Strategy and Tactics to Manage an Alien Abduction or Unavoidable Alien Encounter

by James Roger Brown

Sociologist, Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methodologist

[email protected]

(606) 836-7613


These suggestions constitute a set of organized strategies and tactics for survival under conditions of a forced encounter with members of extraterrestrial species which have unknown cultural traditions and advanced technology. The official position of the United States Government is that there is no possibility you will ever have to deal with this situation. Based upon the reported extraterrestrial abduction experiences of a significant number of individuals, this is a falsehood. There is no stated or implied warranty or guarantee that following these suggestions will result in a favorable outcome should anyone attempt to use them. Neither James Roger Brown nor The Sociology Center assumes any liability for their use or attempted use. Use these suggestions at your own risk.

            The official United State Government position denying the existence and presence on Earth of extraterrestrials creates a hardship on citizens who have encounters with technologically advanced nonhuman species. There is a complete absence of any rational guidance from government and nongovernment crisis management organizations for citizens to follow managing such encounters.

            The forms of possible interactions with extraterrestrials range from immediate death to the repeated collection from specific individuals of biological samples or information. The experiences reported by abductees run the gamut from feelings of terror and powerlessness to friendship and cooperation with the operations conducted by extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrials here as part of nonhuman government or military operations will be operating under one or more of the following, a mission plan, rules of engagement, legal code, health protocols, bureaucratic operating manuals, medical protocols, scientific protocols, intelligence collection protocols, and contamination control protocols. Extraterrestrial contractors, or their equivalent, working for a government or military will be operating under contract or order specifications. Robotic devices will be operating under some type of programming and may or may not be able to make independent decisions. Nonhuman species may be unfamiliar and frightening, but social processes, division of labor, command or management structures, and bureaucracies are familiar things you can comprehend through observation and rational thought.

            Modified instructions for situations involving human abductors and hostage takers may be of some use dealing with extraterrestrial abductors.

1. Attempt to avoid or escape the abduction. You must balance the risk of immediate death or injury against the reasonable expectation of a successful escape. If you experience unusual phenomena in your immediate vicinity that might be the result of advanced or clearly extraterrestrial technology, it might be prudent to put some distance between you and extraterrestrials or their technological proxies. If circumstance or time constraints prevent running, attempting to hide may be beneficial.

            Especially for first time abductees, your most profound initial trauma and fear will be that you do not know what is going to happen to you. During the initial stage of an abduction, the extraterrestrials will be dealing with the necessity of gaining physical control of you. They will have with them some means of accomplishing control of you. You must remain calm and make a rational assessment of the lethality of their equipment. A hand-held device that resembles a pistol is most likely a projectile or beam weapon. If your nerve signal transmissions are inhibited or blocked, you will not be able to move during your capture. This may be a terrifying experience, but you should still try to remain calm and rational. Remember everything you can about the experience. Any piece of information or understanding you gain may be invaluable as your abduction experience progresses.

            If your central nervous system processes are not blocked or inhibited and no obvious projectile or beam weapon is present, simply running to escape may be possible. If the extraterrestrials appear unarmed and your only option is physical resistence, look for improvised weapons in your immediate vicinity. Also determine if they are using some breathing assistance device that you can pull away from their body and temporarily incapacitate them to improve your chances for a successful escape attempt.

            Abductees report that just before they are released, their memories of the abduction event are erased or suppressed (that is why abductee regression therapists must use hypnosis or other methods to help their client recover the abduction memories). Some abductees report that conscious memory of abduction events or information can be retained by continually running what you want to remember through your mind, including when the erasure or suppression procedure is performed. The procedure involves touching the center of your forehead, which will be an indication of your pending release.

            If you decide that immediate escape is not possible or will result in death or injury, cooperate with them and follow their instructions. If you feel familiar or safe with the extraterrestrials, it may be best to avoid escalating the situation with violent resistance. In the absence of necessary rational decision making information, your intuition or inner voice may be your best survival guide.

2. Observe and remember as much as possible. Your goal is to improve your circumstances and expedite your escape or release. Look for any physical or social tools that can help you.

What is the layout and construction material of any place you are held?

What are the number and types of species present?

Can you identify uniforms, rank designations, or social deference among them?

Is there a command structure among your captors?

Are other humans present and what are their circumstances?

Are other humans helping them process you or observing?

Can you communicate with any other humans present?

What security measures are in place to control you?

How restricted are your movements?

Can you determine their emotional states and attitude toward you?

