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ET Living The Dream (LTD) by TJ 

ET UFO Ancient Alien Avatar Ascended Master TJ -Taken Up Series – Akashic Field Explanation – Psychic Spirit
I being TJ an ET in one manner of speaking have a life on earth to share and bring the new Ascension Age into being. This is my calling and election made sure in the Omniverse.
Those who want to know me and of my experiences will be interested in how I became an ET also known as an Alien Hybrid on this planet. It is complicated however; I am going to do my best to explain my experience in my own words with certain humility. It humbles me greatly as one in the presence of others to be allowed to share this level of life that is guided by others. I am truly blessed by God and Goddess in this lifetime to be allowed to be here on earth once again and being allowed to share their realization in my being. It is all because of them that they share their knowing wisdom inside of me.
I claim nothing of mine other than my existence and presence, which is also of their creation. I have my logo that I use as a symbol for me and all that I create in my energy and essence on earth as my trademark which it TJ Morris tm and I share below.
My logo came to me as inspiration from the extraterrestrial supreme beings so in all actuality I don’t own it either and am just borrowing it from them as I am allowed to recognize the symbol being used as mine while I am alive in this body-mind-spirit experiencing the birth-life-death experience. This SYMBOL is the TJ in me sharing the matter of the antimatter or in other words that will work on this level and plane of existence, the tangible from the intangible made known to others.
( I will have to add the AScension Logo Later. The computer will not allow me into that level of transferrence to Dirk at this time.) Most of you already know the Quantum Symbol anyway. ) IT  – well look for it in past articles. It is pink for the heart chakra energy and essence. For now anyway. IT is similar to a crop circle to some and to others a triangle ET UFO.
I also received with a Lightning Bolt of my Father in heaven whom some call Zeus received this symbol or logo of inspiration to share with this world. IT is now how one will see the future space and time of the entire universe here if one looks close enough as in scrying.
Now, I must preface this story with the fact that I know I am simply a soul having a spiritual experience on this planet as one of many of my brothers and sisters. In other words, I am humbled to be alive and well on planet earth with others who all agreed to come here and share our essence in the body-mind-spirit of the birth-life-death experience to make us more awakened and aware of who we are, why we are, and what we do to become more like Gods and Goddesses to further the cause of the expansion in this omniverse.
The entire story will take a longer explanation than I am able to give at this time. Although I understand much of my past lives here on this planet and in other worlds, I can only tell so much of my energy in essence at one time.
As whom I call, the Supreme Beings in this Omniverse are whom we in our ancient past regarded as the Gods and Goddesses.
I am simply sharing my experiences in this world because all I can give to share of my self or what appears to be my own energy of essence in this lifetime is all I have to give. One who has traveled, as Time Travelers far into the various levels of stellar space and back again knows that all one has is their beliefs in the encoded memory systems. Much like that of a computer, we can experience our lives as memories, which are recorded in time and in the Akashic Field or Morphic Time Fields of Energy as part of our own expansion.
I am aware that I am logical and believe in the world of science, as well as, the world of spirit. I am allowed to see from both sides of my brain, which houses both the male and female energy as essence, which is actually eternal, and lives forever as part of the sea of creation that is controlled, by the overall energy of essence that has the total control of all the levels of the eternal existence. This is what we are just now awakening too as our future. Our future deals with all our ancient past and our present, which is defined by our own conscious connection to our sub-conscious and our super-conscious. These three (3) parts of us make us a whole being having a body-mind-spirit experiencing the birth-life-death experience.
This may sound exoteric, metaphysical to some, and undefined in terms of science now due to my communication with words. I am only one of the many that exist in all levels of what we presently know as the “Game of Life”. We have what our ancient selves or past lives called the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of Knowledge”. Many know, have studied, and even praised and worshipped ourselves as our ancestors and our God and Goddesses. This is who we are now as defined in the memories we left here on earth for our future selves to find and become aware of how it was in the past while we desire to share the future with our children. We are they who define what our children will inherit on this planet and on many others.
