The Abductee’s Symbol – The Ongoing Mystery


For the past few years I have been searching to find a symbol that a lifelong abductee has been drawing since the age of three. 

The abductee first remembers strange events occurring in life at  the same time this mysterious symbol entered into this person’s life which was about age three.  That is when the constant scribbling of this mysterious symbol started. 

As a child the abductee would be shown this symbol along the walls at night . It was not once or twice it was a nightly event that went on  for a few years.  The abductee’s parents had other children and considered this simply a child’s nightmare and brushed it off.  

It was also the time the abductee could recall strange events  including being taken while playing and being placed back down from a height by way of a white ray of light . This abductee ‘s life was never like that of other people. 

The symbol is a one motion continuous line that a three year old should have a problem conquering however that was not the case with this abductee. 

Along with the normal scribbling art of a typical three year old this abductee also constantly drew this symbol. This continued on  throughout  childhood  with every drawing the abductee made. When the parents questioned the young child to what it meant she would reply that is me! The entire symbol ordeal was becoming very strange for this family and the child. 

The symbol continued to appear on schoolwork , art work and all things that could be used to doodle or draw. At about age 8 the school insisted that this behavior of adding this symbol to all the little abductee’s work must stop.  

The Abductee told me it was a great effort that needed a huge amount of concentration and focus to not form this symbol . It had become such a part of the abductee’s personality that not making the symbol took enormous work to stop. 

Today now age 60 this abductee has spent a life time of carrying this symbol through life. The habit or  ritual of automatically forming it was controlled but to this day it can be found everywhere on things like bank books, calendars , note pads, anything that is laying around that is not of a business or important  nature.  

It is odd that a child would develop such a complex one motion symbol at such a young age. It is odd that the compulsion to constantly repeat it continued for a life time when the abductee showed no signs of any other compulsive character traits. 

I have been asking my readers if they have ever seen or have any knowledge of this symbol for the last two years.  

I have had many good people try to help  however most suggestions were not close at all to this one line continuous motion symbol.  

Two people have given me material that may bring  some answers to this mystery . I am hopeful that by reaching out one last time to my readers and those who have an interest and  hopefully some insight or knowledge concerning this symbol we may be able to find some answers to this mystery. 

I have asked the abductee to once again draw this symbol and show me how it is made with one quick stroke of the pen.  I will tell you that this symbol jumps from her pens tip with such speed that it is impossible to follow the method.  It is broken down to show you the direction used to make it in one quick move. 

If you have ever seen this exact symbol before or have any information of what it means please contact me. 

For now this symbol will remain as mysterious as this abductees entire life has been.

Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings. 



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