Taken Up On ET/UFO – Allie’s Return


The Book by TJ Thurmond Morris written and created for Dirk Vander Ploeg and UFO Digest.
As her Uncle Poseidon taught her and said, 
“The omnipotence of your father sometimes becomes a glitch due to his own vanity and power of creating law.” 
Uncle Poseidon was Allie’s Father’s brother who had dominion over all those of the water angels who answered to the Gods. 
Allie was aware of all the sentient intelligent beings that were among the humanoid kind. The Nordics were tall, white skinned, and though it was thought that most were blonde, they also came as brown-haired people.
The Mermalian were called Mermaids and Mermen on earth. They all answered to those who came and went from the Gaia planet now called earth.  The water people all were engaged in being more of who they were and were ever increasing their power among the seas and oceans. There seemed to always be a struggle of increase between those of the four elements of earth being earth, wind, fire, and water.
The three main forms of beings all had to do with solid, gas, and liquid. The beings who were made up of all solid, gas, and liquid were the creation of all on earth. The Gods had a certain rivalry going on as to which ones would rule the earth and prevail over all. This was a test of will among the Gods.  
There were various beings on earth that took various shapes and forms and most were based on the laws of nature and the laws of Allie’s father who ruled. Allie wanted to assist.
Allie was a gentle soul who believed the earth could be a wonderful peaceful place. At one time, the Demi Gods were allowed to rule earth but that time had been placed in the past.
Now, Allie’s father had changed the rules and the Demi Gods were kept separate from the Gods and only allowed to visit earth but not allowed to rule. It was time that the beings of earth learned to rule themselves. This was the time ordered and the Time Lords were called into compare all that was of good report to those above. This was a time of change and revelation on earth. Allie had only a small role to play and it involved awareness of the creation and all that existed in the Omnipresence.
Allie liked her Uncle Poseidon and enjoyed it when he would come to earth to rule over the Demi Gods. Her father had become the greatest and the oldest of the three brothers who ruled her home world. Uncle Poseidon was the kinder gentle man of the three brothers whom Allie was familiar with among the Gods of her Kingdom, where she once lived in the palace while growing up as a child. Where she found favor among those in another place and time was a place that was talked about by many universes.
Allie was educated with morals and ethics of what was expected of her and how all the greatest beings of the world would someday come to know her and respect her based on her choosing to become one of the Gods. For now, she was still a child and considered a Demi God on earth. On earth she would be in her teenage years while visiting. Allie was part of the future plan for earth.
Uncle Poseidon rules all the oceans, seas, and waters in all universes. 
Her Uncle Hades was the most handsome with dark black hair and olive skin. He was ruler over the fire beings of the underworld on earth and in other worlds where the flames were not so hot. Uncle Hades was always desiring to obtain more souls so he took the position of acquiring more souls who came to earth. This was based on his uprising with his two brothers for power. There were tales on earth about his ways that had been passed down from one generation to the next. Allie knew her Uncle Hades would be hard at work in the world she would be visiting this time. She had been to Gaia before on many occasions.
There were beings of the gaseous types called vapor beings that were just as intelligent as those who were humanoids of the earth sign. The Vapor People could turn into other forms the same as those of the Mermalian of the water signs. The Flame and Vapor People had special powers and the main one was to be beguiling as they were chosen to work with those of the comparisons to be the opposite of like or the liked beings on earth. They were considered disliked and some enjoyed having the power to rule and to change the Nordic white skins minds. It was a game among her Father’s brothers and yet on earth it was terribly real to all the humans who had taken a physical form. It was said the Gods formed them of clay.
There were so many types of beings that were formed to inhabit a world of her father’s making. Some were of the older universes and wanted to drop in and check on the latest developments on earth. Allie was informed of all the levels of intelligent beings and became involved with the process of ascension on her father’s latest terra formed worlds.
Uncle Poseidon was a shape shifter and would shape the waters of all the oceans and seas of the planet earth into any thing he so desired. There were times that there were times when he would be feuding with Hades over the control of the planet and the brothers would cause the waters and the fires of the earth to fight against each other.