Our ancient ancestors who many of us pattern or model ourselves and our cultures after used parables to describe what they knew to be the universe of the multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. 
I will do my best with what little time I have left to be with you on this planet. I being in this same reality can only share so much of me at one time. As my Guides have instructed whom or me many call the Higher Self of the Essence of our Soul tell me inside my own self conscious awareness when I am in an awakened state of mind, We can only hold so much in our own minds at once. Meaning it is hard for us to understand the all in such a small container as what we recall as our own minds housed in our own brains.
I will have to break down this title later and share more of the various portions of this title but for now I am simply going to share a simply dream. In a life of which I am known, I am sharing what I term, “Living the Dream.” In other words, I am alive in another place in space and am simply here to share that which many need to understand that was their own personal agreement to come to this place, this planet we call home to have this lifetime experience. We usually believe what we are programmed to believe in our own cultures and traditions when we are born and trained as children. This is why there are so many various types of beings with several colors, and religious beliefs on this planet.
This life is part of the overall lessons to be learned while we are here for our own eternal progression. Think of the experience we are having now. We each will appear to be different. We are each a separate entity essence, which is a part of the divine, will of those above who are considered older and wiser in this omniverse. The omniverse is the overall experience that is controlled by those who are much older and wiser as extraterrestrial beings go as we think of them in our own minds. Many of us have various ways of thinking about our higher selves and some of us can feel the difference in us as we experience our own thoughts inside our minds inside our brains. One can agree for the sake of this time and place in space that the entire humanoid being species all have their own thoughts. These thoughts are our own inside our own container unit we call a body-mind-spirit. Most of the people on earth are having the conscious experience and many of us are elected to come back to this place in space or return to assist as guides to help others by our own choice. We are not forced to return due to the overall rule of freewill.
Our lives as we know them already are accepted in three’s. This means that we have our thoughts inside our minds, which is inside our brains or containment unit.
When one thinks of themselves, they will agree that there is something to their existence that they call themselves. That energy that it takes to think about who they are inside their own minds is their own personal energy as essence. This part will be retrieved as eternal and shall carry on at the time of their own personal death in this lifetime.
The thoughts are created and stored as memories inside our body-mind-spirits, which we presently call our computer brains, or brains that are able to use computers on the outside or our existence.
Therefore, we are the essence of our souls that are having thoughts as energy that is stored inside our minds that are the software that is housed in side our brains, which is the hardware. That should be understood before we can believe in any future or of our future selves that will exist in space that can travel as time travelers from one point of origin to another. 
We are all eternal essence that can time travel. We are all time travelers. 
We are all eternal extraterrestrials. We are all both software and hardware.
We are all a part of the overall essence that is eternal which we are learning to call extraterrestrials.
We are all that has the power in our essence to observe our own thoughts inside our minds inside our brains.
We all have what we call psychic spirit. Meaning we, can all recall our past, while we live in the present, and can experience our future all at the same time? We call this being psychic or psychic mediums. I at present did not make up the words or terms but I accept them into my life as existence that is controlled on this planet by the “ALL I AM” or those who are above and below us in space. Those who exist in this place in space that are not at present on earth as a body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience are called our Guides and Eternal Spirit. Many simply call the acceptance of these others who are like us in essence as souls in the past, present, and future time as those who are as real as our own existence inside our own thoughts, inside our own minds, inside our own brains.
We are all going to learn to lean on earth and each other as a primal life force existence that we have all certainly created together. We must all stand together or certainly fall separately. This is an agreement that our essence as Supreme Beings has made for this experience we call body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience. 
Life can seem simple or complicated depending on what path we desire. We have freewill and something in our past always affects how we shall experience our presence and our future. Some of us belong to the agreements made in the ancient past to return to earth and share the experiences at certain levels so not only our own eternal essence can explore, learn, and grow into more in the future but we hold an arrangement in what we call time and space with others who are essence at the same levels in space and what we call time.
