Subject: TAKEN UP – TIME TRAVEL FINAL 9-29-2010 – First Chapter
Aliens & UFOS
by Theresa J Thurmond Morris
Copyrighted 9-29-2010-All Rights Reserved by TJ Morris LTD US and Theresa J Morris, Channel and author.
This is a Historical Novelization by TJ
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Chapter 1 – Verse 2
Allie was told about the Men In Black who worked for the International Security Council or ISC. There was also a National Security Council called the NSC. Allie was told what ever she did to not contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation as FBI. She was told that the Central Intelligence Agency was called CIA and the National Security Agency was called the NSA. The other parts of her mission she would have to figure out on her own. This was her calling and election made sure by the Gods. She was a Demi God and had to learn to become mortal once again for her final time on earth.
Allie would be known in her past lives under many names including a known in Egypt, Tara in China, in  Greece a Demi God, Atlantis an Oracle, and in Lemuria when Mount Olympus was actually a place where she grew up at a time when the Gods were allowed to live high above those who were called the inner world and outer world dwellers of spirits in all types of creatures from space. Allie knew of all the extraterrestrials that existed prior in Lemuria and of the wars in space that destroyed Lemuria and then Atlantis. Her kind had returned to another dimension in space for a time where it was safe until the wars that her father seemed to share in rivalry with his two brothers were worked out and peace was allowed once again. Allie was never allowed to ask about her Grandparents only that they had always been and lived outside the Omniverse of which her father ruled all. This included all the dimensions that existed including what on earth all those who came before as ancients and those which she was told were called the Grays and the Nordics.
Allie knew that the Grays had become a servant race to the White Nordics in space due to another malevolent warring group who looked ike Minatores had taken over their planet. They could not win that fight even with their laser weapons. There were other reptilian malevolent types who had caused planets to be altered in space and some still were allowed to come and go from one universe to another. Her father allowed them to exist as they were creations of War Gods.  
Allie was told that she could trust certain Men In Black to know of her but did not know where she was. That if she wanted assistance prior to her space family coming that only in threats for her life was she to contact the NSA or CIA. That there were many branches of the military who would want to know of her. They had known of her for years. They just could not prove when she came and went from the planet earth. This was like a game of chess to them and they were always on alert for her.
Allie was the one who would set the Ascension Age in alignment for December 21, 2012 T/ 11:11 or make it a reality on earth. There had been records left by her in past lives from Lemuria, Atlantis, in Greece, in Egypt at the pyramids, and in the Americas. Allie had been all over the planet in the past doing her best to assist the sentient intelligent being species. In her space and place in time, she was considered a Time Lord who came and went from one dimension to another based on her own past in tranguil leadership abilities in space through out all dimensions that had been discovered thus far up to the Xenoverse level.
There was the universe where she presently was located, The Multiverses that surrounded this one. Then there was the Metaverses that were attached to the various branes that stood aligned in waves of sevens like those on the ocean on earth except they were in a rhythm all there on in space-time.
Allie had been allowed to know of them and the dimensions that were in-between each of them. Allie was shown how the various levels and  that were horizontal and those which were vertical all came together like a fine quilt.
Allie was taught that the Xenoverse was the yet unexllored terrain of unknown thought in the area of what everything in the Omnipresent consisted of. Allie knew that the creators had always been outside of the  Omniverse.
The Matrix could begin with an individual spark of light from the creators that was allowed to grow and become a part of a sentient inteliigent being.
Then that spark of a spirit would be attached to a soul which would grow as the first lifetime on earth or another planet which had been created or terraformed to train and educate spirits.
The spirits when time would pass on to the soul in the higher level matrix where it could obtain a new container as a single unit until it learned all the knowledge it needed to retain to become one who could lead others in a group who would be appointed to travel together in soul groups to terra form new planets or places to grown new spirits and souls.
It was not complicated to Allie since she had experience in past lives and while on earth is considered an avatar. Actually Allie had served in several lifetimes and this lifetime on earth would be her last as number nine before she was allowed her entire soul group level and team to become Gods and Goddesses of other planets.
This was what was called Allies calling and election made sure and why she had chosen to return to earth one final last time. It all made sense now to her since she was trained above in the Ascension Center in space. It would now be her job to explain why an Ascension Center on earth would be beneficial to humankind.
This was the main task at hand and the focus but it had to happen gradually over time while she was on earth. She knew that every minute she spent on earth was equal to a day in space on board the extraterrestrial spacecraft. Allie also knew of time portals that one could use to come and go on the earth. She had used one in Hawaii, Spain, Portugal, and in Sedona, Arizona. Allie knew that the four corners of the North American Continent was sacred to the people as the Anasazi and Pubelo Indians. The Indians knew of her and her people in space. Allie was told she could count on them in times of hardship as a safe harbor if she ever needed one.
The extraterrestrials were those who had taken on the assignments of Charioteers of the Gods and Goddesses. They came to  work together in the alliance for the Supreme High Council in space. On earth, there were television shows created and Allie new that they were already to become what was called Star Trek, and Star Gate but first there would be Twilight Zone, the Outer Limit, and Lost in Space. There would be television shows that would assist the world in adapting to the ways of energy in space and how space travel could work.
Allie knew at the higher levels she was special. She was a Demi God in some arenas as the daughter of Zeus. Allie knew that the Extraterrestrials were those who answered to the Supreme Council of twelve whom her father still ruled in another place, in another palace, in another mansion portal in space. This way of knowing and understanding was not erased with the veil of shadows this time in this life because this was her ninth and final.
The fact that Allie was allowed to come back to assemble her Soul Group Team for future Terra Forming planets to become Gods and Goddesses in other realms in space and to time travel was her personal ultimate goal but only a small part of her focus. This would also take time. Time of the Time Lords seemed to always be the glitch in the mechanism in the Omnipotent Omniverse. As her Uncle Poseiden taught her and said, “The omnipotence of your father sometimes becomes a glitche due to his own vanity and power of creating law.”

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