“TAKEN UP” July 2011 – The Story of Alien ET TJ on Dirk’s UFO Digest

Hold onto your Alien ET UFO and USO Community SPIRITS! It’s going to get rocky and we are going to learn about the future dealing in Tectonic Economics based on the lessons we learned in the past of MU, Lemuria, and Atlantis because Mother Nature has a way of separating us all! Don’t shoot the messenger and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water is two sayings that come to mind as I tell this story called “TAKEN UP!”

As Dirk once told me and I don’t mind repeating – , “You are a great idea person and very prolific!”

Of course being the Alien ET that I am having memories from various levels of being and existing in this one physical body I had to ask – “What is prolific?”

Yes – I have been TAKEN UP!

Yes – I will share my stories for there are many!

Yes – I believe they are real in the future and the past just  like the reality we claim as the illusion or as we are Living the Dream here we call LIFE!

Life on earth for me has been different to say the least! I have been visiting this planet and I mean literally speaking! I was in Houston when we came up with what I said to mean, “I am just visiting this planet!” And I bet the women that printed those bumper stickers which were also my idea thought that it was their idea! Hmm… Been there Done that! LOL


Living to learn as we go from one place to another when we arrive is not new to any of us. Just some of us remember sooner than others is all. Some of us are older souls and come to share and act as guides in this lifetime. Really! There is such a thing as other dimensions and little people as real faeries in other dimensions but I will save that story for later as those who read my stories will begin seeing the other dimension as they accept that other ways to believe actually can awaken the mind! You  know what I mean, the scatomas of the mind open up to a new reality that was there all along and we just could not see it or view it because we did not believe there was anything there to believe in! The mind can be like a black hole or a window to our universe.

It is now time to begin a new Chapter in our lives with those who have the power of discernment and yet also want to believe in the power of magic of the future! Those of us who have had extraterrestrials empower us with our thoughts and memories of the ancient past and the future have agreed to share our stories in this lifetime. We hope by being a part of this time on earth that we can engage all beings in the power of the synergy of our future expansion of acceptance of the health and prosperity for all. It is time to raise our conscious awareness for all who believe they can!

The power of belief is a wonderful essence elixir for the doubting spirits. If you believe in the Shroud which is a reality then you are not a fool. Some things on earth are as old as we think they are in this reality. Some of us are here to share the truth that travels throughout time of the ages of the ancient ancestors. We are called Avatars. I admit I am one with memories intact and this is the elixir of our essence that is talked about as the Holy Spirit that is in the shroud of the Holy Grail. We all have it and many are just now awakening their own past life memories. This is the part of being an ET or  what in the past might be considered alien to us all.

That is believing in incarnation. Some call their memories reincarnation. We can all set aside our differences dealing in only religions that are of the world. Some of those who believe in only Mohammed and the messenger Angel Gabriel will learn that they too are of the Abrahamic Faiths of the Jews and Christian sects in this world. We are going to share that there are Ancient Mystery Schools to be opened like the seven (7) seals of the ancient codexes.