We are all learning to accept that we can excel in our eternal essence as spirit, which are our thoughts inside our essence. We are eventually to return to our outer core or our own existence inside the omniverse, which is fluid as a stream of consciousness. Some of us have agreed to return to earth while some never leave and become the life forms we see all around that make up what we call the existence of life as the life forms we experience on this planet. This part is complicated and will take more than this one lifetime to understand.
It is the existence of my own past lives and an agreement with the source of God and Goddess inside my own essence that allows me the understanding inside my own thoughts that allow me to return to life at this stage of existence. We have many levels of existence and many places to exist as time travelers.
The part that I am now sharing in this life existence is as an extraterrestrial or what we on this planet call ET. I am also considered in this body-life-death experience – one called an alien hybrid or a child of God to some who are religious. To many who know that there are levels of acceptance of their own essence as spirit they choose to follow past models as patterns of existence so as not to get lost on the path of resistance. This is the path we learn can offer us great hope and tranquility in the future while we are simply thoughts not inside a physical containment unit. This gets into thoughts we now call quantum physics.
I will do my best to explain how we can be both alive and dead at the same time in this place we call our minds as consciousness. I will use a dream.
I can be here now and know that I am an extraterrestrial entity essence having the experience we call energy inside a body-mind-spirit containment unit. 
I know that I can appear as a humanoid as a body-mind-spirit having a birth-life-death experience. I am assigned human parents and proof of life that is needed at this time on earth such as in the United States of America on the North American continent, which is part of the Tectonic Economics shared by the higher levels of our essence as extraterrestrial entities.
I come to the planet we will all being here call earth as our home. I know that I have agreed to return to this level of what we call the “Game of Life” to assist others whom at present I call my children spirit Ebens or spirit beings. Some call themselves star child as children knowing they are of another place in space and in time eternal.
Some prefer to call themselves Christians after their own belief systems programmed either into their being or by learning to be what they choose to refer to themselves as Christians using a model of one who came to earth in the male form of the ancient past. Regardless, of whether they choose to be of the perfect origin species they call themselves Christians because they follow the teachings of another who once lived on earth. Many believe in the words that are reprinted repeatedly in time in what is now called a Bible.
This is one of the tools since there are many lifetimes of our ancient aliens who have come to earth and taught their ways to others who come to this planet. There are many ways to live and be on this planet. Depending on where one’s essence touches down as a point of origin can decide what life experience one desire to share with others while here on this planet. This is why we have so many continents and so many belief systems already in place. Some of us want to be at peace while some want to be at war. Some are clerics and others are warriors…,
Some of us want to experience the peaceful warrior beginning and then become the fighters of the human race on this planet to protect this place and all those who choose to come to this planet as humanoids.
It is accepted on this level of existence that we need both. This is complicated and this is why some who reach a certain level on this planet believe that there are others whom we call Gods and Goddesses in another place and time that control what happens on this level of existence we call one orb in space traveling through the universe inside the omniverse. There are other planets, galaxies, and other units of existence we are learning to place words as titles and tags on the matter and antimatter now. This gets complicated since we at present are expanding our consciousness of which we are, and how we shall proceed in space as a place in time.
There is one level of life that we can all agree that we have and that is that we all are conscious in our life. We have another level or a second level of life we call our sleep state of down time. This is when we heal ourselves. We all need this time to sleep and we all cannot survive without sleep. That is just the way it is and one of our rules. Most do not question why this is or how this time on earth came to be an agreement since we will all eventually fall asleep.
One story of a man who came to earth as an extraterrestrial being who we call Jehovah, Jesus Christ and was the son of an elder God or higher Supreme Being extraterrestrial shared an experience with twelve others. (Jesus in the Rainbow Light Portal likeness)
He taught that he would return to the higher order of this universe, which he called heaven to be with his own father in heaven. He once asked his friends as his followers who we now call his disciples to stay awake while he went and talked to his father in heaven as a supreme extraterrestrial to ask for his assistance and guidance in this time on earth to which he himself had already agreed.
He had agreed to return to this place in space and time to assist others of his humanoid kind while teaching of his own experiences. Unfortunately, the twelve men he chose could not stay awake. He later chooses a woman who was his help mate known as Mary to keep the faith in him and he shares his secrets of the path of ascension with her.