Can you determine from your surroundings why you were abducted or captured?

Can you determine from your surroundings what they plan to do with you?

Have you been injured, if so, can you ask for medical treatment?

Can you understand their language or other means of communication?

Does anyone in the immediate vicinity speak your language?

3. If you feel extreme fear or go into shock, regain your composure as quickly as possible. Extreme emotional states cause physiological changes in your central nervous system that make it difficult for you to process sensory input and make rational decisions. Extreme emotional states may result in increased levels of physical restraint or the use of unknown potentially dangerous drugs to control your behavior.

4. Try to determine why you have been abducted or captured. The most likely interests extraterrestrials will have in ordinary individuals are biological samples, recording physiological processes, or collecting intelligence.

            Extraterrestrial intelligence collection protocols of at least one alliance are based upon scanning your central nervous system to identify neural structures associated with specific skills and knowledge. Neural structures are the unit of intelligence analysis and the units of a three dimensional social network mapping protocol that simultaneously integrates individual and group components of social exchanges.

            Neural structures associated with specific skills are scanned and recorded for secondary use from knowledge bases. At the first opportunity, regardless of the abducting species, inform the extraterrestrials that you claim ownership rights for all the neural structures that exist in your central nervous system past, present, and future. Inform them that you want equitable compensation for copying any or all of your neural structures and equitable compensation for all future use of those copied neural structures in other individuals of any species, robotic devices, artificial intelligence or any automated applications. 

             Individuals may be monitored over time to study the addition of new skills. Since a finite number of skills exist in the world human population, not every human would need to be collected and scanned. A Golden Sample of an unknown percent of the total population would only need to be abducted and scanned to have a complete inventory of all the neural structures associated with specific human skills and knowledge. A typical intelligence collection abduction experience might consist of being shown images or given a task while the central nervous system is scanned to identify the neural structures activated.

            Some abductees report sexual or reproductive components to their abduction experience. Your reaction to this possible situation should again be based upon an assessment of whether resistance would result in your death or injury. It might be advisable to put some realistic thought into how you could mentally and physically deal with nonconsensual sex under such circumstances.

5. Survival should be your priority. Based upon the reports of abductees, at least some are held a short time for specific functions and returned, frequently to the same location from which they were taken. However, you should consider the possibility you may be kept for an extended period of time, especially if you have been abducted or captured as part of some military operation. The important point to remember is that people survive abduction experiences. If you do not panic, observe what is happening around you, and think rationally, you also have a chance of surviving an abduction.

6. Your abductors or captors may perceive taking you a time of high risk for them. Stay calm and try to calm any fear or anxiety your abductors may be experiencing. Cooperate within boundaries acceptable to you. Do not engage in arguments. Do not engage in violence against them unless your life is in immediate danger or it is part of an effective escape plan. Only attempt to escape if you have an acceptable chance of success or your situation suddenly becomes desperate. An unsuccessful escape attempt may result in an increased level of restraint or retribution. It would probably be pointless to attempt an escape if you know the craft or facility where you are held is not on the surface of the Earth.           

7. Find ways for the extraterrestrials to identify with you as a sentient being with feelings. Try to make friends with one or all of your abductors. If they form some bond with you, it may be more difficult for them to kill, harm, or abuse you. Try to keep your dignity intact while dealing with the situation. Try to gain their respect, if nothing else.

8. It will be important to establish communication with your abductors or captors. If you cannot understand their language, verbally ask if someone speaks your language. Observe their reaction. If all the extraterrestrials look at one individual, look toward that individual. Address that individual and ask if they speak your language. Any sophisticated military or intelligence operations will have linguists for all languages in the area of operation. If no one present speaks your language, ask again when you interact with new individuals.

9. If you succeed in finding a way to communicate in your own language, you will need to politely ask questions about your status. Do not be confrontational.

Are you a prisoner of war?

Have you been accused of some criminal offense and arrested?

Do you have any rights under any interspecies treaties, agreements, accords, legal code, military law or military rules of engagement?

Do you have any recognized rights as an indigenous person of Earth?

Ask to speak to the human liaison. (Some abductees report the presence of what appears to be a human military officer.)

            If you are informed or otherwise learn that you have no recognized rights, you will clearly understand the situation you are in. You may then make informed decisions and plan the course of action you determine is in your long-term best interest.

