What happens to us when we die? Many think of heaven as an unimaginable state of bliss. As for hell, it’s far out of proportion to any sin we might have committed and makes a travesty of God. But what if the afterlife was something very different? The key to such knowledge is mediumship. Three decades of research have taught the author, a world expert in the field of death and afterlife studies, who the most reliable voices are. These accounts are far better developed and more plausible than anything found in the worlds scriptures or theologies. Taken at face value, they represent the vivid experience of spirits, or ex-humans, eager to tell about their amazing world.

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Dr. Stafford Betty’s book was one of the best I have read on the subject. The professor’s intellectual integrity, conscientious comparison of seven historical accounts of afterlife communicators, and wise integration of their points of agreement and disagreement, all paint a credible and compelling picture of what a personal afterlife may be like. His book shows respect for all world religions, but he fits human orthodoxies under an infinitely more expansive umbrella of the completely equitable, compassionate, and brilliant nature of the Creator. It not only helps the reader dispense with fear of death and feel comfort about deceased loved ones; it also inspires to make the best use of one’s earthly life in service to others. Dr. Betty’s book will, no doubt, transform your view of the afterlife—and this life–for the better. Amazon reviewer.

by Stafford Betty

There can be few, if any, more important questions than what happens to us when we die. This book contains what purport to be reports from people who have died, telling us in what conditions they live, and how they may move on from one sphere to another. Whatever they may make of this, everyone will find it intensely interesting. ~ John Hick (Author of Death and Eternal Life, preeminent philosopher of global religion)

Stafford Betty is a professor of religion at California State University in Bakersfield, earned his PhD in theology from Fordham University, and is a world expert on afterlife studies. Bakersfield California United States

For more information or to purchase this book through AMAZON.COM, simply click on its title: The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World



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