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Alien ET Secret TJ – “TAKEN UP” Extragalactic Visitor “BABY” – WE are not alone now or ever.

1. “We are not alone and some of us assist the humanoid sentient intelligent being species propagate which to some may make us Demigods in their perception of other humanoids in the “PlanetInformationNetwork.com”” TJ

2. Alien ET Secret is We are All Extragalactic in Origin – TAKEN UP  (Cont’d) Alien ET Secret from the Heart and Soul of TJ – “TAKEN UP” Extragalactic Visitor “BABY” -4th Anniversary of TJ & DIRK

Copyright of this Original Story belongs to TJ Morris tm ACIR sm and is allowed to be shared with Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg and Robert Morningstar on UFO Digest as the only two CONFIDANTS Theresa Jan Morris shares the ACE FOLKLIFE Art-Culture-Education Stories as the TAKEN UP SERIES for future Ascension Center Enlightenement as part of the AscensionCenter.ORG., ETSpirit.ORG, and TJ Morris.ORG

3. The Alien ET was about my heighth exactly at 5’10 1/2 in. – I found that odd that we could look eye to eye and our physical bodies were proportionate. He was an ET or Extragalactic Citizen of Andromeda Galaxy and uses ESP to communicate. My memories of my other world were intact and I wanted to go back –  but I had a mission to complete on earth.” TJ

4. “I want to Have a Baby” By an Alien ET Extragalactic Citizen During One of Many ET Contacts with TJ – Why We are not Alone! – THE TAKEN UP STORY FOR UFO DIGEST CONTINUES! BY TJ

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Men in TJ’s LIFE are FEW and far between! Some being Extragalactic known only to those in SECRET OR BLACK OPS. – High Level Clearance Above Royal Required. Even Above the Level of Need to Know by the President of the United States, Security Intelligence Council (SIC) – “THINGS CHANGE AND SO DOES THE WORLD!” TJ
We all have secrets and I am now ready to share some of mine. It may take years to understand them all. We all have secrets and I am no different.
Some may believe that I am different because of my life experiences and beliefs.www.janes.com/products/janes/defence-security-report.aspx?ID.

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Some things in life are considered very sacred and secret based on the human experience. Some things we just don’t share with other humanoids in this wBUDD HOPKINS
Author, Speaker, Artist, Entrepreneur<object width=”640″ height=”390″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_sW8jf1qS5o&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_sW8jf1qS5o&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” allowScriptAccess=”always” width=”640″ height=”390″></embed></object>
Budd Hopkins (June 15, 1931 – August 21, 2011)Budd Hopkins was long considered ufology’s most visible figure. He pioneered and continued to lead the investigation into the most controversial aspect of the UFO phenomenon-the systematic abduction of human beings by UFO occupants. As the world’s premier expert on this issue, he worked with more than one thousand people who have reported abduction experiences over the past twenty years. These individuals come from all walks of life and include physicians, psychiatrists, attorneys, police officers, military personnel, political figures, personalities from the entertainment world, and even a NASA scientist. 
Source Wikipedia
Budd Hopkins (June 15, 1931 – August 21, 2011)as a central figure in abduction phenomenon and related UFO research. He was also a painter, sculptor and raconteur of note. Born in 1931 and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. He graduated from Oberlin College in 1953, that same year moving to New York City, where he lived until his death in 2011.
Hopkins’ art is in the permanent collections in the Whitney Museum, the Guggenheim Museum,Hirshhorn Museum, and at the Museum of Modern Art; he received grants or endowments from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. His articles on art appeared in magazines and journals, and he lectured at many art schools, including Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.In 1964, Hopkins and two others saw a UFO in daylight for several minutes. Fascinated, he joined the now-defunct UFO research groupNICAP and began reading many UFO books and articles.
In 1975, Hopkins and Ted Bloecher studied a multiple-witness UFO report, the North Hudson Park UFO sightings which occurred in New Jersey. In 1976, the Village Voice printed Hopkins’ account of the investigation.
Hopkins began receiving regular letters from other UFO witnesses, including a few cases of what would later be called “missing time” — inexplicable gaps in one’s memory, associated with UFO encounters.
Alien abduction
With Bloecher and psychologist Aphrodite Clamar, Hopkins began investigating the missing time experiences, and eventually came to conclude that the missing time cases were due to alien abduction.