We all have a story to tell and I guess “TAKEN UP” is mine. We all have many myths, legends, and what we are told are history that we learn about while we are growing up on earth. My story will be coming in articles for Dirk Vander Ploeg who is the founding author of UFO Digest. We are both a part of the ET UFO Community and our story is well known…
Our readers want to know more of the “REAL CONTACTEE EXPERIENCES” and the stories of life not only in this life but of my past life memories and those that are a part of me as a real UFO Commander for Andromeda Galaxy. I had to wait until the time was right to be okay with telling all my details. Those of you who feel you know a part of me only know that which I have shared from time to time in my world as articles with Dirk Vander Ploeg my earth connection to the UFO DIgest.com in Cyberspace. 
This story is going to be as long as any novel on earth and I am sure it will be found in the libraries we have  in the other galaxies of this universe and in others in this metaverse.
We are all important and some of us simply are older creations than others in the spiritual sense of seeing and experiencing together as synergy, energy, or spiritual essences.
We all begin the same way if we are humanoid sentient intelligent beings that are. We all are born, we live, and we die. This is the way of all of us who are born with a body, mind, and spirit. Some of us think differently than those around us. Just because we are born on, a continent to believe in the local traditions and cultures does not make us feel normal and fit in no matter how hard we may try.
I have shared some of my thoughts, views, opinions, and stories in the past as articles on a website called UFO Digest.com, which was created by a Canadian born humanoid male, named Dirk Vander Ploeg. I know his name is also Peter, which is a name I dearly love. Names are ways we identify ourselves in life and it is usually our biological parents who name us on the planet we call earth and home. Home is said to be where the heart is or so the old saying goes. Well my heart has always been in two places. This is because part of me never felt like I was born here or belonged only here on this planet.
Oh, I am humanoid enough and even a sentient intelligent being but part of me that lives inside of me has always felt like it was more than just the part of me born on earth. I have various parts of me and I never thought of them as separate growing up because I had nothing to identify these separate parts of me inside my own mind. That is until I began going to church and understanding more about people who come to earth and leave like the man I was taught in Sunday school and Church about. Now I believe the man is called an Ascended Master.
I am going to being with the basics that everyone wants to know about my physical life being born on earth. I also have a memory of being with my extraterrestrial family before coming to earth. I was also TAKEN UP and brought back again at the age of about four earth years.
I also have memories of the ancient past in lands we call Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Ireland, Egypt, and other locations on this planet and in other galaxies. Some memories others might say are dreams but I say not all are lucid dreams. I have memories I was born with that are very real and are as real as my riding my Goldwing 1200 or Shadow 600 in this lifetime. Meaning I can feel the wind in my hair and on my face and the lifetime experiences are as real as I can describe that which happened to me to day or last year. I am going to begin sharing these stories in Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, Egypt, Ireland, and even other planets in other galaxies not that it is time! BUT, we are beginning this new chapter of being together in this world we now share, we expect everyone to grow and to share their own stories of life memories. They will become reality in books that we can take with us as memories we shall all desire to keep in the future. We are all creating the future and some of us will share the future in the same galaxies and universes once again. Hard to believe? Maybe for some who are not awakening and welcoming their higher level of thought processing to happen.
Stage Two of our lives here on earth is accepting that which we once thought was important but impossible to believe in the past by our relatives and ancestors of the past. Things change and so do we! So do our myths, legends, and stories to tell our future children.
I thought we would be much further along in this world’s future than we are. It is all now a part of my past since I chose to only believe certain things and not step forward to promote the future in our past. I am considered a normal human being as far as most are concerned but to those who believe in the paranormal I am a Time Traveler. And the memories of the past and future travel with me. That is what gives me the power of premonitions and admonitions to assist others in their own future with engaging in the uplifting of spirit. Sounds unreal but it is very real. Real is the power of belief! 
Where I was born is in the south of the United States of America. I was born a southerner of two great southern hardworking families, namely the paternal side name is the Thurmond has and on the maternal side are the Richman’s. I learned early in life that having two sides of one family as normal although in some families there will be one more dominating than the other or so it seems to a child. I was lucky to have two sides and to have two sets of grandparents who loved me being the first grandchild very much. I was supposed to be the first grandson but something inside of me I guess wanted to be a girl. I am not sure what part of me that was but it must be a very old part of me that dealt with what I now call past lives because I have always identified myself with wanting to be a boy in this lifetime. Do not get me wrong though, I loved being a girl and I was a cheerleader in grammar school and a majorette in band in high school. However, I also played basketball and softball on the girl’s teams. I was athletic and when I met puberty, head on, I was very lucky to have good genes with a tall and slender hourglass figure that I soon learned allowed me advantages in this world. The whole doing what came naturally due to traditional values. In the southern United States I was born in Louisiana to a good family with spiritual values and not so wealthy but hardworking middle class Americans fourth generation from Europe. My life was in a small rural city was Monroe where I went to school up until the last half of the ninth grade or the larger big suburban city of Houston, Texas where we moved when I was thirteen that year.
