At times society drifts back into a dangerous frame of mind that equates with…  who can shout the loudest gets the most attention and support. 

Radicals hunting more power rely primarily on general public ignorance and fear. They are frequently rewarded well with excellent dividends for such established dependence on social unawareness. 

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 We must all keep in mind that numerous precarious fundamentalists, who are hiding the true nature of their private political and counterfeit religious fixations, are seeking to mislead the masses (under the guise of authentic  patriotism) and being triumphant in this goal too. 

This is happening in the UK and other lands as well. It now seems to be a case of – “I’m a true patriot so you must support me if you love your country”… 

The public are falling like skittles for the dangerous allure of STREET NATIONALISTIC PRIDE. 

So much of what we know or ‘think’ we know is phony. It may take a lifetime to escape blind conformist religious indoctrination that starts at the cradle and continues to the grave. Many will never shake off the chains of spiritual repression and only YOU can make the changes needed to discover your own true path. Your truth is equally as valid as Church-based spin (i.e. messianic, salvation credo) sold by the self-righteous ones in dog-collars within artificial temples of stone. 

Of course not ‘that’ long ago just expressing such things would bring down the unwanted wrath of sanctimonious priest-men with their blazing torches and bibles. 

The battle to be fought today is one of spiritual liberation of our species, against the dead and hypocritical hand of the powers of ALL kinds of fundamentalism. 

Pride in one’s land can be a great thing yet not when it is a manipulated point that radical mind-controlling priests and politicians are clandestinely misusing to achieve their own bogus ends.

Just because any given radical group of Christian fundamentalists in camouflage- gear  pull out ‘Remembrance Day Poppies’ does NOT mean we all have to flock to their side. 

They have ambiguous agendas (relating to getting YOU to support ‘their’ brand of one-sided religious credo) that are largely concealed and must be challenged! One form of fundamentalism is no better than another. Many politicians in fact today realise this truth, yet they are trapped within the confines of their chosen party allegiance and may never mange to liberate their minds from such crushing restrictions. 

Consequently, they will ‘always’ place the needs of the Party before the needs of a solitary person – every time! The exact same thing happens with religious obsession to any manmade faith system and this aspect is often placed before private needs as if some watchful deity must be appeased before any concerns for an individual are addressed. It’s all bogus nonsense and all wrong yet customary thinking must, apparently, be upheld at all costs… 

Our noble ancestors fought for a more tolerant and equal society and would be horrified of much extremist dross today that is done in their name. 

Think ‘past’ their mind-spin before it’s too late – if we sit back and let them pull our heart strings with sham nationalism based of bogus religious pride will shall welcome in a new version of what happened in Nazi Germany… mark my words, it is coming……/here-today-gone…

History will repeat itself if we let them hoodwink us into following THEIR lead!

One can only warn! 


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