By the late 1980s, Hopkins was one of the most prominent people in ufology, earning a level of mainstream attention that was nearly unprecedented for the field. He established the non-profit Intruders Foundation 1989 to publicize his research.
Hopkins wrote several popular books about abductees, notably Missing Time, and was the founder of the Intruders Foundation, a non-profit organization created to document and research alien abductions, and to provide support to abductees.
For roughly the first seven years of his investigation of the abduction phenomenon, Hopkins himself conducted no hypnosis sessions. Rather, he secured the aid of licensed professionals. He noted that three of these therapists (Drs. Robert Naiman, Aphrodite Clamar and Girard Franklin) were quite skeptical of the reality of abduction claims, yet all “uncovered” detailed abduction scenarios from their patients. (Hopkins, 218)
The 1992 made-for-television film Intruders was based on Hopkins’ research, and portrayed abduction scenes. Additionally, Hopkin’s 1996 book, Witnessed, portrays a classic abduction case that was alleged to have occurred in late 1989 near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. This case is unique in that it is one of the first publicized episodes that involved multiple abductees (who did not previously know each other) that come to know each other in the “real” world through a variety of circumstances connected to their abductions. Additionally, this case involved inter-generational abductions within the same family.
Controversy was a persistent feature of Hopkins’ career in alien abduction and UFO studies. While few seemed to doubt Hopkin’s motives or sincerity, critics charged that Hopkins was out of his element when he used hypnosis, thereby aiding his subjects in confabulation — the blending of fact and fantasy. However, Hopkins insisted such criticism is specious. He wrote, “I have often frequently invited interested therapists, journalists and academics to observe hypnosis sessions. Theoretical psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, who has held teaching positions at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and psychiatrist Donald. F. Klein, director of research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and professor of psychiatry at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, are but two of those who have observed my work firsthand. None of these visitors … have reported anything that suggested I was attempting to lead the subjects.” (Hopkins, 238-239) 
Budd  was a central figure in abduction phenomenon and related UFO research. He was also a painter, sculptor and raconteur of note. Born in 1931 and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. He graduated from Oberlin College in 1953, that same year moving to New York City, where he lived until his death in 2011. For several years, he maintained a summer studio on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Budd Hopkins first became interested in the UFO phenomenon when he and two others had a daylight UFO sighting near Truro, Massachusetts, in 1964. In 1975 he carried out his first major investigation which involved a UFO landing and occupant incident in North Hudson Park, New Jersey. Fascinated, he joined the now-defunct UFO research group NICAP and began reading many UFO books and articles. In 1975, Hopkins and Ted Bloecher studied a multiple-witness UFO report, the North Hudson Park UFO sightings which occurred in New Jersey. In 1976, the Village Voiceprinted Hopkins’ account of the investigation. Hopkins began receiving regular letters from other UFO witnesses, including a few cases of what would later be called “missing time” — inexplicable gaps in one’s memory, associated with UFO encounters. 
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Philip Klass: UFO Abductions: A Dangerous Game
orld. I have secrets like most everyone else on this planet. This is close to being the most well kept secret that I have, but not the only one. I have many that deal with Alien ET Contact. 
I am told that “Inquiring Minds want to know!”  DO I DARE SHARE?
What will happen to me if I tell the truth of one of my real life experiences? Will beings on earth think less of me? Maybe I should not tell anyone. After all, only part of me feels that I belong here. The other part is always linking back to my point of origin in the Andromeda Galaxy. Now that will sound weird for sure to all those who are not believers in  the truth that “Alien Civilizations Exist” (ACE). 
However, I am getting very strong feelings in my earthly human emotional body that it is time to share the truth and to let go of this secret of which I have many. The reason I have many ET Secrets is the fact that I know who I am and my past life experiences make me who I am today on this planet. I know that I am an Extragalactic Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Being. I know that I am here on this planet to serve the truth for other Lightworkers and Truthseekers. I know that I am an Avatar Ascension Master. I know that the truth will set us free. Isn’t that always what I am telling others not to hold things in and to be a better person on earth by simply being one’s own self and accepting the  things we cannot  change?
I know that we are here to experience and explore and to share love and light with those who desire to ascend.