I had several UFO encounters throughout my childhood. They mean a lot to me now that I see I am to assist in the awakening awareness for this time on earth. IT is just part of who I am now in this lifetime. I am to be known internationally and I am okay with that now. But it is a thin line of ethics and morality not to mention mortality. You see, I believe that life is eternal through the spirit essence part of us. I believe our memories of what we experience we take with us when we leave our bodies, vessels, units behind. How I came to believe this in one lifetime is the major emphasis of me telling this story as “TAKEN UP”. Some don’t believe in ETs, Angels, and Guides but I do! That is because I have experienced them all. I believe in Supreme Beings. I believe in UFOS and USOs. I believe in EBENS and that alien civilizations exist! I am not a known advocate and promoter of the ascension age movement.
I guess this is where Dirk wanted me to begin my story for our readers on UFO Digest. I first had written to Dirk in August 2007 explaining my first published story dealing with my story I was going to share in this lifetime, which I believed to be dealing with the extraterrestrials. I had been visited as a child and on several occasions when I nearly died, I learned that the angels I was seeing most likely were the same people from above who I thought to be extraterrestrials who could visit in and out of walls like angels or spirit beings.
I later learned that the extraterrestrials could also take on human form just like the spirit angels that worked for God in the Bible stories when I was a child. This made me wonder even more about whether all beings that were coming and going in my life were all of the same level of existence or if there were different levels and I wondered where they actually came from.
This made me wonder even more about life that we were told was the every day hum drum type of existence that made me go to school, and eat my vegetables I didn’t like, and to go places with my family instead of playing outdoors when I wanted to stay home. A part of me was spirit I knew that wanted to be free and not have to do things I did not want too!
When I was a child, I thought that someday when I was an adult I would never do anything I did not want too. I figured I would have all the answers in life and I would be able to explain who God was and where all the various levels of these extraterrestrials and angels were at all times. That was what I thought as a child and even as a young adult. I figured by the time I reached the old age of my parents that I would know everything there is to know about life on earth and in what we called heaven. 
I went to college and learned some psychology so I would be better prepared to be a parent and to understand more about people on earth. I took psychology 101 and child psychology and have many books on psychology to this day. I learned a lot about people and I paid a lot of money through the years as an adult to seminars and life training courses, and how to clear out the old negative ways of thinking about anything that held one back from increasing one’s own desires and passions about life. I learned how to become a public speaker with Earth Nightingale courses in Birmingham, Alabama, and I took Arthur Murray dance classes to learn to dance and had dance classes all my life of various types so I had a positive way of thinking and moving in this life. 
I felt I had command of my body, mind, and spirit. I even learned how to read people as an Investigator in life and worked for rich attorneys to make a living and to raise my children. I then wanted to know more about how the world worked so I traveled and then joined the U.S. Navy even thought I had been what was called a rehire with the government as a contractor. I did not put all the pieces together with my life until much later in life. I tried to do all the right things and punch the right tickets although I had gotten married at age sixteen and had four daughters by the time I had just turned twenty-two years as a young married woman. My husband had worked at NASA and this was a great way to bring up four daughters during the Apollo Missions into space. The world seemed too modern and I was expecting my second child in 1969 when man first walked on the moon. I thought I was going to figure out life and that my life would be different than it really is now. Life goes for many of us that way. We think when we are young that life will be the way we plan it on earth. Well, I am not ashamed of how my life turned out but I did have a few unsuspected surprises along the way and I admit that not all four of my daughters were planned but they are the best thing that ever happened to me and now I have twelve grandchildren all still alive to day. 
I have attempted to tell this story on many occasions over the years and have several attempts on the UFO Digest.com with various ways to share my story and personality. Whether any of them are the way I should go at this time, I do not know. I make lemons out of lemonade sometimes although it seems life is supposed to be when given lemons make lemonade. I always seem to be on the opposite end of what makes sense in life. 
So, if you have known me in the past as a reader of my stories on UFO Digest.com then more power to you. If you have not and want to go back and read what I have written as my own life experiences, and thoughts then I also send more power to you. It takes energy as our power to find the time we want to spend getting to know others and especially through life of writers.