10. Avoid insults, derogatory comments, and physical reactions to the appearance of the extraterrestrials.

11. Listen and observe. Try to learn their language or other means of communication. Learn what you can about their body language, social structure, friendships, chain of command, or management structure. Try to remember the names and faces of other humans who may be present. Be empathetic when interacting with the extraterrestrials. Ask if they have families. Ask them to tell you about their homes. Care about what they may have to say.

12. Learn as much as you can from any other humans present, especially their addresses.

13. Try to keep track of time and schedules. If you have guards, when do they change shifts? When do they eat and sleep? There is no telling what information may be of use if you are not released and ultimately need to escape.

            If you are not released immediately, establish a daily routine for yourself.

14. Keep your mind active. Dealing with the boredom inherent in being removed from your normal surroundings and confined may become a major problem. Plan what you will do when you return. Remember your friends and loved ones. Visualize how your friends will react when you tell them your experience. Doing these mental exercises will help keep you sane. Do math exercises such as counting to one thousand by units other than one (3s, 7s, 15s, etc.). Work on imaginary puzzles. Visualize drawing a picture using an imaginary pencil and blank piece of paper. Try to remember the content of the chapters of books you have read. Recall from beginning to end movies, plays, concerts or other events you have attended.

15. To the extent possible, stay physically active. If physically restrained, flex your muscles to help maintain circulations and prevent your muscles becoming stiff. If you have sufficient space to stand up and move around, design ways to exercise with what is at hand.

16. If you ascertain that you will be held for some extended time, try to manipulate your abductors beginning with small accommodation requests. Avoid making requests so close together that you become an irritant. By appearing uncomfortable or in need you may gain sympathy or bonding with one or more captors.

17. If you are confined with a group of humans or other species, avoid drawing attention to yourself. Avoid behavior that may cause you to be labeled a threat or troublemaker. Avoid conflicts with other group members that may draw attention or require intervention by guards.

18. Observe the behavior of your captors for significant changes that might indicate your life is in danger. If you have been receiving food and water and that stops, it could mean you are about to be released or that your life may be in imminent danger. Other significant behavior changes could include an increase in the number of weapons deployed, increased restraint, increased hostility, the arrival of new equipment, and the extraterrestrials may no longer look at you or respond to attempts to communicate with them. It would also be significant if other abductees are prepared for release and you are not.

19. Escape attempts should only be made when you are certain you can escape or you are certain your life is in immediate danger.

20. If you are abducted by extraterrestrials, the chance of you being rescued by other human beings is extremely remote. However, should a rescue effort be made, stay out of the way of the rescuers. If you are able to move, find a safe place out of the line of fire to hide until the situation is stable. Avoid doing anything that could be construed as a threat to the rescuers. If you cannot move or there is no place to hide, lie on the ground and cover your head with your hands. Follow the instructions of the rescuers. Your rescuers will be feeling threatened and on edge, as when you were abducted, remain calm and act in a manner that will help calm any fear your rescuers feel.

21. In the political, military, and intelligence domains there is a type of operation called a “false flag.” A false flag operation is executed in a manner that will result in responsibility for the outcome, such as a terrorist bombing, being attributed to someone other than those actually responsible for the act.

            Some people reporting abduction experiences include details which indicate they have been victims of false flag operations in which human beings conduct  kidnappings that mimic extraterrestrial abductions for illegal experimentation or, as in the case of one UN Ambassador, extracting intelligence information under the guise of an alien abduction. If you are abducted by human beings falsely depicting themselves as extraterrestrials you will need to be especially observant and on guard because you will be in the hands of well financed and organized human criminals acting outside of any legal authority.

            If you become the victim of a false flag extraterrestrial abduction conducted by human beings, your life may be in greater danger than in a genuine abduction. It might be prudent to follow these same basic survival suggestions, keeping in mind that the more details you remember, they better chance you might have of being believed when reporting your kidnaping to a law enforcement agency. Safely obtaining some physical evidence or identifying information about your human kidnappers would also improve your chances of obtaining justice. Again, your main priority is to end the experience alive and uninjured.

22. If you are released and recall the details of your ordeal without regression or other memory retrieval methods, expect no constructive help or recognition of your traumatic experience from government agencies or programs. Knowledge of all information regarding extraterrestrial abduction of human beings and animals is classified and controlled by rogue corporate, military, and intelligence elements who are operating under the delusion that they are the only ones who can handle knowledge of the true facts regarding the extraterrestrial presence here.