Through the years of life on earth, I have done my part to assist others in my own circle of family and friends. The most pain that I have felt ever felt was usually from those who are closest to me. That is the reason I could never share with those closest to me in my inner circle. That is why this SECRET is still my ET SECRET as an internal function and inner behavior that could be considered making me dysfunctional as much as I hate to admit that I am flawed and not a perfect being. I so want to be a better person while on earth. It is hard to be in the unit-vessel of body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience knowing what I know based on my past lives here on earth. I truly believe that this is why in the past, human beings have been allowed to be born on earth not remembering their past. In other words, the veil is part of the “Grand Omniverse Design”. I don’t know this for sure but I suspect that this is part of the truth for all of us being here on this planet as a humanoid. 
August 27, 2011 is my Anniversary with Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg and Robert Morningstar on the ezine called UFO Digest at http://www.ufodigest.com/wp. I have been a writer and contributor and now I consider a close friend for almost four (4) years. Aug. 27 is my anniversary from the time I was first published. I have gone through the Denial, Anger, Betrayal, Depression, Acceptance (DABDA) of the part that our emotional body will put us through. Psychology and studying human behaviors and the mind inside my own brain has been of utmost importance to me as a humanoid on earth. I learned that the Institute of Noetic Sciences as IONS is similar to that which I believe we can create with the ET Spirit.ORG. and the future Planet Information Network.com which we can create as a directory of all who understand that alien civilizations exist (ACE) and desire to live a vertical lifestyle instead of a horizontal one like those in the past on earth.
Many believers in the past religions will soon find out that they never had all the truth only a part such as there were more than 600 commandments given from the extraterrestrial our ancestors called GOD and not only ten. This will seem hard to accept to most on earth because it means we were all led to believe in only part of what was considered sacred to our own hearts, minds, and souls about our creators.
Share this – Believe what thou wilt but search for the light and the truth and follow the origin of this light and truth back to the origin in time. The Bible – teach from it but share that the King James version was created from the Constantine Choices made -Empirical Control. We all want to lead a spiritual life but not a religious one -This is more in vibration with the original creators of both male and female, as Father and Mother God and Goddess. We were not meant to be dominated by only the fraternal order and this has made the religions somewhat dysfunctional and why so many people are dropping out of the old religions. We are now to come back to the maternal order and we shall now see the balance in the middle way. There is the left way, the right way, and the middle way as independent body-mind-spirits yet we are also awakening awareness of the ascension and vertical spiritual lifestyle once again. It is not time to share the truth for all who are seeking the light and love of the higher power of our divine creative process of the omniverse. We are designed in space and we will return to space throughout what we call time and space. We are learning about the beginning of the universe among the many multiverses inside the metaverse, inside the xenoverse inside the Omniverse. We shall now accept the fifth dimension and the five levels of life with all the other humanoids of the sentient intelligent being species in the various layers and orbs of the Omniverse. What lies outside of the Omniverse as the original divine creation we will always wonder about. We are told that the Omniverse has always been!
There are the 33 major mystery schools and then we have the 34 and five times seven equals 35 on this planet. Take the five dimensions and the five levels in the vertical life we know as the divine creation and we can seek the plan of what we call the light and the truth as Lighworkers and Truthseekers. A man and/or woman can be both a Lightworker and a Truthseeker while on earth in the container-unit-vessel. We still have holy humanoids that walk the earth as Avatar Ascended Masters to those who seek shall find. TJ
(Notes for Engineers and Scientists that are Trustworthy and Tuned INTO THE ACE!)
Then of course besides DABDA we have DARPA not the same thing as an acronym but almost! – Check out the 100 year program for the Starship of the future which DARPA is asking for our ideas for free and are freely volunteered instead of purchased from engineers of the employed as was always the way of governments in the past with nondisclosure agreements – and PATENT RIGHTS of the EMPLOYER  – EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIPS.
What I know first hand will fill volumes in the JAINS and JANES Manuals but I dare not share all at one time and the world is protected from this happening. There are ways to protect Extragalactic Information from being assimilated too fast due to our past historical experiments of the humanoid species in the past deprogram that dates back over 9000K-12000K BCE. Deprogram the species based on the past to counteract the effect of a previous indoctrination based on sectarian, unusual, or esoteric notions in depth as the most remote part of our humanization and terra forming palatial spaces in stellar space in all galaxies and universes. Remember MU and Atlantis and how in the life cycles on earth their as been natural cataclysms whether due to natural vibrations, manmade, or celestial. 