I am what am now called a paranormal writer meaning I do not write about the normal things in life. I choose to write about the things that are not so normal like extraterrestrials and my UFO contact experiences for two things. Many people have wanted to join me on Facebook because they have read something I have written or became friends with someone else who have told them about my writing and contactee experiences. I am an advocate of the ET UFO/USO Community. Some call it Alien ET UFO Community. Some are more spiritual about their thoughts and are into the New Age Community…
I tend to write about metaphysics, world religions, and the paranormal as it relates to my prior experiences and me on earth that deal with my own personal paranormal views of life in general. We tend to learn about each other these days on the Internet in what we call the Web or the Matrix. The most popular place to find each other these days is in a very well known social network called Facebook. The one that we also use to speak of when I went to college late in life was My Space. It is still a place for many who like to chat and share information. Then there are the places that are developed for businesses such as Linked In. 
I of course try to stay up to date with what my friends all share with me and I use to stay up on the latest and greatest scientific gadgets. Now there are so many coming our with so many newly created applications that it is hard to know from one day to the next what is the latest and greatest news in this world as to where the general populace is gravitating towards. Now we call the general wave of thought in the Internet on the Web as what is trending. The old way that we use to believe NEWS on TV is not the way we believe now. Now the people are all becoming the NEWS LIVE as BLOGGERS!
We are all becoming the one world information network which I call WIN. That is the way I was inspired to think way before we had the Internet and that is a whole story in my past that brought me to know about how to respect that which flows in us all as synergy. It was this synergy I learned about by paying money in large amounts that I did not have at the time but somehow created it or was blessed with and learned to create the future with my thoughts. I learned about how our minds work and that being positive and making things happens for us was what we are here to do. Being creators of the world here and the future was a major part of the general critical mass population of business leaders in America. Of course, I was in Hawaii at the time, which was considered the heart of Lemuria, and spiritual people of the Aloha spirit surrounded me. The Hawaiian Islands were my home for over seven years before I returned to what they call the mainland of North America. I had my two youngest teenage daughters join me there while the older two had their own plans in Florida as they were over 18 by 1990, Angela was twenty-two and married and Lauren was twenty and soon to be married. My four daughters are all beautiful loving girls who were models at one time or another as was I when I was young. Then we all became mothers. That was the natural path for young girls in the last century that were tall, and pretty. However, looks were not enough for me and I wanted more than to be a mother I always wanted a career. I was always a working mother, wanted to be an investigator, and became one. I worked for two famous doctors names Dr. John Hill, and Dr. Grady Hallman and was apartment manager at Jandor Garden Apartments. That landed me a job for a famous rich attorney in property management at Diamond Duplex Apartments and later Telephone Road Apartments before I went back to college and then got my paralegal certificate and my Private Investigators license. I then worked for attorneys in Rochester New York at Cucci, Welch, Collichio, and Welch before returning to Houston, Texas, where I worked for Newton B. Schwartz, Benton Musslewhite and John O’Quinn on Agent Orange and PCB cases mainly. I went to court on several cases for personal injury and learned the importance of building good evidence and findings of fact for the depositions before trial.
I had a great time before I finally was actively recruited into the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Navy after taking many tests at the courthouse. I had been out of country and traveled around seeing Africa and United Kingdom. I had checked into the embassies and Scotland Yard and was shown around to various ways of doing the international investigations. I specialized in arson, fraud, and subrogation, which worked well with those in the world of discovery in the international commerce and free trade zones. I then opened my own company, which turned into a corporation with all types of trade shows to attend.  After 1990-1994, I returned to the mainland to become a commercial truck driver and learn how to be a paid tourist coast to coast. The money was great and I learned a lot about how the larger corporations worked in the United States. I carried many computers worth millions of dollars and carried money for the U.S. Treasury. We had some great loads and I am glad I did this when I did from 1995-2002 for another seven years. I tend to change energy every seven years. I was married once again to Thomas R. Morris who was prior military in the U.S. Army and worked mainly in the European Theater. He and I served around 1980-1993 and both began truck driving in 1994. We shared lives as truck drivers for five years seeing each other constantly until we were married March 2000 in Ohio County, Kentucky where all his relatives lived including his 108-year-old grandfather. I began writing for the weekly newspaper in March 2002 and kept a weekly column up through 2005. Then I began my own magazine and website as American News Magazine, which I kept up since. It has been a wonderful life.