These feuds caused by disagreements and tempers flaring were usually short lived although much damage could occur around the water and lands where they met The people of the earth had come to respect the oceans and the fires of earth. The lands where the volcanoes came to live among the seas became a desired place for many of the humanoid beings of earth. It was thought by many of the beings on earth that living in tribes and sharing knowledge for survival was a better way to live. However, having a belief in their various Gods would cause controversy that all who worked and lived in Hades world would keep stirred up among the inner spirits of all who were of the clay beings.
The Fishman and Fish woman who were of the intelligent beings of Allie’s Uncle Poseidon were told to stay out of sight in the latter days of the planet earth’s time around the 19th century. These beings liked to come and go as changed beings and what many called walk-ins. They could share another beings persona by actually sharing their waters and combining a small amount of their knowing in water form with another being of clay form. Most of the clay beings were called earth beings or those who were formed on earth. 
This was before Allie’s present time. At least the first clay beings on earth were before Allie’s time. She was learning all the areas as quadrants in the worlds and some were younger than she and others were older. The first world called Gaia or earth was one which had seen many various ages and levels of conscious thought combined of the clay beings. However, before she was sent back to earth, the women Goddesses of her home world would brief her. There were beautiful Goddesses in her home world. Some beings on earth called her place as home the Home of the Titans and others still called her home world the original Atlantis. Allie was taught there once was an Atlantis on earth.
Atlantis was the home where all three types the Water Beings, The Fire Beings, the Vapor Beings, were allowed to meet with the Wind Beings and Earth Beings. This was the five main beings that had been created for earth and were allowed to be combined with what were called the Clay Beings. The five main being powerful entities visiting earth of the clay people were, water, fire, wind, and earth and of course those who were the star beings made up of all the various minerals which could combine with those of the clay beings. It was thought that the earth beings were made from earth and would return to earth which was considered plant, animal, and minerals.
To many beings who lived on the earth, they had become lost in their ancestor’s teachings and they were simply ashes and dust that could blow in the wind upon the removal of their spirit sent to earth. It was hard to teach, educate, and explain all that was considered to be a part of the clay people above to those who had incarnated on earth for the process of educating their spirits for the divine work and inspiration of their creators. One of the laws created by the Omnipotence of all was that freewill of the spirit would rule on all planets, in all galaxies, in all universes of the Omnipotence. Allie wanted to share more of what was inside of her so that others could realize that while on earth there was a freedom and yet a fight for their own spiritual soul. They had been chosen to experience life on earth.
They were known by many other names but on earth Allie was told to use what was common in the world of which she would visit. They had been taken, and placed back from time to time. This was Allie’s ninth on earth as far as returns and reincarnation was concerned on this one planet. The others only counted in that space and time. Space and time was also part of the process for learning about regeneration and time travel. Dimensions in time and learning the presence of others and how they portray their contributing parts as guides was important. Much had to be learned or remembered in a short time in order to achieve final goals while on earth of the clay beings. That was why so many clay beings of higher orders and advanced lives on other advanced planets were so interested in the clay beings of earth. This was a process and one that required research.
The Clay Beings were those who from many heavens came down to earth. They all were made up of the many elements of the stars. Now days on earth Allie was told that the Ancient Aliens of all the races in space were now called Star Beings and had intermixed with those like here who were now called Alien Hybrids.
These times on earth were going to be trying. Allied would  have to try to incorporate all her past lives with the memories that she would create in the present time in the 21st century.
The part of Allie that was older compared to sentient intelligent beings of earth would still be inside her being which would be clay as all others who were considered earth beings. Allie knew about leaving her body to report back to her home world when the time was right. For now, she was told to cooperate with the clay beings form the older galaxy called Andromeda Galaxy. They would monitor her progress and be there for her while she was on her earth mission. Allie had been to earth prior to assist in raising the awareness of the entire Omnipresence on this planet. There would be wars and uprisings among her Father’s brothers or those on earth would create their own wars over land and how to think about being on earth period. Allie was told that due to those learning of the Gods that they created religions or tribes of those who would worship one God or the other. 
Allie had came and went as allowed by her father but it was her mother who watched over her and kept her safe. She had two sisters who lived in the Garden of Hesperidins and some called this paradise on earth or Hesperides.  
