The 1966/69 Reed Abductions

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar> 

This article will examine details from the Reed family abductions of 1966 and a subsequent abduction in 1969. This is the second in the series of articles examining the Reed family abductions . Click here to read first article.

The 1966/67 Reed Abductions

Forty-four years ago, Thomas Reed and his brother Mathew were taken by extraterrestrials. Specifically, they were taken by the Grays. Thomas was only 6-years old and his brother four years old.

It all started in the spring of 1966, when the boys who shared a bedroom started seeing orbs in their room. They described the orbs as “seemed solid like glass, but without density, the balls were not luminous, but resembled a shiny hole in the air that you could not see through with a bluish outer ring.”

The orbs seemed to be controlled and moved slowing, but seemingly under direction. One of them slowly broke from the others and moved slowly floating to the left of the window then along the south wall of the room just below the ceiling. Thomas intuitively felt they were watching him and hoped that by closing his own eyes they would disappear. They didn’t immediately, but eventually left after about 10 minutes. Within a couple of days the first abduction took place.

Thomas originally assumed them to be ghosts…

That was the sensation he felt, due to their illumination – sort of white light. He remembers they were soon outside their home in a field along a tree line on the edge of his family’s property

They came to a small clearing, an opening in the trees, on their right side; they could see the craft and a being standing to the right of it.


Thomas was now first in line ahead of his brother and the Grays who were about 6 to 10 feet behind. He would occasionally turn his head to confirm that Mathew was still there. But when he was within twenty feet of the craft, he turned his head again and Matthew was now gone.

Thomas became fixated on the being standing to the right of the craft and said he was in some way summoned to walk towards him, as calm came over him…

It was strange, the closer he got to the being, the calmer he felt.

The being raised his arm and lightly placed his right hand in the center of his chest, touching some control imbedded in his attire. Thomas doesn’t remember walking onto any UFO.

He stated that the Gray’s can touch this imbedded panel and the abductee is then put into a different state of being. It’s similar or close to being frozen in a way that you can’t so much as swallow, or expand your chest or breathe. There has been what is a white wash associated with it, like a huge whitish wave at the beach that has this swallowing effect and you’re out.

Coming out of it can vary, the first sense (more times than not) has been vision, then you panic because you can’t get any air, and it can last ten to twenty seconds before you’re body is fully functioning and then you’re fine.

Aside from the breathing (and that is due to the fact you’re in dire need of air, and the heart races terribly), it takes some time to gather yourself together.

At other times, the timing is better and your body comes out of it all at the same time. Once you’re in this sate, it’s at that point you can be moved either from home, or to and from the craft.

Now on board, Thomas looked and noticed that he was united again with his brother Mathew. He was standing in front of him only about 5 feet away in this bright, narrow hallway. It was at that time that they would be separated by two Gray’s, one with Thomas and other with Matthew. Thomas was taken to a room about forty feet in diameter, straight down the hall. Matthew remained behind.

Thomas describes the Grays attire as almost being pewter in color and tight-fitting. He believes they were approximately 5-feet high, except for one, who was between six and seven feet tall. He seemed to be in charge, the one that placed his hand on his own chest.

Although you could not see his lips move due to the head gear or hood, Thomas felt, as he describes it, a type of chemistry existed between him and the one in charge: messages, thoughts feelings and images although it would take some time to understand it was there, he found himself staring at him as it seamed to help enhance in some way the messages and feelings associated between them. The Tall Gray at times would also use a touch as well. Later he would use a projection, projecting an image.

The Gray placed his right hand on Thomas’ left shoulder seconds before they showed him the image of what resembled a galaxy then the willow image.

A projection screen similar to today’s plasma televisions covered about 80 per cent of the wall surface. This screen was at the front of this smaller UFO, which abducted the boys in 1966.

Recently, Thomas’ son asked his father if his glow stick was similar to the surface of the UFOs walls and his Dad agreed it was. Thomas adds that the walls and ceilings of both crafts seemingly generated a soft controlled light, in the same craft as anomalies were displayed.

