !.. Funny how not one of those stories ever actually gives us the answers to all the questions about the universe and the all the mysteries of life that the  the aliens have supposedly have  told them   !     
For me I am going to keep my head low and my loved ones as safe as I can from having to deal with the unknown.  I not only found it to be a hard place full of harm and pain- I have found it a place you face alone with only despair as your  companion.    We will know when the unknown wants us to -and not a moment sooner.
Additional  Email Remarks sent from my readers:
Are We Fat for a Reason  and Military Men and the Paranormal
I had a very interesting email sent to me from a reader who wrote to me after I published my article about  the Era   of  2012.  
My article spoke about  my feeling that we now are living in a time period when many different difficult  problems could come to be for the human race  and our changing planet.
I spoke about the benefits of being prepared in life suggesting keeping emergency supplies  , extra food,  water and  items  to cook and care for your family at hand.
One of the people who read my article sent me an email  asking my opinion of  something I had not thought of  before.   This reader wanted to know if  I thought  mother nature  was guiding us  to being  able to survive times of  destruction and hardship by making us fat.  At first this gave me a chuckle but had to admit the readers argument gave me  pause  to wonder. 
The reader feels that  nature  gives  help via  instinctively  pushing us to do what we need to in order to survive.  Fattening up to endure  times of   hardship  has been part of mother nature’s  plan  since the beginning of life.  The  email simply states that it would be a natural driven need to put on bulk in order to survive a long period of  time  when  finding  a food source  may  become  a huge obstacle  for surviving.  This reader feels that we may be seeing an extreme amount of obesity now  for  reasons other than a overeating lazy society.  This reader feels that there could be a possible connection between our bulking up as a instinctive need that nature has imbedded in us to be able to survive  possible difficult earth disasters to come.
I found this very amusing and did a quick search to see  if  there was fact to back this idea.  I did find that  if  two people are  equal in basic health  the fatter one will indeed last longer than the average weight one in times of  a shortage  of food .
I also watched a dooms day preparation TV show that showed people who were getting ready for what they anticipate  will be hard times ahead  by gaining large amounts of weight to be able to outlast their  thinner  fellow humans.  
I am now suffering from not knowing what to do.  Do I pass up those fresh hot crisp fries at my local drive through  or do I blast in and shovel down a large order just in case  hard times are around the bend…. Just another problem to ponder in the   impossible  pond  known as the paranormal!
Military Men and Unknown  Objects and Experiences.
Over the years I have routinely been sent stories from men who have served in the military telling me they have both seen UFO’s  that were followed by unexplained strange events happening to them while they were serving their country.
The stories may vary  from man to man but the basic facts all are the same.  The man  has a UFO sighting which is followed  shortly by being  sent to strange places by their  commanding officers where they are forced to either take part in an odd event that they cannot remember or  are subjected  to being in an area where they have seen  and interacted with aliens . 
I have gotten many emails along these lines however I  do not  feel I am equipped to deal with this type of report and shy away from writing about them.
I will tell you I do think that our military as well as many other militarizes around the world do have connections with  the  beings who pilot  the unknown  objects seen all over the world.  I also think we have , do and will continue to use our men and women in  our armed forces to test  many  secret or developing  projects.  Many of these projects may be harsh and frightening however I do think it  has gone on, does go on and will continue to go on.
I advise people however to not try to shove all unknowns into one box and think that every  strange encounter is part of some government black operation.  I think many reasons exist for many odd experiences.  One of the reasons may be military testing .  But that is just one reason  or explanation for one set of unknowns.  I am sure the answers to so many of our unknowns  is  as long and complicated as the list of  strange unknowns that so many encounter  each and every day.

The  only real question for us to be concerned with is how long will we all happily stay dumb and numb about all of these things and not demand  real research done by  trained  professionals who will be funded and allowed to find the answers without fear of losing their jobs  or being  ridiculed for daring to reach truly beyond  and in to the unknown?  Until then we all  will remain living in the dark ages of  all things considered paranormal.  It  just all makes me sad!

Be careful out there.  In some areas of life you simply have to realize you may never know and it may be best left at that.
As my grandmother would say :

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

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