“TAKEN UP” Preparation for ET UFO Magic of Ascension – 12-21-12 11:11

 There are variations on a theme about what will transpire exactly to each of us or all of us on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 Universal Time (UT). There have been ancient prophecies about this time on earth and even a white buffalo born to share in the signs of the times for all of us to be “TAKEN UP” in one way or the other.  ET UFOs is another sign of the times and one which we shall continue to manifest until we all together in unity have acquired the ascension center enlightenment among us all to accept that alien civilizations exist and are a part of our entire experience. We are Dual Entities! We are Two not ONE!


We are about the magic of the gatherers of the Duel Time Travelers in space. We are more than we believe we are on this plane of existence. It is time to awaken the sleepers on this planet. It is time to share wormhole travel when we have enough of us believers in the future with ET UFO Community understanding of the ascension center enlightenment so that we can tip the scales and bed time.

This may be the most important message I have ever delivered regarding quantum physics and the branes and bubbles in space. Those who are theoretical physicists – Are you hearing me yet? We all have something to contribute to the future. Make no mistake about it. We are all creators and we can all be the one’s who get the first big “AHA” moment in time.

There is room for all of us and that includes the seven (7) billion in numbers we are expected to reach before we are harvested and taken by ET UFO spacecraft to live together to introduce our kind in other galaxies and universes. Yet many of us have no inkling of a feeling of what is going on or why some of us want to return home in space. Why are their no scientists pursuing these thought and feelings in much of our population of earth?

Doesn’t anyone else feel that there is more in science to discover about our own species?

We shall someday just vanish from this planet in one way of the other. It should be known and studied more than it has been in the past. There is more that strange phenomena that happens to us. We must learn about those who we trust to share the truth that at present is now kept underground as secrets. Some of us will know the truth no matter who tries to hide it. This is our blessing and curse. AS the Alphas in the latest television show there are those of us who are exceptional or have heightened awareness and gifts we call skills. Who is really aware that there may be more of us than we presently know about as a whole species. This is a form of magic and some of us may be capable of building the future but not  in the way our present scientists working for governments presently think. We may think differently and our minds may be wired somewhat differently for a reason. Something for all you brainiacs and think tanks to think  about. This will give all the latest ET UFO PARANORMAL RADIO SHOWS some media material to work with and share. We are more than we presently believe we are! Some wake up to the fact of their past lives and some see their future lives in their lucid dream states at night. Some of us are visited at night and our dreams are recorded by the ET UFO spacecraft and this is another reason for visitations. Hard to believe but true. Some of us have lives in other levels of existence and our dreams are important for future exploration in the Xenoverse. Our dreams are used as intelligence.

Oops! This may be too much too soon! I best slow way down for those who are born on earth and are still waking up to the new age and are not plugged into the real matrix of the essence of the Supreme Beings. We must learn who shall become our friends in the future.

There are many of us who work together in the Akashic Field or in space that is controlled by those who control the libraries of the Supreme Beings who serve the Omnipresence or GOD. Some still believe that there is no superior force behind the future beings. There is and there always has been. The evolutionists have a rude awakening coming their way.

We bring this ominous eerie effect of survival excitement that makes us scared and some of us enjoy this fear to remind us we are alive in this world. This to some can be damaging and terrifying. Creating the opposite of this energy of what we consider the dark force or dark lord is used in much of our Nerve Cells (Good and Bad)/
Nerve Cells: Any of the cells of nerve tissue consisting of a nucleatic portion, and cryptoplasmic extensions, the cell body, the dendrites, and the axons. We also have endorphins that can make wonderful happenings in our brains that some call love, passion, creativity, and just like evil this feeling of good can become very addictive.
