Spending a lifetime, recalled in snippets, with highly psychic, abducting entities, has made my intuitive prowess mushroom, dramatically.

Why does religion impugn psychics?

There’s only a razor’s thin edge difference between encounters with the supernatural and psychic experiences.

Most religious Fundamentalist Christians and Jews refuse to accept paranormal realities, yet they deeply accept God, Holy Ghosts, saints, Heaven, Hell, angels and demons, and one CANNOT get more paranormal and supernatural, than THAT!

Are those who have a Third-Eye cursed or blessed, if it stems from experiences with non-humans?

One technique that some budding psychics use, seems easy enough: internally tell yourself that you wish to be “open”, and then you relax, as you await an insight or mind’s eye picture.

This works well, and off times helped me to deliver an English lesson, on my job.

A teacher’s predilection to amaze a student, is a sometime opportunity,

I taught Junior College World, American and English literature and would rarely ‘spice’ the lesson by interjecting a ‘read’ of any pupil, off daydreaming, eyes out of the window, brain, in the hall.

Rather than embarrass anyone I would give an odd detail, a physical object or memento of his private or family life, a detail known only to him.

His eyes would be wide-open pools of attention, for the rest of the term.

But unknowingly, garnering a reputation by doing uncanny feats, once backfired.

I was teaching English Literature, at a junior college, when I was stopped in transit in a busy college hallway, by an unknown female student who firmly grabbed my arm and blocked my path, to class, and passionately said, “Read me, please? I want you to read me!”

I was startled and affronted, and wondered how many others, beyond this student had grapevine heard that I would sometimes do such things, suddenly worried about my job security, if Administration became aware, a trouble beyond my annoyance of this affront, the rude method of this student.

I shook my head, my face disapproving and dismissive and told her, “Forget it!” She was tall and brown; with almond eyes and a coiffured polished glamour that belied the vise-like grip.

“You’ve GOT to read me!” she insisted.

She half-pushed me against a wall, and blocked any possible exit; I felt that this was an out of control student-teacher moment, where one is assaulted.

She insisted again.

I relaxed completely, annoyed and in resignation.

I had a sleepy, a motivational senior class of thirty-five, drowsing, just doors away, and was suddenly flooded with the shoreline image of a vast body of lake water, a shore surrounded by water, and I was adrift far from shore.

This strong image was now accompanied by a vague feeling of dread.

I quickly asked her,” Why am I seeing water?” to which she shrugged.

I asked her again.

“I’m seeing water, what does that mean, to you?”

She shrugged, again.

“I have no idea, what it means, but you perhaps do”, I prodded.

“Why am I seeing so much water?”

“Oh,” she said, “I’m on the swimming team.”

I had a quick surmise and needed to escape.

I quickly told her,” promise me that you’ll never swim in a lake, it’s far too dangerous to take that chance, in that you might drown, but also promise me, now, you’ll tell absolutely no one, about this conversation.”

She smiled and nodded, lying to me, and I, late for class, hurried elsewhere, to feel taken advantage of.

That’s the only time this intuitive accuracy came back to bite me.

A totally relaxed mental- light- trance -physical -state, precisely the light-trance achieved, when on the road, driving, or watching television, makes one more receptive for imposed images to float into mind.

Imposed, presumes that someone or something else is there, sending.

Most sanguine budding psychics hopefully wish to believe that it surely must be their ‘spirit guide’ or ‘ guardian angel’.

They are sending into that opened psychic door, to project images, smells, ideas upon the movie-screen of your mind.

It’s not coming from you. It’s coming through you.

How, again to flex that muscle?

A relaxed state, accompanied by a certain expectation, that you WOULD receive, like a fat catcher, behind home plate.

 A problem exists in trying to decipher just precisely what that image, or series of images, might correctly mean.

Our psychic muscle that all of us have, a muscle largely inflexed and flabby, culturally under developed, EXCEPT for many alien abductees who revealingly report similar strong intuitional experiences.

My psychic abilities have opened me to sensing the invisible; spiritual experiences untoward and impish, prevail.

I am not able to ground myself.

At dusk and nighttimes, I’m inundated by touches of unseen gate-crashers, my dream-state energies jumped upon, by negative thought beings, who like unerring persistent yellow-jacket-wasps, worry a can of cola, on a picnic table.

After surprisingly unpleasant psychic interdimensional reptilian ‘encounters’, stunned with their diabolical brilliance, I am loathe to use this muscle, warily hesitant to ‘receive’ or trust ANY internal strong- daydream-like images.

In becoming more psychic I also experience some accurate and uncanny, bizarre open-eyed ‘ visuals’.

At a recent dinner, when a friend mentioned her loved but long deceased brother, a man’s face slowly emerge from the right side of her face!

It was like double vision; they were identical, but he was a young man.

I was shocked, pained that he had not moved on, but had chosen instead, to jump aboard her energies and

I stared at her, fish-eyed.

Then, I simply said,” You and he had the exact, same face.”

She said, yes, they always looked like identical twins.

My wife put down her fork and said,” There he goes, again, saying those things; where does he GET this!”

Too many abductees, after a lifetime of encounters with aliens and their telepathic prowess, have experienced altered  ‘receptivity’ to suffer inter-dimensional ‘bleed-throughs.

One can tell when aliens, small greys, are nearby, or in the same room, room but unseen; there is an intense  ‘elevator experience’, of ‘eyes on your back’, combined with a creepy feeling.

 They generate a strong psychic ‘creepy’ feeling.

Who, then, is inspiring us, micromanaging us behind our curtains, (‘inspires’, literally means,” to blow ideas into”) to receive, hear and see these psychic image impositions?

I have my own suspicions.

Part II of this series continues tomorrow Sunday, February 9, 2014.

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