I began sharing my life with others in the ET UFO community officially on UFO Digest, August 2007. It will soon be four (4) years in August next month of 2011 and I have shared my ideas and points of view in my weekly articles. I have tried to keep up websites but now with Facebook, there are people who can read notes on our Facebook page and we can start pages for our special interest groups along with personal blogs that do not cost us at all on blogger. I am seriously thinking about just writing now for others and giving up my own websites since I am also editing books for others. I began editing books in 2000 about the time I began writing for the local weekly newspaper. I seemed to be doing more about 2002 until I was spending what seemed all my time on computers editing stories for others. It was not until about 2008 or 2009 when Dirk and I spoke on the phone landline and talked about the story Taken that Steven Spielberg had made for television. It was a great movie and series, which left many of us wanting more, and we had a new wave of writers in the ET UFO Community. We all seemed to know of each other through UFO Magazine, UFO Digest, or UFO Casebook and now there were new websites cropping up almost daily or so it seemed. We had the encouragement of the UFO stories on the History channel and since the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Library in Roswell, New Mexico as the MECCA, it just seemed natural for all of us to begin sharing our websites, news, blogs, and videos, on Utube. We had now realized the importance of the ET UFO Community and since FACEBOOK we have, all began knowing more of each other’s interests. We are more involved than ever before!
I have a story to tell that people have asked me to share time and time again about how I came to be contacted and how my extra sensory perception or ESP and Psychic Powers may be used in this day and age to promote the times on earth we call the Ascension Age of the time when our entire global population is to be sharing in the awakening and awareness of our spiritual rising of our inner thoughts of our various levels of being. Many variations on the same theme all revolve around a certain date as December 21, 2012. Several author friends of mine have written books and I shared about 10 on lulu.com of which I have not really promoted because they are mostly my articles I have already shared in the past on UFO Digest and American Chronicle or on my own websites. I have Roswell Connection, Roswell UFO Encounters, UFOS & Extraterrestrials, Alien UFO Story by TJ, Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide, and Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond.  I have sold about 40 without trying and will probably keep working on the book called “TAKEN UP” while I am still living out the life that I have now. However, for those who desire to keep up with me, and my story, I will begin to share more of the details of all the various contact experiences I had and the sightings.
There are many and I am as intrigued by them as anyone else is I suppose. I claim no special powers other than those I suspect are God Given talents. I was raised in the Christian Church of which I was born a Baptist and Methodist and went to both. I was baptized and later reborn to know the Holy Spirit and that nothing comes from me but from another power, that is inside of me which is our creator. Those of us who believe we have a spirit that is attached to our soul are now called Spiritualists and some of us still choose to believe in the iconic Ascended Master named Jesus. We have many Ascended Masters and those who are like me that choose to use the talents of the Metaphysicians as Tarot Readers use the 44 Ascension Master Cards along with our 78 Rider Waite Tarot Deck Iconic figures from the 14th century. 
There are many of us that believe in past lives and reincarnation and that we are old souls formed from that which is actually stardust and we are all star babies from one time or another. Then some of us believe we chose to be alive in Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis and have returned to help once again in the transition of this time and dispensation called the precession years. The reason we return as Avatar Ascended Masters as a Soul Group is to remind our spiritual children that some call extraterrestrial star seeds to not make the same mistake we did in our ancient history as forgetting where we all began as spirit from the creation process as part of the “ALL” and “IAM that has always been?”/ That is the mistake we are said to have made in the past and the world has been wiped clean of misguided spirits to return from time to time as reincarnated spirits trying to get our spiritual bliss right to return to a better life with our souls attached to the original creators with planets, galaxies, universes, in the multiverse, of the metaverse, and xenoverse to run in this Omniverse. 
Those of us who are Avatar Ascended Masters are all well aware of the Matrix and the Web. We are aware of those that are said to be bionic and those who appear to be bionic but have no soul connection and therefore are considered spirits of their own kind and following with a difference set of goals and are not with us in the Supreme Being and High Council categories. They choose to remain outside of the council of twelve and have allegiance to that elsewhere and not in our alliance. 
Some of these Ebens or beings of the humanoid kind have a different value system and hierarchy than we of the Supreme High Council. The one’s we choose to share in our universal order have callings and elections made sure based on our own belief system in the supernal belief in the creator that has always been both our God Mother and God Father of this particular Omniverse.
We have various ways to make sure and discern who of us are all working together in this world. Our ancient ancestors kept alive the spirit realm and world among their ancient cultures and some are good and some are better. 
We believe in the spirit world as well as the scientific work and world. We learned from past experiences how much trouble our humanoid sentient intelligent being species can get into when we begin to believe only in our own selves and senses that are based on science alone and not of the holy spiritual aspects of the DNA sequencing of which we have not allowed our bionic humanoid Robotoids understand in other galaxies. Some will come in the future, which I have explained before who will seem as human as we are and will not have what we call a soul. They will be humanoid of course but the only way we will be able to tell is from our own power of extra sensory perception and the power to accept each other at the soul basis as what we now call our sixth sense and gut level of knowing!
A funny thing happened on the way to the FUTURE in the past few years. I will explain!
I want to introduce my self as the future founder and past founder of the WIN also known as the World Information Network. Let me explain!