There are behaviors we must learn to stabilize so that we can all get along and become more balanced in life or what we call in life as four squared with the elements of earth, wind, water, and fire. Those who are metaphysicians do what they can to teach their students what being balanced means. Some use yoga and some use chakra balancing. We have many schools of the ancient mystery schools that our ancient ancestors left for us in the Book of Life. There is also a Book of Shadows and the Tree of Life in the Garden of Hesperides. These will be later stories when we discuss the past of MU, Lemuria, and Atlantis. 
Nerve wracking is that which we create that is intensely distressing and distracting. Many of us are fascinated with those in the world that create real life unfiltered with what the normal person’s thought are regarded as the classic normalcy of humanity. Sometimes, we see that the humanity is taken away like in the Harry Potter stories that frighten us. A Lord sick of sin and willing to sacrifice of being human and regularly pushed aside his humanity leaves him. Lord Voldemort is so critically disabled as many of the humans who have been pushed aside as creatures not entirely human in this world. We don’t accept well those who do not look entirely humanoid. We all create our own worlds where we live in our minds consciousness, subconscious, and super-conscious. Sometimes we may realize that there is a force inside us all that is the essence that gives us the opportunity to do things better each time as we learn about life. We can become good or bad, positive or negative and these two energies can be reversed although they do repel each other. This is what we create with our choices of what could have been or should or would have been. Sometimes. we do not realize the amount of energy we put forth repelling one or the other. Meaning we can become more positive or negative when we become emotionally exhausted. We are quite concerned about all life forms on earth including all creatures with life. We even are concerned about the air, water, earth, and fire with separation anxiety in this world.
We must take the future world into the direction it was intended to go and in this case of magic it will become the world of complete change which is actually MAGICK! We are they whoa re to perform as mystics, oracles, sages, seers, shamans, psychics, prophets, prophetesses that are highly successful and each person can make these titles their on!
The thing I like most about being in this world is that of magick that we can create as all our own. We can push everyone to either the future of good or bad and this is similar in characters who we meet everyday! We must do what we can to read each person we meet. We need to know how we can come in contact with others and leave them in a much better way as a person than when we found them. This is the simple explanation of how we create a world that evolves and knows things and has the needs of the magick we each can create separately and together. The metaphysicians of the past environment on earth wanted more for us that we are presently exhibiting or feeling. Jesus was a beautiful metaphysician and is now an ascended master whom we shall meet one day in our magick that rises above the misery of living a life on earth. Why, because it is written in our inner scripts in the universe.
We each want our universe to be darker or lighter and golden or silver. There is the darkness at night and the light during the day. We are given a template and blueprint so we do not have to reinvent the wheel. We shall discuss more of what we can create as our own magick as a true story in the future. There are people like me who glide, extend, self-adjust, and offer to others a way to save time or ignore us and struggle on. This is magick. Some in the past felt they needed to protect  themselves from magick. This was how so many groups became ignorant to magick when everyone said the same that they had the best way to be and live and this is a form of magic. Refer to all the world religions versus the unlimited plan of thoughts in philosophy of life as Ontology. One does not have to have a title but when pursuing the love of another which is a soul mate it is best to know the will of Zeus or the iconic portions of one’s own connections to the source. We build our own bridges back to the source no matter what name we give the origin as chaos. Until then, we shall get snacks or bits of information that may seem simple to some and complicated to others to grasp. Some seem to get all the love while others are over indulged in misery. Impurities that we put into our bodies can make us feel sluggish. We need better energy to increase a better quality of life. The Guides who are Supreme Beings Messengers come to me and share what is clearly one of two things we can do. One is whole and the other is resistance.
We can become a wonderful love story as our psycho-drama as an epic film. There are many who offer psycho-babble and offer no rhyme or reason for others to research and find other than extreme entertainment. The capturing of education and information is a very whimsical magician’s wonderful way of being. Sometimes we just accept “WHAT IS!”.