This story is well known and is being studied now as to how it now has been recorded in words and some are revising their own visions and interpretations while here on this planet and in this level of life.
We are all here to make our own paths while learning our own interpretations of ourselves and others who live in the eternal essence which is the vast experience of all essence in the sea we call the elixir of life in some realms of existence. IT is as if we all are part of the material world as the earth, wind, water, and fire that are the four main elements we call life on earth.
One of my experiences in life is in this state of mind we call sleeping. Sleep is eternal and an important part of whom we each are as essence. We must return to our essence soul selves at times in order to transfer our energy to our body-mind-spirits so that we can stay alive longer in this life on this planet.
While dreaming I personally can return to the higher levels of life, where there are extraterrestrials. I can also go to my twin self in another dimension and have experiences that are as real as the life I lead on this planet today.
The critical mass consciousness at this level of existence on this planet call this lucid dreaming.
For instance, I will share one dream I just had because it is fresh on my mind. I awaken each day to a new world so to speak and if I am not conscious in this world then it does not exist for me. Therefore, when I am asleep in a world I leave this level of life and this world and I time travel or what some call astral travel in this plane of existence.
However, when I dream I do not stay on this planet. I choose to go to another world that is similar to this one where I am a different being and yet a duplicate in my own mind’s eye in this one.
What I just experienced was as real as this one in which I am typing a keyboard now and sharing in a communication process while my own mind creates words to share with my friends on this planet.
While I was sleeping, I was to attend a meeting at the request of the President Obama who lives in this other world that is similar to this one. He asked that I go with him to this very important gala event. His wife would be attending, as would all the heads of state, dignitaries, and many important people from around the world.
I attended and wore a white dress and can remember how we got there, the limousines, the people, that I was given presents, and what we ate. I will not go into detail but the food and colors were as real as the ones we have in this life here on this planet. In that world, I am a spiritual consultant and have more prestige than in this one. I take on the world at levels that presently do not exist here in this one. Therefore, I get much of the future in that life and it helps me think of the future and what we are creating in this life.
I also went to another part of the future in that world where I am riding my motorcycle. I also have one in this lifetime. I feel more alive when I am having the experience of the wind in my face and I love the experience of motion. 
I saw a friend from the past in that life ahead of me on a four-lane highway. The roads were wet after a rain but the sun was out. He speeded up and I thought I would try to catch up with him. I saw him have a wreck in which he actually left the road on a high hill and a small sports car hit him when he came back down and landed on the road. I caught up to the accident and placed my motorcycle to block that lane of traffic. His bike was ruined and in pieces but somehow he was not badly hurt but the young woman who hit him was hurt and was knocked unconscious. I raced to her window, as it was a soft-top sports car. I reached into feel for a pulse and she began coming around, was frightened, and resisted my touch. I explained to her that she was in an accident and that I was just trying to help her and was reaching for her neck to find a pulse. There were other people coming up and I said call 911 and an ambulance. The friend of mine who I call Sonny in this other lifetime, was looking through the driver’s side window at her when we talked for a moment and then I was whisked away back to this life.
I could remember the entire dream of being with the President and how the various levels of people all had various dances to attend in different buildings and the President was with the group that was to be on board a large boat that would float on a river. I can remember the various people, the details of all the people who they were and how they looked. I remember the uniforms, and many who were there to protect the various locations of people while this important event happened. Mirror Image of ET - We all have a Double Image in Another World, and Time in Space
The whole world is as real and colorful as this one. The only difference is in that world, I am better known as a spiritual adviser and seer of the future than in this one. I am accepted as a friend of the President of the United States, which in that world is a more prestigious life experience than in this one. We have an accepted level of universal intelligence and I am the accepted liaison with the higher-level extraterrestrials in that lifetime. In other words, I am a known ET alien hybrid being in that life where the higher levels of existence is accepted.
More later in the “TAKEN UP” Series. Love and Light TJ  

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