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The following two short articles were contributed by Dr. Richard Bonenfant (author-researcher) and Harold Egeln of Space Contact News. They summarize what happened and why we had to make the decision we did.

On the loss of THE ALIEN JIGSAW and It’s Contributions to Abduction Research

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A dark and ominous event has just occurred in the abduction research community. News recently reached me that Alien Jigsaw has been harassed by malicious stalkers / hackers to the point of closing down her website. This site is, or shall I more correctly say was, one of the finest websites dealing with the alien abduction phenomenon. This is a major loss to our community, especially following the loss of Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Karla Turner and so many other gifted abduction researchers.

It has taken me a few days to sufficiently recover from this shock to react to those of us who care about Alien Jigsaw and the mysterious phenomenon that she and so many others have endured. She had great empathy for those like her who have been subject to these experiences. Through her published books and memoirs she meticulously attempted to analyze the significance of this unrecognized reality. And how was she rewarded for these efforts? By a physical and emotional toll on her health by her abductors and by the persistent maliciousness of those she attempted to console.

I know AJ through her books and publications, her website ‘Alien Jigsaw,’ and through a couple of years of intermittent email communications. Nevertheless, through these interactions I’ve come to appreciate how truly special she is. The fact that she’s been bullied out of serving others who share similar interests outrages me.

Few of us will ever know the full extent of what AJ has endured in the name of truth regarding the mysterious phenomenon that plagues so many human beings. All that now remains are precious glimpses into this unseen world left to us from her diaries. Alien Jigsaw served as a haven for those who care about what is happening to us in a kind of unseen reality that pervades our daily lives.

While I cannot fathom the reason(s) for cruelty directed toward AJ and her work, I feel it is imperative that those of us who care continue her quest to determine the true nature of the abduction phenomenon. Whether by chance or intuition, her abductor’s could not have selected anyone who could better represent humanity at its best. I never met a kinder or more sincere person than AJ. At great personal expense, she dedicated her life to seeking a fuller understanding of what is taking place about us. For AJ, and for so many more like her, let us remain resolved to not be bullied or intimidated by those who oppose us. In her name, let us remain inspired to unashamedly speak the truth about the events we experience.

A colleague and friend of Alien Jigsaw.

Richard Bonenfant

Essential UFO Experiencer Resource Taken Down in ‘Cyber-Stalker’ Case

By Harold Egeln

“While voices may become silent for one reason or another, the truth we have learned can never be denied,” writes AJ in an article published on her Website…After 25 years of research…which served as an essential voice and resource for many CE-IV experiencers and investigators, The Alien Jigsaw is no more. Off-line for a couple of months, we wondered what happened.

Then…AJ published her article about her lost research after suffering through wretched months of terrifying cyber-stalking, identity theft and threats, she explained. You can read about it in AJ’s own words of this nightmare that has shocked ufologists and experiencers, rallying to stand with AJ as steadfast friends in her own words.

In AJ’s telling of this distressing and disturbing ordeal, one can still see the inextinguishable light of indestructible truth and her courage in providing a quite popular (over 200,000 hits per month!), amazingly articulate and highly informative online forum on UFO abductions and contact. Countless numbers of people were helped, and no adverse force can ever change or destroy that.

The late Budd Hopkins, who first met AJ as a frightened young UFO experiencer in April 1988, exactly 25 years ago, said, “…embodying as she does a powerful morality, a natural wisdom and a deeply human spirituality, provides an ideal example for her student captors. If the aliens can learn from any of us, what they can learn from AJ is of the highest importance.”

We have learned much from AJ who has served us well, and that selfless, brave service endures and grows. No doubt…what we have discovered from and shared with AJ (she posted our S.P.A.C.E. webzine, for which we are grateful) are not lost but highly valued.

The sting of the bumble-bee cannot outlast the flight of the butterfly. We will, we hope, see AJ shine anew again. – Harold Egeln, Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013.


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