Allie was told she would be allowed to find her sisters when the time was right. She had no idea where to look but she could feel their presence. Her sisters were also sent to earth and had their own missions in certain parts of the world. The three sisters had a magic power when they were together. They each had their own special powers but were not allowed to sue them on earth. Only in an emergency when they feared for their lives. Allie knew that she was on the North American continent and would be American as was her two sisters. But, they were in other locations. They were both West of her present location.
There was a magnetic tie from her central chakra area that was connected to her own God Mother’s energy. This was the same energy that her mother had connected to her other children and what allowed Allie to feel her two sisters on earth. The Goddeses above in Allie’s home world were resonsible for collecting all the dreams that took shape in all the clay people below on the world called earth. The Goddesses had shared the energy of space and time through the creation of the 13 chakras and at least 7 were prepared to be used on earth with the agreement made with Allie’s father and many compared them to the rainbow that could be seen at certain times on earth by the clay people. It was a promise to allow them to know they were not alone on earth and to strike curiosity in their minds of nature and how it connected to those above. Allie was taught about much that was taught on earth through the ages to assist human kind as the clay people to find their way home again in spirit.
Allie knew that when the time came that she could ask for assistance from all the beings that were allowed to come and by way of the portals in the oceans and seas of the waters, as well as those on land. The portals of the vapor beings top the mountain and volcano tops and all those who were the earth dwellers and fire dwellers inside the inner earth had their own portals to choose from. The various shapes were created to leave earth’s dimensions.
All could shape shift into whatever form they desired and to the Indians they were considered the shape shifters and the Sky Dancers. The Shape shifters could always adapt their size and energy to any form they desired and were not allowed to change in front of the Earth Beings that lived atop the earth. These beings had been allowed to be alone for to progress in their own way. They had been intermixed with some of the Gods and the Demi Gods sons and daughters had forgotten all about their heavenly ties and powers of their minds. The earth beings had no more special powers that they knew about and they had become dormant.
There were many stories of the ancient ancestors who were now called aliens on earth or Demi Gods and Gods. This was a time on earth to return when the history and stories of all the ancient alien ancestors were being discovered and being rewritten. Much of what Allie remembered was prior to the time when the rise and fall of the humanoid kind were around to collect the stories that were passed down word of mouth to ear. People were always working on their memories and their minds were wired different then. They had to remember words, descriptions before there were writings, and most all back in the ancient of days from the present time, the beings all used extra sensory perception or what Allie was taught to call ESP.
ESP was a combination of all that was a normal way of being in her world in another galaxy where her family frequented. It was a galaxy close to the one she was now visiting. The one she was once again visiting was called by the humanoids Milky Way Galaxy. The one she was brought to, by way of  another was to share the experience with those who had been involved in the progression. Allie’s last assignment was to assist the  Andromeda Galaxy and this was the place she met many of the small people or the little people. They were all related to the wee people of Ireland and had red hair and a sandy blonde hair. Some had a brown hair but was not the same as the brown and black haired people of the underground beings. Since they could be any shape they desired they could appear as anyone or anything. Shape shifters had to be felt from inside the core of a spiritual soul being. It was Allie who had decided to take on the assignment once again to remind the clay beings of their spiritual assignments since many had forgotten or their minds could not remember.
The small people, had through many thousands of years living in space had lost their way. Also they lost their hair. Some of these small gray beings had grown an extra digit on their hands. While others had through evolution lost one that was not used and had only four fingers. Some had smaller noses and some had smaller ears but their heads had grown from brain capacity.  They wore a gray suit that was of a fine mesh that protected them from harm of those who were not familiar with their kind on earth. The small gray beings who had shared various galaxies and universes were among a certain class which were servants just like those who on earth were called angels. There were various sizes in angels from the small to the tall.
Allie already knew from watching the history holograms in the Holodeck that these people on earth were in fear of the grays but liked the small Ebens as beings they called elves, brownies, and pixies. There were also some called Leprechauns. Some of the small beings were well liked and loved because they would sometimes take on a human being as a challenge and help them with their lives on earth. They were thought to bring luck while others were thought to cause jinxes and bad luck. There were tales on earth in the myths and legends of the little people and many lived underground while others flew in the air.
(To be continued from time to time until the trilogy and then the 7 are all one- Love and Light- A work in progress before I pass on. May the whole world learn of the Omnipresence that I have in mind. Love and Light – Health and Prosperity – Shift & Uplift! TJ) 

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