This is learning how to control one’s own fears with education, love of life, and learning to overcome our own fears of energy. We are allowed to evolve in this place and space we call home as earth. There are such deep roots in us all that are considered now our emotions and the two strongest are of love and fear. The future of my writings will be what we shall enjoy as making the most choices in life that are best for each of us. The Philosopher’s Stone is what we are each about inside of us all. We have no idea we are writing our own life’s as books to be accepted in other realms that we call extraterrestrial life. The actual crux of the matter is that we are in the middle of a seven (7) book series just like that which a famous author created as fiction. It is also obvious she based much of her book on philosophy of us all. Our temptations to become something more than we truly are is the passion that drives our spirit and heart,mind, and soul.
I want to explain that we are all the authors of our own life’s story and we may all be a little rough around the edges. We are born with a base to build upon as humanoids. There are some deep thoughts that must be explored as full functioning just like the eight (8) films that were created for this world of Harry Potter.
There is a distinctly British film constrained to as much of the original book is what we also find as what we see as secure origin of a creation. I am talking about material that deserved to be told based on the closeness of the first original writer as it went to the creators exploring new territory of old thoughts in the movie… 
I can’t begin the story of our ET UFO Magic without mentioning J.K. Rowling’s imagination in the stories of Harry Potter. The last movie airs this Friday in the theatres around the world.
Most of the Harry Potter movies share the various portions of our world that we believe is not there. Yet it is humans that create this imaginary world. We appreciate all those who give us the creeping out for the right reasons of growth in awareness. The world has a vastness that is both good and bad as a combination of dancers on this stage of light and dark. The souls embark on the conjoined discovery of what we can become at multilevel states of mind. We are becoming more and to some it is a joyuous occasions and to others it is a fearful time on earth. 
 We are to make known the entire planet’s inhabitants that we all have a purpose for being and existing here on this planet in body-mind-spirit for the birth-life-death experience. We being humanoids are all a part of the sentient intelligent being species that exist on this not only planet but also elsewhere in other galaxies in this universe, in this multiverse inside the metaverse. Our metaverse will become more apparent as we travel with our essence back to the place we first were created that we now call our imaginations inside the Xenoverse which is what all people, places, things, material as matter and anti-matter are contained. We are all a part of the dark and light matter that is expressed in all things materially.
The spiritual philosophies that have been expressed through time by all whether ancient ancestors or present day avatar ascended masters has all been created for a purpose in order for each separate entity as essence to find it’s way back as in the return to the original force as a source of which some call the “ALL- I AM” and others may refer to as “GOD”. Everyone eventually must know they will cease to exist in this level of creation that we call being human or being a person on this planet. This way of being consists of energy that is matter from afar that we all now realize is space dust or star dust. Some will admit that they prefer to be buried or burned after their death for the return to the smallest form of matter since their spirit will no longer be inside their physical unit, vessel, or body that was used while here. I have an insight to explore as a writer and messenger which is my higher purpose.
I have been asked to share my personal channeled prophecies on just such an occasion and to let the Supreme Beings use me as a messenger for all who choose to believe in aliens, ETs, UFOS, and spiritual higher callings of our spirit, heart, and soul.  We are all important and it is time to share one of the reasons I and all of you are here on this planet we at this time call home as earth and Gaia or the old Gaea of ancient times.
This planet was once home to all those who have come before and will come again! We as reincarnated souls are whom “WE ARE WAITING FOR!” That is one of the interpretations of those who we call SHAMANS or SPIRITUAL HEALERS for this planet and for all who dwell on this earth.
Those who will read this will be guided to do so by their higher spiritual level of being which is their connection to the source. We all have two parts of us in this life, one keeps us alive to survive as our ego/id, and the other keeps us aware of our higher self at a higher consciousness or super conscious level. We have our conscious, subconscious, and super conscious that most all of us in both eastern and western cultures and schools of thought and thinking allow in this day and time to believe in or for some to know that exists.
Being one who has been allowed varied super-natural, extraordinary and paranormal experiences has given me opportunities in this lifetime to grow in what some may call heightened awareness and/or memories. 
