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Taken Up Historical Review for Readers of UFO Digest in order to proceed with our story.

The characters portrayed  in this time and dispensation are as one male array and one female array in what on earth is termed the unit a body-mind-spirit of a humanoid we regard as a sentient intelligent being.

All those on earth are on a young planet that is the home to seeded alien humanoids called alien hybrids on earth.

Some are older spiritual beings than others although all are found to be in different episodes of their spiritual expansion in what is called the birth-life-death experience. All come to be known on earth as a  human being. Each spirit is called an essence or enhancement partition of the original soul self.

Each spirit that is only a portion of the essence from the original soul that lives in another realm in space as that which on earth is called the over soul is guided by what on earth is called a guardian, or watcher, or observer to most and to many a guardian angel or alien.

Being in space seemed so surreal now. Part of the memories of the past were coming back for Tara also called Sara. Sara was  the name of both Tara’s maternal and paternal grandmother’s on earth. Tara began remembering her journey…

Gus had been left back in July, 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. Gus was left before Tom and Sara were born in this lifetime on a planet called earth where they would later be sent to join Gus and four other spacecraft that was a part of the Supreme Allied Command in space.

Tom was actually John Thomas but went by Tom on earth among his friends.

Tara was a nickname for Theresa who loved using her grandmother’s name and her friends in the psychic network knew her as Tara but in the Navy she was known as Terri or T short for Theresa. Sara was her code name in the intelligence command on earth.

 The prior way that Tom and Sara met each other was due to the intelligence command who actually had an office in the Pentagon and other intelligence agencies around Washington, D.C. .

Before September, 2001 there was a major division among intelligence agencies and although the Central Intelligence Agency was who bought the contracts of both Tom and Tara aka Sara, they were both now assigned to the U.S. Army in the underground Top Secret mountain in the desert in New Mexico near Los Alamos.

The book and story called  Roswell UFO Encounters can be downloaded at Barnes&Noble.com or Amazon.com in order to catch up to this story. The history is also in the first book called TAKEN UP This is the second book called TAKEN UP

Tom had been in love with Sara from the first time he met her. He was introduced to her in the El Paso airport in Texas before they were both assigned to this mission. Neither had met before or so they thought. Actually Tom had been on the end of a weapon while he was an assassin for the President of the United States.

Sara had been who was called the flower girl and would pin the unlucky politician with a yellow rose before he would be put out of commission. That was a mission that was not discussed with Sara and she had no idea of the outcome of her prior assigned mission outside of one of the world’s largest country clubs where Tom thought he had recognized her in his gun sight. That will be another journal entry later.

This journal is actually the third book of the story called  TAKEN UP – Alien ET UFO 2012 & Beyond of which the adventures of Tom and Sara continue. Information has been created on earth prior to this transmission for journal purposes.

This actual book will have a more detailed description of all the areas we have previously mentioned or discussed on UFO Digest thus far as parts 1 and 2 since August 2007 in preparation of the year 2012 and beyond…

The Supreme Allied Command was governed by the Supreme Allied Counsel of their home world which was as far as Tom and Sara was concerned the galaxy called Andromeda.

The Supreme Allied Counsel ruled over many galaxies in this universe.

The Space Command of the Supreme Allied Counsel used the wormholes in space to travel and studies all the other realms, levels and dimensions.

There are other universes inside the various levels called  multiverses, metaverses, xenoverse, inside the omniverse.

It was understood the omniverse was the entire macrocosm and that the levels inside the omniverse were broken down inside the omniverse.

There are two levels outside the omniverse called the Alphaverse and the Omegaverse but those are reserved by those called the creators who had always been and they were the Supreme High Counsel’s superiors who had always been. This is where those who have been visited before have the recollection of oral stories to be preserved in the written languages on earth.

The various tribes on earth have many variations of those who we call Alpha and Omega above the known Omniverse.

No humanoid sentient intelligent beings are allowed know of or to ask of those above the Supreme High Counsel. Only those who speak to the Supreme High Counsel and ask of those who are above them in authority are told of the existence of the creators known as the Alpha and Omega Architects of the Omniverse.

The Space Command is the name used for the benefit of the younger species such as those on earth. The Space Command is known on earth to be prepared for those who were governed by those above known as the Supreme Allied Counsel.

The Supreme Allied Counsel is  made up of many heads of universes inside the entire Omniverse.

The Alpha and Omega had always been throughout the billions of years known to be used on earth with their calculations.

Some on earth have had various names but the common referral system falls under the words and names of their praise and worship rituals in various cultures on earth.

No rituals were required of worship although proper cleanliness and respect for their human physical mind-body-and spirit was taught to various tribes throughout various times in earth’s history.

The calculations of dates and time on earth are not the same as those who are in the space command. We have many called Time Travelers who calculate time and space differently than those who are in the aerospace commands of earth.

The tectonic economics of all people as tribes on earth are based on prior visitations and their intelligent levels of progression. The natural climate of each has been studied for millions of years.

The Supreme Counsel as the creators have always been shared but only in ways that the beings of earth could understand.   For those over time on earth they were simply the supreme race that had always been.

We understand the need for hierarchy and worship of those who were called down from the heavens. Many stories have spread throughout the ages on earth.

The races of those above the Omniverse are two dominant superior races.

It was known that one was considered male dominant race called the alpha males and the level that coexisted inside the omega female dominant race called the omega females of which the alphas were gods and the omegas were goddesses.

The order of chaos that ruled supreme among all was the third part of an equation that was created between the two called the Alpha and Omega.

This was as far as Sara had been able to obtain with her questioning of GUS when she was alone and Tom was not present.