Thomas describes the interior of the craft as having smooth, white hallways with no chairs. There were 5 crewmembers, including the Tall Gray who befriended him. This Gray made him feel important. Thomas believed he was interested in his “biological make up.” He was being indoctrinated, but for what purpose (?): to teach or inculcate or to imbue him with learning?

Thomas said that he felt there was a need for us and again the need involved genetics. Thomas believes, it’s not simply a need of something from us as much as a need as something given back to us. He is adamant that it involves a form of “blending” and feels this is why this phenomenon even happened to his family; perhaps these instrumental factors were present for this blending process to take place and or be successful.

Thomas and his brother later awoke to find themselves back in their bedroom.

Thomas was abducted next in the fall of 1967 while he and his brother were playing. Mathew saw flashes of light, heard the hinges rattle and realized that he was speaking to an empty bed.  He was witness to the very alien abduction process that only minutes later would also take him.

The ETs, the Grays, moved from room to room surrounded by a soft white glow. They moved silently and were supervised by a reptilian!  Next, Mathew saw an illuminated Gray hovering, just steps away, as a reptilian lingered and scanned the room.  When the aliens left Mathew went into his  mother’s room, and hid behind her bed, Both his mother and grandmother were in their beds but did not wake up during the abductions. He was frozen in fear. 

Mathew woke up his mother Nancy to help find Thomas. A door slammed and Mathew too was gone. Nancy and the grandmother searched the house and the property for hours; the boys were nowhere to be seen.

Then suddenly the boys were back standing in the driveway. They were both pale and very frightened staring at each other – eyes locked! Their mother quickly gathered the boys and ushered them into the house. She cared for the boys, and comforted them the best she could.

She knew about the Grays. Matthew went and sat at their kitchen table, his mother was trying to talk to him. She was now a bit panicked, and was getting them something to drink. She gave Thomas baby aspirin, then she went over and gave Matthew one.

Their mother walked back over to Tom, Matthew was placid, but would see an old style coke bottle cap on the table. It was face up, sharp edge to the table. He just starred at it. Then he took his index finger on his right hand and went to push it across the table. Just as he did that, it popped up in the air and landed face up again. Thomas remembers that it startled them. He went to push it again, and it did the exact same thing. Matt yelled for his mom to come and see. He showed her once, and she just had a this stare and a look on her face. Their mother then took them into the living room where they fell asleep on the couch.

The 1969 Reed Abduction

Thomas, Mathew, Nancy and their grandmother were returning home after attending a local horse show when they saw an enormous craft, off to the left side of the car.

“Thomas said it looked ‘like a flying strip mall’.”

The entire UFO was surrounded with a bank of windows. White and red lights appeared under the windows. They flashed on and off. Thomas remembers discussing the UFO with his family and now believes that the flashing lights were simply the UFO appearing and disappearing as it moved parallel to the car but behind rows of trees.

But they all agreed… The craft was huge. The car would slowly coast and then come to a stop off to the right side of the road, where the four of them would be abducted.

Remember, Thomas was only 9 years-old, and this room he was in was large. In his mind, it reminded him of a football field, but today looking back Thomas believed it was about 60-yards long.

There were several counters, approximately 10-feet from the entrance that he had just come through. They were very shiny. He thought polished. This may have been a check-in or holding area. It was large enough to hold a small Craft

This room seemed to have pushcarts and other stainless steel equipment pushed up against the right side walls. A Gray came to get him. It was standing in the hallway, where the light was very bright behind him. It walked closer to him and they walked out through the entrance. They turned right and walked down the hall to a room 12-feet wide where two reptilians and 2-3 Grays were waiting inside.

Regarding the 1969 abduction, I asked Thomas to describe the clothing the Grays were wearing. He stated that they wore a bone-colored attire and he believed that they were a type of protection. He feels the apparel protected them from Earth-born viruses.

Thomas Reed remembers being lain on a stainless steel-looking table. Next, he remembers the shock, anxiety and the fear that he experienced of being next to reptilian extraterrestrials!

Reed was face-to-face with them. The Gray his escort was only 12 inches away from his face and another was on his right side as well. This was strange because Grays always stayed on the left side as they escorted Abductees. But this Gray was on his right side.