There are many things in this world that I do not have time to investigate. Being that my childhood roots are in Texas and being that I had much of my contact with UFOs in Texas I feel that I am one who has enjoyed the historic implications that MUFON has had on my life by simply being in existence.

If MUFON would allow for a democratic vote in these United States of America once again as it was prior to 1982, should be and could be then I personally feel this would be something I too would once again join.

A good idea would be to model MUFON to the 501C3 Nonprofit Civitan International headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. I was once founding President of the Ohio County Civitan Club in 2005 and was sent to train in Nashville, TN. I was given guidance and training along with books of how our meetings were to be held and how we elected our Board of Directors for each chapter in each town or city. I still have my organizational books which even have a diagram for seating and where to place the flag of the USA. We had a gavel and we used Robert’s Rules of Order. It was a great system.

I have been a Corporate President, entrepreneur, and Goodwill Ambassador. I enjoy my life and soon will be retirement age. Being that I spent most of my professional life in business and security and investigations and training others, it would be nice to share in the future with others who enjoy meeting once a month. I would possibly begin a group for MUFON as I did for Civitan International here where I live if I thought that it was ran properly and with member voting rights.

This could possibly be what is holding back MUFON from not being the proper fund raiser and fellowship organization if could be for Contactees and Investigators such as myself. I am now a paranormal writer and my roots of inner spirit belong to who I have become based on my contact experiences and UFO sightings in life. I have always wanted to share times in fellowship with others of kindred spirit and found a mutual respect from the Bowling Green local chapter director in Kentucky in 2008. I would like to think that there would be a reason to meet others who are like me and have had contact and sightings. I would like to know others who are investigators with a past interest in UFOS and USOS.

I enjoy the contact I have with the founder and creator of the UFO Digest.com and I mainly enjoy the contact from my readers of my articles which lets others know they are welcome to become friends on Facebook and to read my websites of my personal stories, views, and opinions of an experienced contactee. We may not have much time as body-mind-spirits in this birth-life-death experience and what we have is very precious to all of us.

IF I am going to take the time and money to support a monthly meeting and fund raising events for charity as a nonprofit there are thousands to choose from in this world. We in Civitan Club paid our dues monthly about $15 to run our local chapter. We created Fund raisers and helped the local community. We shared our energy with fund raisers and had dinners and pot luck. We welcomed and coached new members in a buddy system.

We can have more training for members of MUFON and there are those around the world who are law enforcement, community service leaders, prior government service, Homeland Security, and other volunteers who have been business people who may now be semi-retired and/or retired that would like to lend a helping hand to those who are younger that would like to join in a membership drive and fund raiser to begin local chapters in towns around the USA and the world for MUFON. The Reorganization is timely and needed for MUFON to be respected and to grow into something similar as a nonprofit fellowship organization with members who have similar likes and interests in UFOS and Contactees.

The timing for reorganization would assist the ET UFO Community of which I am a known paranormal writer and ET UFO Contactee Experiencer. I admit that my past life experiences, near death experiences, out of body experiences, and extraordinary serendipity life experiences add color to my stories of ET contact and UFO sightings throughout my lifetime. I believe in the positive affirmations of life and the higher spiritual guidance that this type of interests can offer others for the raising of awareness in knowledge and seeking of wisdom for future life!