            These are for the most part people addicted to elite power, privileged knowledge, and will do whatever it takes to retain their special status. This includes, among a wide range or nefarious tools, harassing individuals who come forward with abduction accounts and murder if they deem someone a threat to their special status. Keep this in mind when making decisions about whom you trust and from whom you seek help. These rogue individuals did not reach the more reasonable conclusion that if they could handle knowing, then anyone could handle it. Instead of the secrecy, murder, and mayhem, they could have focused on developing tools to constructively inform people, acted to have our rights recognized by the extraterrestrials, and sought membership in any existing alliances of species that could have been beneficial for all of us. They could have even produced a set of abduction survival instructions, like these, fifty or sixty years ago.

23. One distinct possible advantage of extraterrestrial abduction over human hostage, kidnaping, or terrorist experiences is that it will occur in the context of an extraterrestrial government, military, intelligence, or scientific operation managed by a chain of command or management and laws, directives, a mission statement, rules of engagement, code of conduct, or scientific protocols which you may be able to understand and use. It is possible that you may have some recognized rights as a prisoner or under interspecies treaties, agreements, or accords.

            It is also possible that none of these suggested strategies will be of any benefit whatsoever. The alternative is to do nothing and rely on fate, luck, extraterrestrial benevolence, or divine intervention for a positive outcome, any or all of which may occur in your instance.

            Regardless of whether you are abducted by genuine extraterrestrials or human criminals masquerading as extraterrestrials, NEVER forget that any information you may have been given could be a lie. Not everyone who drives a Cadillac can be trusted because they drive a Cadillac. As when dealing with information from human beings with unknown motives, it might be wise to confirm, to the extent possible, any information obtained from extraterrestrials before relying upon it.

            If you decide to use these suggested strategies and tactics, the following text invokes, in writing, all your conceivable rights under the circumstances of an extraterrestrial abduction. It is in a font size that can be printed on an Avery business card form. You should memorize these requests in case you do not have the card with you when abducted. Laminating the card you carry is highly recommended.


            The most important goals at the center of these suggested strategies and tactics are to survive the real or human false flag extraterrestrial abduction experience, avoid injury, regain your freedom, and to claim any legal or citizenship rights you are entitled to under whatever treaties, agreements, legal codes, orders, or military rules of engagement the extraterrestrials are operating under.

            You should also keep in mind the extraterrestrials are most likely here in pursuit of the resolution of some real or perceived Earth originating problem or threat that affects them. No one is going to undertake the expense to send an expeditionary force of “manpower” and equipment sufficient to occupy and control an entire solar system to obtain cow delicacies or gene sequences. Anybody with the technology to accomplish sending and indefinitely maintaining an expeditionary force of that size in another solar system can probably make anything they can think of at home.



You are hereby notified that I do not relinquish, surrender, or agree to the suspension, revocation, curtailment, or attenuation of any natural right, primary right, secondary right, preventive right, remedial right, human right, sentient species right, or any right to which I am entitled or guaranteed under any applicable legal code, constitution, rules of engagement, applicable United Nations or interspecies human or interspecies rights accords or treaties, and all other international or interspecies agreements and accords regarding human or species rights. I request the presence of a translator who speaks my own language at any procedures, processing and administrative or judicial proceedings. I request to be informed in my own written language of any rights I am entitled to under these current circumstances. I request to be informed of the authority, orders, or other justification under which I am being held. I request to be informed of the name and location of your government, both its central and local headquarters, and any citizenship rights to which I am entitled as a result of the occupation, military control, or any territorial claims for this solar system or planet. I request to be informed of the procedures and means of communication for filing grievances regarding my abduction and any injures or other adverse consequences of my abduction or capture. I request to be informed of the means by which I may decline or withdraw from participation in your future operations that require my presence in your custody. I hereby claim ownership rights for all the neural structures in my central nervous system and use compensation.


            The above text appears split on the following two pages of business card format. Using the two-sided printing function, print the following two pages on the front and back of tear-apart business card stock that is formatted for Avery Template 8371. If you do not have word processing software that contains Avery Template 8371, the template or formatting software may be downloaded at

© Copyright 2011 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved. These suggested survival strategies and tactics may be posted, included in emergency management instructions, or otherwise distributed for educational purposes provided the content is not altered and no one profits from their use or distribution. Anyone using these suggestions in venues charging fees or admission are required to contact James Roger Brown to obtain approval and negotiate fair compensation for their profit making use. The mailing address is James Roger Brown, P.O. Box 101 Worthington, KY 41183-0101. Telephone (606) 836-7613

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