It is time to acknowledge all those who are here on this planet to achieve their higher callings and elections made sure meaning to fulfill their higher purpose, which enables all to attain spiritual bliss. We have all experienced fulfillment at one time or another. Some may feel a certain fulfillment when they have eaten just enough, or got just enough sleep to realize when they feel the best. The same feelings are felt internally when we become happy in our self-fulfillment inside our spirit or soul. 
Emphasizing that we can all obtain our higher purpose is the “Big AHA” that many are still desiring to realize with their minds so their entire being can understand. Surviving at the physical level is only one part of our being. Being in this life at this time allows us to learn about our other part, which is our higher self, and consciousness. We are  all here to achieve that which we learn from not just knowing about what keeps us alive such as food, clothing, shelter, water, and warmth but we choose to obtain after we have all of this that which makes us conscious of being more than we presently are. We are to learn to investigate, and research for that which we desire to obtain that some call happiness. Some call this searching for their destiny or fate. 
There are those of us who are many on the planet that is called to serve in this world as Lightworkers. Lightworkers serve as guides to all and this includes those who are Truthseekers. Truth comes in a form of philosophy while facts come from the form of archaeology on this planet. In other words, we have turned our world into that which is of two sources one in tangible and the other is non-tangible. Some of us even call this products and services in the world in which we all learn to exchange our creations and talents. We sometimes use our energy to survive by offering our essence talents to achieve our lower levels of being in this existence we call life.
We are all entering a time when we will see more health, prosperity, and abundance for all who are considered humanoid sentient intelligent beings. One might ask what knowing more about whom we are and why we are here has to do with the future and the possible acceptance of why alien civilizations exist. Those who read my paranormal articles will all want to here more of what they crave and that I the knowledge of the extraterrestrials and UFOS/USOS. The UFOS and USOS are the same actually. The spacecraft that has been observed throughout this world of consciousness has been seeing UFOS/USOS forever as in always.
We are all about to embark on a lifting of the veil for all by accepting that we are a part of the universal consciousness that is only one level and the lowest level of unity consciousness as that which we term the critical mass population consciousness understanding of who we are and where we came from.
Now, there are many who want to know what happens on these spacecraft not of earth origin and what I believe that has happened to me.
There are good Supreme Beings and they can assist us all achieve good memories. Those who have not yet achieved this level of knowing is no different than any of us who have had except we have for what ever reason allowed ourselves to return to this level of life with some memories that are intact or are returning that we may call past lives.
Where we have parts of our brains and DNA that we do now know about in our physical realities we can also say that we have part of our internal being as essence we call energy that we have also do not know about. Meaning we are here to learn and explore that which already exists but we have no knowledge and awareness of. Now how does all of this work together with us knowing that spirit and UFOS really exists at all?
We all have imaginations and we all have logic. There are many of my friends who are authors who desire to separate their logic from their imaginations. The best way to share this with our ET UFO Community is to use the story characters in the famous television show Star Trek. Those who are of the normal earth humanoid sentient intelligent beings that we are familiar with were from earth and were part of the Star Fleet on board the U.S.S. Enterprise. This is because we all know that Gene Roddenberry of earth created the story. He used his own intelligence as logic and imagination combined which we call science fiction as genres and categories go for story telling and writing. 
We can add this type of genre in the ET UFO Community to share what we will be venturing into as “Going where no man has gone before”. Alternatively, in this socially and politically accepted global community, “Where No Person as a Humanoid has gone before.” We will combine the use of both sides of our brains into what we call using the left side logical with the right side imagination to increase our understanding of exactly who we are as separate beings and yet work together in synergy to create more and better for the greater good and commonwealth of our entire species. We can all do our personal healing and maintenance while existing to share in the higher good and soul purpose of being here.
There is going to be a deeper way of looking at our selves as the overall conscious mindset for the entire species and the good for all as a commonwealth in what we call universal spirit but for now we call it the globalization phenomenon of the awakening awareness that we are all the same species existing on the same planet as it is viewed from space by other more intelligent beings who are a part of the ancient ones we call those from other galaxies, universes, multiverses, metaverses, xenoverses, inside the one containment macrocosms we call the Omniverse.  