I have many Psychology books, Business books, Self-Help Books, Metaphysical Books, and many I have written myself. Just because I can read and learn does not make life easier because I am more informed. I suspect that there are others out there in the world like me.  The reason I was chosen to come to this planet knowing what I know as a Reincarnated Spirit is because not only do I have the tools and skills to share when the talking with stakes so high for all but because I personally chose to come back for the ninth (9) and final time. I agreed to carry part of the puzzle as one of the nine (9) to be remembered by all who desire to rise to the level of awakened awareness.
There is a driving force in all of us that deals with all levels of our human behavior. The emotional and mental bodies are part of us which we can control with our consciousness and in our projected human conscious behavior. There are many paths in life that lead us to the future to become more than we are today and have been yesterday. All the yesterdays make us who we are today. It is time to accept who we each are as a microcosm inside the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience together in this cosmic macrocosm we call the Omniverse.
There are various levels to our existence as well as the existence of this orb we call a living planet that is traveling through space. The various levels allow for us to learn that there is an acceptance process for us all regarding the abundance of health and prosperity for all. This was the greatest message we have been left on this planet with the greatest world in etymology being love and light. I can take any one word in this article and create an entire book based on our life experiences dealing with etymology and the creation of a word, work, and it’s overall meaning that we now accept in our reality. Basically, what I believe is that I will share part of me and my inner secrets for others to better understand themselves.  We all must learn to communicate. We all should learn to share what matters and with whom when we know that it matters most to the critical mass consciousness of our entire humanoid sentient intelligent being species. What I am about to share matters most to me and then I hope to others who are believers like me in the fact that Alien Civilizations Exist as ACE FOLKLIFE. We in the ACE FOLKLIFE MOVEMENT are also believers in the ASCENSION CENTER in all of us as an individual as well as the whole of our entire humanoid species in the Omniverse. For now we need to begin sharing that we are Extragalactic!
Extragalactic means that we are located or originated beyond the Galaxy!
I was once approached by an ET meaning an Extragalactic Being. The story I am about to share has taken me almost forty two years to share with the working world. Because of our new technology on this planet which we call the Internet Online and the WEB, I can now reach the world and allow my story to be joined with others who have had the same experience. Some have already come forth with their various experiences and because I have had so many based on who I am and how much I am allowed to know and experience on many levels it may appear that my lifetimes and my life experiences are just too impossible for any one being to experience and know so much in one lifetime. So, please remember that the person telling this story has had many lifetimes and has been allowed to live and die and live and die again twice in this one lifetime in this one body. Also, that I have been allowed to know of my past eight lives prior to this one. All of the awakened awareness makes a difference in how much one’s own emotional and mental body can handle in one lifetime. (For instance – just to get up my courage about my stated facts as a bravery code of honor to tell this story as taken me 1360 human English words.) I shall now share my story for the first time on earth.
I am going to share my story to encourage others to share their own storied in our ET UFO Community knowing that Alien Civilizations Exist! Please remember this is only one of my stories and I have many and for now they are considered my ALIEN ET CONTACTEE stories by TJ.
I want to encourage others to talk and share their own emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with those they feel they can trust. I am considered one who is taken into confidence by many on this planet already because of my own belief system and being in love and light with other light workers and truth seekers. Now we have many who have not had alien ET UFO experiences but they want the truth to come to light so they have created a working world in a word called Exopolitics. I support the future as an  mediator with others who endorse Exopolitics around the world. I have my own websites which cater to the various levels of human behaviors, passions, and desires based on  the various levels of life as perceptions in this world. Basically, life is complicated here on this planet because of all the secrets we keep from each other. Here is one of mine.
When I lived in Houston, my husband worked at NASA during the day and during the Apollo missions he even worked at night. This left me alone as a young mother with only one young infant daughter who was born as Angela Dawn Parrish on March 25, 1968. My baby was premature. I would later have other children but this is about the one I lost and have never shared with anyone not even my own mother who passed away or died on May 4, 2011 this year. I am told that the grieving process can take on average a year for the normal person and I am in no way normal and I am okay with this world as seeing me not normal or as a paranormal being and writer.