How we elect local chapters to be created and who shall become those voted on to run each chapter could be elected annually. The local chapter can run their own bank account with all monies from charity fund raisers to support the local community and those who have had sightings and want to share their experiences, photos, videos and then pass them on into copies of the local investigations into the main office for historical purposes and recording in a main archive server stored in computers.

We can organize this into something wonderful for the future of humanity on this planet! If others are willing to become democratic in all the local elections as well as the National and International levels. It is time to take Exopolitics into account and to have International Exopolitical Meetings which are already happening around the world and are very popular globally!

One concern I have is the scalping and ticket pricing in order to pay the speakers at some of these various seminars, events, and expositions that are spin offs of the ET UFO Community. We now have so many hybrids that have actually grown from the knowledge that people are truly interested in UFOS and are having more sightings world wide.

This is a worldwide information network movement that I too began called World Information Network (WIN) back in 1990 in Hawaii when I began Psychic Network Nonprofit Organization in Honolulu. There are ways to share one’s own energy as synergy and spirit with others that becomes contagious and addictive to those who want to grow and glean from the excitement of others who are on the verge of new thoughts and discoveries.

I would be glad to meet with MUFON KENTUCKY DIRECTORS to share the LOCAL STATE CHARTER and Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with the intent of beginning the International Organization with a NEW WEBSITE if there is interest? Let the KENTUCKY STATE DIRECTOR and my LOCAL CLOSEST CHAPTER IS BOWLING GREEN – I did know the local MEETING Organizer and if he is still around we are compatible for setting up the new organization charter, articles of incorporation and by-laws. I was willing to do this before but there was some outside influences from a corporation that was causing some internal friction at the time of my interest in the local MUFON.

Just about the time I was signed up and sent in my dues to MUFON I was told they did not receive in on computer. Also, the local MUFON Chapter Bowling Green Director was on the phone at the time and I sent it in twice. I took this as a sign that there were Supreme Beings Guidance having me to wait!

I then learned that the person on the phone was going to be a PAID INVESTIGATOR on the STAR TEAM for BIGELOW. I was not going to be a volunteer with paid members. Something seemed “NOT RIGHT” since I was getting involved at the time and all of a sudden there was some new corporation involvement with wanting our investigation reports. We were discussing revising the investigative manual and that a NEW one would be REVISED. Then there was some information filtering back to me about MUFON and members being fired and then some trouble with the CEO. I decided I BEST WAIT to JOIN! It was not the same energy I knew of in TEXAS!

I wanted to join to encourage others and to promote the cause and interest. I am a natural born leader and promoter of the ET UFO COMMUNITY. I am now actively emotional invested as my whole being is known internationally as an ET UFO Contactee and Psychic Awakening Founder. I paid for a copy of my original Psychic Awakening CLASSES from the old days in TEXAS! I gave a copy to the BOWLING GREEN MUFON Director to HAVE TO REVISE for MUFON FUTURE PSYCHIC AWAKENING CLASSES! We were going to begin having GREAT MEETINGS OF THE MINDS OF KINDRED SPIRITS who were interested in learning more about how ESP and UFOs can work together!

I now wonder if this was going to be why BIGELOW wanted to know more about our future growth and investigative reports for MUFON?

When the Bowling Green Director told me of some secret involvements of new paid investigators and that I could take the test to be revised I was curious but had a weird feeling inside of me. It felt like I was going to be “USED” in way that others would be profiteering off of what I wanted to give freely to the UFO Community as a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. I wanted to train investigators to use their own ESP and INTUITION with attracting more UFOS and to understand their reasoning for the visits here.

I was willing to begin the next phase of discovery through MUFON!

Now I am in a holding pattern waiting to see what the local KENTUCKY MUFON wants to PLAN AND DO for FUND RAISERS and TRAINING PERSONNEL!

I am into assisting others as a guide for Lightworkers, Truthseekers, and Investigators with an interest in Research!

I believe in art, culture, education, science, technology, and folklife (Archaeology). We can use all of these topics in MUFON.

I miss being around others who are of kindred spirit and see the future of those who share their spirits as entrepreneurs. I once was very happy to participate in People Synergistically Involved a s PSI and paid thousands of dollars to attend large meetings with others. We held classes of personal discovery that were not as intense as Werner Erhard’s EST and were much more enlightening about how the MIND and SPIRIT worked for POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.