We each represent a microcosm on the higher levels of microcosms inside the macrocosm. Some presently call the universe the cosmos. They will all soon realize that there is a now higher level of consciousness to reach for in our so-called brains that house the minds that house the spirit that house the energy of our essence that is called our existence.
We are all a part of the past present future of the body-mind-spirit of the birth-life-death experience of this energy we call essence of the entire Omniverse. We will begin to explore our minds while we begin to understand the higher levels of our humanoid kind that exists outside of our own conscious awakened awareness as we go forth toward the set date in time we regard as the close of an era and a beginning in time. When one door closes, another one opens in the chapters or our eternal book that is being written by each and everyone of us that are a part of the overall eternal omnipresence that goes and inside us all. We are all going to raise our ways of being human separately as we heal our own personal lives while looking to share in the universal order of experiencing the “ALL” as one in unity with the awakened awareness that we are more than we thought in the past. 
We will learn how time is an eternal ever present circle and when we all obtain together a certain level we can bend this thing we call time into that which resembles more of a circle that can cross itself like the infinity sign or a sign we call 8.
I am an ET Contactee and a known Avatar Ascension Master who is as normal a humanoid being as anyone else born on earth today is. I am here to usher in a new time on this planet, which will be when a new portal will open.  This is the meaning of the Logo or Icon design for the Ascension Center Portal. It deals with both the spiritual energy and the ET UFO with the crop circles we see. There are messages for the entire humanoid species.
The Crystal Portal will lead to the place we call the Rainbow Portal in time. The world in which we now live will be raised to a higher vibration in time that will allow for the humanoid kind to awaken that which is inside the soul level of the overall conscious beginning and the memories of who we all are will return. More later with more details. Love and Light. TJ
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2009-2029 – Generation Z – Rainbow Children
2009 – 9-11-09 – Justice is Balance
2012-12-11-2013 Considered the End and the Beginning_- Mu, Lemuria – Atlantis
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International Psychic Association (IPA) is an independent organization, set up primarily for the purpose of creating and maintaining standards and practices around the business of spiritual counseling. 
We endeavor to lead by example and establish a benchmark for ethical behavior, quality control and truth in advertising. IPA works with several well popular psychic and spiritual consultation sites as well as the phone based and traditional brick and mortar establishments to compare notes and create a roadmap for the future of the industry.
We are hosting a seal of approval type program that will only admit the best, most ethical and accurate psychic and spiritual consultants. This program will be made available to consumers and organizations as a way to research psychic and spiritual counselors before engaging or employing them. 
We also offer employment recommendations for psychics and spiritual counselors looking for a qualified and accredited employer.
Verum quod probitas in phasmatis res!
(Truth and honesty in spiritual things)
The IPA Oath
I swear by the Universe and I take to witness all sentient beings, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement:
To consider dear to me, as my parents, those who taught me this art; to live in common with them and, if necessary, to share my goods with them; to look upon their children as my own, to teach them this art.
I will prescribe advice for the good of my clients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.
I will preserve the purity of my life and my arts.
In every house, (virtually or otherwise) where I come I will enter only for the good of my clients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill doing.
If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all people and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my lot.
Specializing in Metaphysical Parapsychology.
MY Oath
I swear by the Infinite Mind of the Universe, that is God within and about me, and by all gods and goddesses and powers of good that be, all these things taking witness, that, according to my God-given ability and judgment, I will in every way keep this, My Oath and Covenant-
I Dedicate above all else in my life to lift others from lack of wholeness in their minds, bodies, and souls.
I Will abstain from every voluntary act of injustice and corruption in the practice of my metaphysical art.
I Swear that I will not take advantage of those who place their trust in me as their Metaphysical Doctor-nor take advantage of them Due to their weakness in mind, body, or spirit-but rather rid them of their weakness, which is my chosen profession.
