Temple Mount Prayers Being Answered


By Liza Burd 

(JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – January 30th, 2011) Could the UFO recently filmed over the Temple Mount be a sign that prayers from this holy site are being received? A website launched this fall has been using a Kabala-based Temple Mount practice formerly available only to Jews to answer the prayers of Christians, Muslims, and people of all faiths the world over.

In its less than six months live, JerusalemTemplePrayers.com already lists scores of answered prayer testimonials, from Juanita Hoerster of Texas who attributes her first successful pregnancy and baby at 42, to Stephen of Texas, who claims his son Matthew was saved from enemy fire in Iraq during his kabalistic prayer cycle. An Iranian Christian from Barcelona turned to JerusalemTemplePrayers.com after suffering greatly in his sales due to the world economic recession, shooting up from the bottom of the totem pole to become the top salesperson in a company of 35,000 employees, receiving a $10,000 bonus and award ceremony in his honor.

Former US lawyer Liza Burd claims that she founded www.JerusalemTemplePrayers.com when she learned that, “Isaiah 56:7 promises that the temple will be known as a ‘house of prayer for all the peoples’. We wanted to let people of all faiths tap into that promise now.” Men and women seeking their soul mates, recovering from cancer, or meeting a host of other life challenges turn to www.JerusalemTemplePrayers.com where individual prayer representatives spend forty consecutive days of prayer and ritual at the Western Wall, one of the sole remnants of the Temple Mount’s ancient, original holy site, King Solomon’s Temple.
Coincidence or biblical prophecy? Visit JerusalemTemplePrayers.com and you be the judge. 

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