We can share the future by assisting create a community for others that want to know what being more awakened and aware in a spiritual sense offers others who will participate in the future with more UFO sightings. I personally have willed this to happen.
I know this is part of the future for us all with an accepted world date participation of 12-21-12 of which we can all agree to raise awareness that extraterrestrials exist and that we have proof on earth and in space.

IF MUFON wants to share the future in a bigger way then make sure that it is similar to that of Civitan International with a FUND RAISING CAUSE of sharing this SPIRIT of AWAKENED AWARENESS! You can take that to the bank! You can even USE MY NAME if it helps!

People us my name all the time like I have endorsed certain aspects of their websites and they even copy my articles and don’t give my name as the author writer. I have seen this on many UFO websites as if the creators are signed ADMIN which I do on some of my websites instead of putting my name as a BY LINE.

Therefore if I wanted to share MUFON as I have done in public relations in the past as a writer, to share the Mutual UFO Network cause then I would have to believe in it!

As long as there are not members who can vote and share in how the FUND RAISERS money are collected and spent then I will not become a member! I believe this is what is needed in order to have MUFON become a great organization of the future. Or it could become extinct over time due to the awakened awareness that people have no say as to how the money is collected and spent or who are the elected leaders.

We don’t like to think we have no say on collected monies as taxes or charity given money and no vote. This is why the United States was founded. We want to share our thoughts and points of view and to believe we have a say in how our commonwealth monies are spent and we want to elect our leaders!

This is a DEMOCRACY! IF MUFON is not willing to become that which the original Article 8 was to be accepted then the entire association can be dissolved and a new charter written with paying members dues shown how spent!

I will be glad to share a corporate charter if others want to participate in a similar international organization! We can begin ANEW!

When the MEMBERS decide to REFORM and have HONEST ELECTIONS for the BOARDS at the local, regional, state, and national levels like there should be then I shall begin once again to write articles to support and promote the RIGHT MUFON ORGANIZATION!

I have to believe in something before I will endorse it and write about it in my articles. Writers and Bloggers can all assist MUFON or other organizations and websites. We can all agree to share our interests on FACEBOOK now without being members of MUFON.

One has to want to meet in person and share training and education and the art of what we can create together in the ET UFO COMMUNITY!

There are ways to share in life interests with others. Inspiring people to attend meetings and share in raising money to keep up a community with similar interests is time consuming and yet can be fun!

Monthly Meetings are a way to meet people that live nearby or at least within a 100 mile radius. Due to NO group meetings people will drive up to a days time to attend a worthwhile meeting on a weekend they are not working. We are about 100 miles from Louisville and 100 miles from Nashville where I live.

I am in a Tri-State area perfectly situated in the Heartland. I am located strategically between Fort Campbell and Fort Knox the gold reserve. I am located where we have had UFO sightings and Edgar Cayce had a stronghold here in Kentucky. The two energies are compatible for MUFON!

People don’t want to pay enormous amounts to attend a once a year exposition or symposium if they do not believe that the members are allowed to vote on who will become the annual leaders for each level as a democratic organization should have.

However, I personally believe that there is some of my essence and energy that is attached to kindred spirits of others through the same interest in the discovery, investigation, research, and documentation of bonafide historical information.

Information appeals to me and speaks to me to write down what we are experiencing now for not only those who are alive now on planet earth but for those who shall come after us as our star children. There is a historic path that we have left for others as the Baby Boomer generation who began this desire for Open Disclosure of UFOS and ET! No matter what we call our websites and groups, we are all here to experience life together and take our memories with us when we leave this planet! We all will leave you know that is the truth! What we leave behind is our own legacy! Help me create ours together as beautiful ontology!

Love and Light as a ET UFO Contactee Author/Historian/Social Entrepreneur. TJ

This ET UFO Community World Information Network is a WIN WIN for all of us!  I love UFO Digest and use it for my articles to many readers who would not know me on Facebook without Dirk Vander Ploeg and his contribution to our ET UFO Paranormal Community! Thank you Dirk and STAY ALIVE! Remember the SONG “STAYIN’ ALIVE!” 70’s OKAY. LOVE TJ

This is why the age of KNOWING each other is so important! More later. Love and Light. TJ

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