Talking To Heaven: Lost in Translation

Translation trip- ups, are screw-ups, mistakes that can alter reality.

President Carter visited Poland, in 1977.

Through an inexperienced translator, Carter said,” for your desires in the future”, which instead was wrongly translated as,”your lusts for the future”, and said,”When I left the United States”, which came out as,”when I abandoned the United States”, mistakes the press found amusing.

Nikita Khrushchev, gave a speech, at the U.N., during the Cold War, in which he said a phrase, interpreted wrongly in Russian,” We will bury you!”, which gave cause for alarm to NSA and CIA, when the more accurate meaning was actually,”We will outlast you!”

I have had the same conundrum in communicating with angelic beings, spirit helpers and my Higher Self, where it seemed that everything is lost in translation.

I needed spiritual help. I knew full well that the human mind has Godlike power. It can and does alter individual ‘reality’, to create and manifest scenarios, usually tied to pre-arranged plans made for our spiritual learning. But how can our mind translate that power to tell ‘reality’, just what to spiritually do, in midsteam, if life events are simply dreadful? I learned that finding and talking to your Higher Self, does not mean that you have the proper language to communicate!

Why was everything lost, in translation?!

I was troubled, and knew that my bizarre experiences of high strangeness were over the top, and I decided that translation issues prevented me from using or even accessing the language, the spiritual software needed to reprogram my spiritual blueprint, in midstream.

Ghosts, demons, nightmares, Out of Body Experiences, aliens in overhead craft, who abducted me; I was flirting with inter dimensional bleed-throughs and The Beast of Madness.

I craved an innate spiritual right to communicate and demand cessation, balance, grounding and protection from my angels, my guides, my Higher Self.

But, the more I worried, petitioned and implored, worrying about these things, the more they pranced into my bedroom, uninvited, at night.

Why does the buttered slice of bread always falls butter side down? It’s not the weight of the butter.

I share a mystic’s revelation, to ponder and share with those in your life, whom you love, who worry, chronically!

Worrying, a negative energy, brings in those very things, that keep you up at night, worrying about…since your energy goes where you think, focus and concentrate, worrying is a wolf, at your door.

Though we are not alone in this life, our Higher Self, spirit helpers and spirit guides, do not use English, as we do.

Communication from you to your higher self is interpreted / comes from the inner focus, of your mind’s energy.

Worrying brings about more things to worry about?

If that communication energy is seen as negative, as in pernicious worry, negative things will surely manifest, in your path because lost in translation, the spirit world assumes that’s precisely what you are asking for!

Like trying to avoid a road obstruction just ahead, while driving a vehicle, looking at it, only helps you to hit it.

Whatever negative worry, energy of your spirit, you worry and over- think about, will try very hard to manifest, in your life.

So, here’s the secret to effective communication, to change your in flight programs of harsh experiences and harsh lessons.

Translation programs still seem oblique and counter-intuitive, but I have found a language interpretor that works like nothing else, to manifest what you want to, in life:


Stay positive.

Never think or say, with angst/ pain, worriedly,

God, AAHHH!, PLUEASE help me with——!“, but

instead say, with very sincere gratitude and monumental relief,

THANK YOU,GOD!, from keeping all traces of—– far away from me!“, in an affirmative fashion,

as though what you desperately sought, was already delivered, to you!

Like magic, one can effectively communicate with one’s Higher Self, to quickly seek a remedy.

Your Higher Self, will then shift, from negative mode, providing you what you really fear, to positive mode, into giving you the sure relief that you seek.

I was frustrated and a technophobe and it took ten years to figure it out, but this WORKS to gain ‘the ear’ of our Higher Selves, who steadfastly manifest reality for us, according to the focus of our minds.

Much like those political gaffs, It’s all in the translation…


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