The Reptilians were about 4-feet to the left of the table. One of them had a huge dark gold or bronze head. Looking at them he was immediately overwhelmed by a sensation of cold – they had no emotions, no empathy for him. They were totally detached. This was frightening, different; there was an opening on the far left side of the room. With his heart pounding, he made a run-for-it and found himself in a huge, intersecting hallway. He noticed some circular markings on the floor, but realized he didn’t know which way to go. He stopped running. He heard faint, human voices, coming from the hall opposite where he was standing. He listened trying to hear and learn more, but by then his escort was standing behind him.

He was taken back to the examination room and placed back on the table. A larger open cover that resembled the top of a tanning bed with large open sides was put over him first and white circles were placed on the left side of his body. Then black shiny objects, they looked like rocks to him, were placed on the white circles.

This description sounds very similar to an Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) wherein small sticky electrodes are applied to the patient’s chest, arms and legs. However, with some systems, the electrodes may be applied to the chest, shoulders and the sides of the lower chest, or hips. Wires are used to connect the patient to an EKG machine.

Initially, Thomas believed the open cover was to secure him to the table to prevent him from running away again.

Futuristic indeed, but still it was probably just an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or other diagnostic apparatus.

The machine moved down slowly, and the bottom of it met the table that he was on, and over him. His left side was exposed from shoulder to leg. (The machine stayed over him… It just came down and covered him from his chest to his feet.

Next, he remembers something or rather three (3) “something’s,” the “size of pack of cigarettes” fitted to the back of his head and then experiencing three “thumps” to his head. When the examination was completed, the machines lifted up and back, and the other attachments were removed.

He was returned back to the huge open room.

Thomas woke up and was sitting behind in the driver’s seat of their car. He saw his brother Mathew curled up in the backseat in the fetal position. His mother was asleep and was in the passenger seat, and through the front car window, he saw his grandmother about 60 feet down the road. He got out of the car and went to get her.

He was confused and she was walking aimlessly in the middle of the street.

He saw her turn and walk into a store, but when he reached the store, he watched his grandmother walk to where the kids’ strollers were. Her head was down. She didn’t say a word. She then laid her hands on a push bar of a stroller, and slowly guided it back and forth as if a live baby was in it. She must have been in shock and she began to cry.

Thomas took her hand and called her, “Nana, Nana.” She started to go with him, and as they walked passed the clerk at the counter, she slowed, turned as if to ask him for help, but never said anything. When they got back to the car, Nancy was now awake but quiet, in fact, she never uttered a single word the whole ride home.


Thomas stated that he was always accompanied by a Gray, and that a Gray always stands to his left side, even if you turn, the Gray turns with you or moves to stay on your left side).

When he was being taken to a small room, one Gray (his “escort,” if you will) accompanied him. They act as a guides, appointed to be a liaison and responsible for us while we are on board. Thomas doesn’t believe this point has ever been previously published.

Another thing that Thomas noticed is the fact that many people believe that the Grays have huge dark eyes, but he doesn’t think so.

On one occasion, when a Gray moved his head he was able to see the biological eye behind the Gray’s artificial lens cover. It may have been serendipitous, but as a result of the angle of light in room and the angle of the Gray’s head he saw an alien eye. It was more oval looking and yellowed, not just the eye, but everything behind the lens. It may have been that the dark lens-color added or enhanced the yellow tint. Thomas believes that this lens is part of the air-tight hoods that covers their faces.

It is important to remember that Thomas Reed remembers a great deal of his abductions so well to the point that he states that on the following day he rode his horse to try to find the landing area and he did. He is standing near it in the photo.

“I’m sure at times, I was unconscious. As you are transported, you’re frozen at that point. However, 80% of the earlier abductions were clear in his memory from the moment that they were over.

His memories are very vivid and, although he has submitted to several hours of regressive hypnosis, he has not remembered many more details, despite the 44-year span and his early age.

Thomas has passed every polygraph test with a (0.1%) of possible deception, a solid (99.9%) )

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