The ABC’s of UFO Reporting

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I am notoriously tough (on-air and in print) on the so called mainstream media for their own notoriously bad journalistic practices.  In fact, LAMEstream media in the U.S.A. is so incredibly off target that I have often said that if you take what they report and divide it by 10, you may be somewhere near their only kernel of truth.

The way the lamestream media has dealt with the topic of UFOs, particularly since around 1957, has earned them my complete disdain.  They have substituted their own ridiculous statements and giggled-up opinions for journalism.  With the cool intellect of mushrooms they have done everything possible to assist the government in putting a lid on serious UFO investigation and research.  They have, through their attempts to manipulate public opinion, done everything possible to ruin the reputations of highly credentialed scientists, pilots, military personnel, and average citizens.  So blatant has their complicity become that it is a case of the emperor having no clothes.  They stand today as naked buffoons in the public square.  The public no longer buys their nonsense–or their newspapers, their magazines, or their broadcasts.  While their ratings are in the toilet, they have continued to spit in the eyes of a public who, in majority, think that UFOs are real and that the government is covering up the truth about them.  That is certainly not a very bright position to take from a marketing perspective.

A friend of mine, referring to a very famous television network news anchor, said this.  “The way you can tell if he is telling a lie is if he is talking.  The way you can tell if it is a damned lie is if he is talking to a politician.”

Just as I am harsh in my criticisms of mainstream media, I am also quick to applaud them when they get it right.  They do get it right once in a while, even if it is by accident. 

A recent report by ABC News regarding a UFO sighting got it right.  Whether by accident or on purpose, they got it right.  They simply reported the facts of the incident.  They did not substitute IQ with giggles and ridicule.  They just reported the facts.  They did not add to, or subtract from the available information.  They just reported the facts and, for this shining moment of journalistic integrity, my hat is off to them.

Should ABC News personnel (or any other media personnel) read this article, please take note that no one in the community of UFO investigators, researchers, writers, etc., desires the media to champion their views.  All we want is that you report the facts.  Leave the giggle factor out of it.  Dispense with the ridicule.  Stop shilling for the government cover-up of UFOs, and just report the facts–as did ABC News. Congratulations, ABC!  More!  More!  More!

Oh, by the way reporters, drop all those incredibly stupid side statements about “little green men”.  We, in the UFO community did not invent them–you did.  It really makes you look pusillanimous when you ridicule one of your own creations and aim it at us as though we are the source of it, especially when we all know “little green men” are your own critters.

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