I appreciate the Science Channel and what they are sharing regarding truth in awareness as far as their scientists and cosmologists can see with smoke and mirrors, as well as, telescopes with mirrors. We will have five (5) used around the world the same as we extragalactics use on the five (5) main continents and do not share their location. The ET will not be found in the way that earth humanoids now look. There are reasons that they stay stealth as to not interfere too much with our own progressions as was done before. I know truths as to how things are the way they are and it took many lifetimes of learning. Some of my friends who now want to know when the veil is the thinnest can ask their own higher power and future guides for wisdom direct. Until then, those who feel they are young spirits and do not remember past lives may ask for life coaches and mentors to assist in their own eternal progression as spiritual intellectuals. I will not go away as long as I remain on earth in physical container-unit-vessel in body-mind-spirit to assist all the others in their own birth-life-death experiences to come. Take one day at a time if life seems hard. Plan to become more each day from the time spent in the yesterdays of the mind and live for today for today is really all we have in what we call time. The past is behind us and the future has not yet come. We will assist in making the future better! Know that one is never alone and has their own higher power, guides, as well as those who mirror their own designs and desires back to them. Some I train in the world as the mystics that go by various names, sages, seers, oracles, psychics, prophets, holy persons and so on an so forth in the ancient mystic schools as the spirits who are own the paths to wisdom and enlightenment the same as I have chosen. We tend to become and know things with the company we keep. Make friends and keep them close and know thy enemies and keep them even closer is what has been passed down for generations. We know that there are both dark and light Aliens, ET, EBENS, and Extragalactic Citizens as this is just the way it is. We can see the same energy in humankind on earth. Forgive me if I have typos but I automatic write as a channel and some times I don’t catch the spelling that some of my guides use phonetically. They use rhythem, in symbols mostly. It is like trying to contact the dead on earth.

RHYTHM in SOUND OF WORK IN SYMBOLS AND FOR EARTH COMMUNICATION!. a : an ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak elements in the flow of sound and silence in speech b : a particular example or form of rhythm

To make a long story short, I was visited in person by an Alien ET.  on down in the story I I said 1987 instead of 2007 but I will leave it in here to share that time to some of us is meaningless and we constantly are asking the date like most normal human beings on earth ask the time.  Time Travelers who are Extragalactic Avatar Ascension Masters have to learn about time like mathematicians learn about calculus. Many psychiatrists and scientists are considered educated beyond their own common sense by some extragalactic citizens which makes them dull without usage of their own imaginations. I believe in education on earth don’t get me wrong. It is our own design and creation together of our history on earth and we usually believe what we are teaching our children is correct academically speaking.
Some in other galaxies cherish the strong imaginations. We humanoids have on earth and precisely why we are harvested and become time travelers to other universes. I have a Pegasus tattoo, smoking gun tattoo, three dots of a UFO tattoo to remind me of my past experiences. There are many stories to share and as long as I am alive in physical I shall continue to share either as a speaker at expos, in books, or in articles like this one for DIRK and UFO Digest. I hope that they help others to know we are not alone and that even though I searched many places I never had all my questions answered. I did work for years trying.
We have learned that it takes our kind thousands of years to change as in being deprogrammed as a species to be less like robotoid humanoids and clones which happened in other universes.  If one has seen some of the movies that our humankind has created on earth for entertainment, to some other extragalactic citizens they believe this is all truth as in history and documentaries. A few years ago I admitted and confided in another woman of galactic nature named Cyrellys Geibhendach this fact of the Ebens and ET as extragalactic citizens. She is a mediator for our humandkind and I asked for her assistance on earth. She agreed and her mission became Compass Morainn to help others. I became a part of her new group organization to assist others on this planet which I do as an author and writer. I wish I had the flare for words that she has. She has a Gaelic old world Irish and Scottish I suppose influence. At least to me I enjoy her way with the rythym of the flow and vibrations. I am a channel for some extragalactic sounds as are on my Atlantis Oracle CD.
We who are extragalactic and reincarnates have a love for things such as beauty in nature and in musical vibrations in the sounds of the living. Not just the flutter of bees and butterfly wings but in the sounds that humans make when they speak. I goess it could come from using ESP and Computers that are used in other galaxies more advanced than this one. – Back to the Weaving of my story…
We have parallel working worlds that can assist us while we also assist other working worlds. It is a part of space and in time that we consider that which glues the matter and antimatter and dark and light matter together in our own heads as timelines.