Sara had asked Gus to share what the world where he was created was like. He was not allowed  to share much due to his internal programming. However, as they had approached the large command ship that was hidden behind the planet called Mars Tom had given a command to Gus.

“Gus tell us about what you know and can share with us about this command ship?”

Gus speaks:

“It is the command ship of the fleet Commander.”

Tom listens and says,

“Fleet. There are more of these ships?”

“Yes Commander, there are four more of them which are even larger than this one located around your galaxy.”

“Tell me about this ship Gus.”

The faint sound of Gus’s computers working could be heard by both Sara and Tom while aboard.

“Yes Commander…”

“This ship has been designated as the command ship. The commander of this ship uses the name Supreme Commander Robert Clark. He answers to the Central Command of the Supreme High Allied Counsel. They in turn answer directly to those who have always been known as the Alpha and Omega. We who are those who communicate are not allowed to speak of their location or to know of their location outside of the Omniverse. Those who have always been are in a reverend mode and are treated as such when used in reference. The titles and unity are not known or communicated. 

The information I am allowed to share at this time that you may be interested in knowing is that there are fighting aircraft on the command ship along with the pilots who man them.

The men on board the command ship that work with these fighting aircraft are called in your terms the ground crew. All others are the support and are considered support, administration, and research and development. We have specialized personnel who work on the technical weapons and computers. There are various positions that are technical and are classified as that which is similar to earth’s levels in the intelligence community of your military forces and those of your known Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

There is no President of one country but one Head Counsel over all who answers to the Supreme Allied Command above this level. We are only one universe among many in the various levels and realms in the Omniverse. This is generally used among all humanoid species in our space command of which you will now be known to be included.

The language that is used on the home world is not intelligible in your way of hearing and speaking therefore they have adapted to using English as the universal language in space while protecting your planet.

This will be explained at a later time. I was programmed information as communication to share with you at this time. Most all will be familiar to you in your terms as our fleet of ships has been designed to work with you Commander along with Co-Commander Tara now called Sara.”

Tom looked at Sara and then spoke to Gus again.

“Please continue for us both then Gus.”

“There are town plots on various levels of the ship for the crew and for your convenience. There are canteens and restaurants which some are as you call fast foods on your planet.

There are various species of humanoids that work on the various spacecraft including this command ship. Most have humanoid  characteristics.

The weapons that are used in space are more of what you would call laser weapons and laser cannons. 

They are accustomed to using military commands and the military way of life similar to that on earth. We are structured for those who will work in the future generations with us all. This is something that will be able to be assimilated in time by all concerned. 

They all are accustomed to the hierarchy of the military protocol and designated ranks in space Commander.

There are living quarters for everyone on board and some have families while living in space on their assigned missions.

Travel using worm holes in space takes less time in what you call earth years however, using travel at the speed of light does require commitment among the personnel and years in space are assigned therefore some prefer to have companions in the military among their own kind from their own home world. 

As you know the Supreme Allied Command does govern all those in space and they are those who communicate via transmissions but the signals are delayed to the command ship. The Allied Command on the command ships is the Allied Command of which you both will now be a part.

The way that I was able to send you transmission are the same used on board the command ship.

The highest command is what we call the Great Counsel which rules over the  ship’s Allied Command personnel is one and the same as what you have been told is the Supreme High Counsel. Those in space are all in a type of military and are assigned positions. Those in the Galaxies of this universe answer to one who is on the Supreme High Counsel. Other universes also have their own representative. This Supreme High Counsel rules in this Omniverse. Much is learned throughout time in what on earth once shares as billions of years of those who come and go in what is called stellar space quadrants of a universe.  

The ranks are assigned and earned by those who serve in our space command the same as your military on planet earth. The Supreme Allied Command answers to the Supreme High Counsel who are never on board the ships nor are their locations known by any of the universes. They are elected from birth and reign supreme until their own passing at which time another is chosen. This is all we can share at this time of the Omniverse Hierarchy.

Regarding those in the allied space command in the spacecraft of which you call the fleet or command ships above earth and in this galaxy, they are a part of the galaxies in this universe. There are some universes which some times do not agree with all that each universe has agreed to among their administration.

This causes controversy among some who are warriors in their life existences in space. Various universes and various levels of humanoid and other species do sometimes meet with opposition in chaos of which on earth is called free will and choices of the essence energy of mind. However, in this level of which is called the Allied Command of this galaxy and universe at present there is no need for your weapons to be used.

There is no need for weapons or for bodily harm while you are visiting the command ship. All humanoids of the planet earth are the younger generations which have been seeded from those here in space.

All other information will be explained over the time spent here on the command ship. The information that will be shared is for communication purposes for the future understanding for both of you as the Commander and Co-Commander in communications for the planet earth. This will be explained in the time set forth by the Supreme High Counsel who sent you to the planet Commander.

They will explain when they choose to explain as we have done with prior transmissions. There are many ways to create the plans of the younger species in space. We are sent to guide the younger sentient intelligent beings in the Omniverse.

The details of your lives as they were guided and planned out will be shared.

That is the briefing I was given to share with you Co-Commanders. The rest of your questions can be directed to the Commander of the command ship who will direct you later to those once again who are the Supreme High Counsel  also referred to in the planet earth’s references as the Great Counsel of the Supreme Architects of this universe. The terms are not exactly the same in each universe but the Supreme Allied Command and the Supreme High Counsel are the two best descriptions we are told will work in the universal English language at this time on earth.

There is much information that I use to explore the planet that does not pertain to your present interest at this time Commander.” 


We will next begin with the story once again as the quarters are described for both Tom and Sara in space on board the Command Ship that stays well hidden with those in space hidden at all times from all those who would be considered viewing from earth. There are various levels and stages of communication among those who serve as guides on earth.

More later… TJ



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