I will be compassionate to those who are broken of spirit, but will not overindulge them in sympathy to keep them weak.  Rather, I will teach them of the Strength and Power they have within themselves to resurrect their spirit, and thus their lives.
I will Discourage those who find comfort in glorifying me, glorifying instead the Power within them that has made them whole and encourage them to say to all that the Power is within them to do likewise.
I share the knowledge of the Power within by my metaphysical art.  “I am a practitioner of self-Discover” – and seek not my own personal glory, but rather to glorify others within themselves.
I will hold in confidence the guarded secrets of those who bare their souls to me in private.  I will never make their words public, except in passing, to teach others by way of their experiences, but without identifying them in any way – or in consultation with my colleagues in discussing their good, knowing that my colleagues likewise honor this sacred trust.
I shall nourish a sense of humor within myself that, as part of my healing, I may bring a sense of lightness to the hearts of others-that we may laugh together at the foolishness of the mortal mind to better contrast and thus glorify the Immortal Mind within us all.
I swear to set aside personal pettiness and personal pride in my associations with my colleagues – which it may never take precedent over the time we have on this earth to be of service to others through our common metaphysical practices.
I swear that if the Spirit and Intelligence of Universal Life grants me substance to provide me with the means to pursue this, my chosen profession, to the Spirit of Life I swear that I shall thank it every day of my life that I have been able to be of service to others through my art-knowing well, within myself, that there is no greater way that I could be living my life.
While I keep this Oath inviolate and unbroken, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and my metaphysical art, forever honored by humans-not for my personal recognition, but rather that I have caused them to recognize the Power within themselves.
But should I, by transgression, violate this Oath, mine be the reverse.
I Swear This Oath In My Heart Where The Intelligence Of The Universe, Which Is My God, Forever Knows My Innermost Thoughts-And So It Is!
To all the would be authors out there that are not sure how to write a book. Just begin journaling your thoughts and this will allow you to experience the spell binding world of your own conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious! We can all write books which are now one of my choices to promote. In other words, as I become a better write and researcher, I shall say that in the beginning was the “WORD!”/ And so mote it be! Magic is about spells of wonder and most of our magic comes from writers! We encourage you to create your new world of all types of magical places which are our real home!
Been there done that as magical worlds have been lived in as real places! You can share the future that will deal with global warming and we can become invincible in sold and sound reality that allows magic to become a surprise. The details are in our novels and we place them on the silver screen with the touch of a wand that is very ornate and genuine!
We all are a bit coarse and unrefined. The magic of this life if one desires to choose can be one of ET UFO Magic. This date of 12-21-12 11:11 and the future is not easy to convey to those who have no ability to listen and see what the future may hold as we all progress.
I personally am given a gift  that allows me a way of seeing the future in others! What is most moving in me is to have my readers share with me their true feelings about ET UFO MAGIC!
We all behave in a way that is usually only expressed in what is absolutely necessary to get the job done to get on with our journey from one point to the other! This is going to change! Be ready for health, prosperity, a loving and colorful life, and warm and fuzzy with feelings inside as we create the new beautiful world of ontology!
What will you create? Will you expect more of yourself in the future with the rest of us who are moving on into a much younger and lighter spirit of change? Join us! We are looking for a great world that will offer a great choice for those who love the ancient and the past, as well as, the future that is contemporary. We can have both and get rid of the distance on our path in the political theme of Big Brother looking over us with political things. It is a fun fight back going on at this time as a movement. We all have to make our own foot prints while exploring the foot prints of others. Feel important while sensing the darker intenseness of our challenges in life. It is okay to want to be a survivor and it is okay to want to heal one’s own soul while we all progress in the future of the entire human species as the all in one!
Love and Light! TJ
The Crystal Portal
Ascension Age Enlightenment (ACE)
Alien Civilizations Exist (ACE)

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