We must learn the unexplained and share that which some of us already have experienced in past lives as that which will benefit this wave and the second and third wave humanoids as Indigoes, Crystal links, and Rainbow Children of the Light that Travels through time of this universe and all others as ribbons on the astral plane. We will now begin sharing our teams as soul groups and clusters in the virtual reality we call energy in the web or net as the Internet Online for now in virtual reality. We shall begin live streaming broadcast to reach out and find those who are to match up as soul groups in the energy life forms as spirits. Most of us will pass from this state of being in body-mind-spirit to become energy as conscious energy with memories to return to our souls in other higher locations in the Omniverse. We will learn to share what our ancient ancestors have held onto for the sanity clause of the saints on this level  of life and enlightenment. This is why so many of the Lightworkers and Truthseekers are here on this planet now. There are twenty and forty year intervals of life that will resume change and inclusion in the time portals which can be opened. One will open 11-11-11 and another on 12-21-12 for those who are prepared to enhance their DNA and future energy.
Now, those who have known me over the last four years in the course of my articles dealing with the Alien ET UFO Community on UFO Digest know that I have never told this story and for all the skeptics I welcome them to go back and check all my stories on UFO Digest since August 27, 1987 which are archived by Dirk Vander Ploeg and his server. I don’t have too because some things I don’t remember at all but this one story I know I have never told because it is a very deep level of my ET SECRETS as an ALIEN HYBRID.
One summer morning during 1969 the year that male humanoids from the planet earth would step on the moon, I was approached by an Alien ET Male Humanoid for the first time. I was visited by him only twice in my entire life that I can remember. For those UFOlogists who like to record such stories, I shall be as accurate about the facts as I can.
It was a bright sunny day, I had seen my husband off to work as was a custom of ours and fed my baby, bathed her and put her back down in her bed to sleep. She was not that old and I cannot remember if this was before or after the television news show I watched about the landing on the moon. That exact date escapes me but know that it was the same summer.
We lived at 3535 Red Bluff Road and I believe our apartment was #105, Pasadena, Texas. This Red Bluff Road Apartments was a place where many who worked at NASA happened to rent apartments. Two of my neighbors worked for TRW and were contractors at NASA. They were both gone and it appeared the whole courtyard of apartment dwellers were all gone to work. It was a normal sunny early morning and Steven Lee Parrish, my high school sweetheart whom I had married November 10, 1967 had got in his car and gone to work. 
About thirty minutes to an hour later about 9:00 A.M. there was a knock on the door. It may have been 10:00 A.M. but all I can tell others is that the sun was right in my eyes. I looked through the peephole and asked through the wood door who it was. A voice in my head as in ESP said, I want to talk to you. I will not harm you, I want to be your friend. I was rather naive about people and had never been hurt before that I can remember and in those days I didn’t suspect anyone to want to hurt me. We had during those days encyclopedia and vacuum salesmen visit all the time in the apartments so I opened the door.
There standing was a very good looking young man in his early twenties it seemed to me with dark hair and the most brilliant blue eyes I had ever seen in my earth life. They were rather large for a human but beautiful nevertheless. The man looked at me and smiled and seemed to speak to me with ESP in other words through extra sensory perception as in my head and did not have to move his mouth. This was interesting to me to say the least. I said aloud, “How do you do that?” and he of course said, “DO WHAT? – I Want to have a baby with you.”
Now this is where it gets a little strange. I still had the front door open and I asked him where he came from. I some how knew from my past experiences and my childhood training on earth with my hologram student training in ESP and telekinesis that he wasn’t from earth. This was my first mental awakened awareness acceptance that all that had happened to me as a child was real and this was the next phase of my training in person and in reality.
He pointed out the door and over behind the building to my right. The apartments were set up in several square courtyards and I was in the one closest to the road with one to my left, one to my right, and one far across the courtyard in front with a courtyard enclosed with Palm Trees inside. One stood right to the left of my door. He pointed to the right and I went and looked and had to cover my eyes because the light was so bright from the sun. I always had sensitive eyes to the sun anyway so I shaded my eyes with my left hand and walked out the door to the right to see what he was pointing at. It was a small ship that shown like the sunlight and this was part of the stealth mode which I learned about in life that the ships could use. I learned a lot in life and later my life as a Galaxy Commander for the Andromeda Galaxy has all made me a better person as an adult today. 
I came back into the apartment and he followed. He walked slowly and never touched me. I was not scared and it felt like this was a normal day in the life which I had lead on earth. My human daughter was sleeping and I know I checked on her in her room which was directly across from mine. She was sleeping in her crib and the air condition was on as we had central air and heat back then. The rooms were shady with the beige curtains drawn and I remember laying on my own bed. I don’t remember the basics anymore but it was a natural experience and I do remember there was no emotion shown at all. It was as if I was guided and in some way allowed my own will to be subjected to having a baby. In other words I knew we would be performing a function for the galaxy to increase the future with the way our humanoid kind was to function in the future. I believed in stellar space, the Omniverse, and NASA. This was a quick transaction of extragalactic business and I walked the young alien ET to the front door. We never said Goodbye just parted ways.
This extragalactic being returned in about three months after I had what I thought was an afterbirth I expunged into the bathroom commode. I was deeply hurt emotionally because I realized I had lost the baby and had failed my mission. I was depressed and had an inner knowing that I was to carry a new baby that would be different from my other human baby girl. I somehow knew I had a male baby growing inside of me that summer. 
The young male Alien ET returned and came to the door and I opened it and this time he didn’t even have to knock. My ESP was better now and I instinctively knew he was at my door the same he had been the first morning when we created a small male baby inside of me the old fashioned way as we do on earth. This being having showed me his small oval craft one more time that was in stealth shiny sunlight mode once again and left behind the other building had returned for only one reason he said to see me and to explain that I was not a failure. The emotional state that he and I were both end then was similar to that which we on earth compare to Vulcan’s on Star Trek which Gene Roddenberry shared with us all in the last century. He did smile and his eyes were still as large and gorgeous like the blue aquamarine that he used before on me. He could look so loving and yet somehow I knew that this was a normal extragalactic spiritual being that was the normal where he came from. I knew that one part of me was wanting to go home with him to Andromeda Galaxy but I also knew my life and mission was here on earth. 
He allowed me to know with ESP that they had the baby at around three months during the gestation process. This was when I learned the word gestation and that they had better ways of caring for a child from earth to become more like them with the love and caring without the harms of other humans who were not as advanced as we are on Andromeda Galaxy. I was not sad any longer and accepted the fate of my child as being in better care than I could offer him on earth. Now this was an unnatural feeling and thinking process but at the same time I was relieved that my child had lived.
I have only in the last twenty four hours allowed these feelings to resurface in my own body-mind-spirit psyche on their own because it is now time to share the truth. This is part of who I am now and part of my own fate and destiny.
I know that I have a mission and purpose on earth and it is a very large encompassing project that I oversee as one who is awake and aware of the future Ascension Center Enlightenment Process that Alien Civilizations Exist!
This story is one of my Alien ET Secrets and I hope that all who know me will not think ill of me because I do love life, people, places, and things, and am okay with being paranormal which is my nature as I cannot change who I am or any of my own past lives or personal experiences.
I only hope that those who are in the Alien ET UFO Community will understand that I share this story freely and I am not coerced nor have I ever received any compensation, benefits or payment of any kind for my story. I could have over the years confessed or decided to gain fame from National Enquirer or any of the many well known ESP and Transpersonal Psychology Ph.D. types and allowed myself to be studied in human experiments for money. This story is shared in love and light for the human species on earth.
I could have saved this story for my own personal gain in one of my books but understand this. It was a deep held secret and is a part of who I am and a very deep spiritual part of me that is as close to my God and Goddess belief as I can get. The husband that I have now Thomas Ray Morris born May 16, 1959 knows the story. He is the only one I ever told over the course of our eleven year marriage having joined in an earth ceremony of matrimony April, 2000 in Hartford, Kentucky, USA.  I have shared enough facts to allow others to know that if they so choose to understand and believe me that this special part of my spirit that holds all my past life memories and this life’s memories are dear to me and who I am. I believe in the process we call for all light workers and truth seekers to come forth and be a part of the truth in the awakened awareness process of the Ascension Center Enlightenment of the Ascension Age is now beginning in 2011. Please share yourselves with others in love and light for the beginning of our global future for this is our mission.
We are all to be a part of the welcomed consciousness raising awakened awareness of the Ascension Age of Enlightenment of the Spirit to return to the Soul of our creation. More Stories in the TAKEN UP SERIES for our BOOK TAKEN UP to come. I have one book called TAKEN UP to being the series already available on Amazon.com through Lulu.com. Love and Light – MORE LATER for Dirk and all those in the Alien ET UFO Community that choose to join me on my spiritual journey on earth as we group together in the sea of eternity or simply pass as ships in the night.

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