The ancient gods of Ireland and the link to our extraterrestrial ancestry

The ancient gods of Ireland and the link to our extraterrestrial ancestry 

By Pat Regan


The ancient gods and goddesses, in pre-Christian mythology, do at times draw claims of alien pedigree.

Let’s investigate this situation a little further. 

Like many, I have an amount of Irish blood coursing through my veins. Therefore the following issue holds a private enthralment for me. 

The Tuatha De Danann; of gods and extraterrestrial relatives 

In Ireland the primordial race customarily named ‘The Tuatha De Danann’ (Children of the Goddess Danu) descended from Nemed, leader of a previous wave of inhabitants of Ireland.   

They arrived in Ireland, on or about May 1st (the date of the Pagan festival of Beltaine), on ‘dark clouds’. 

Naturally, that would suggest to some an airborne landing from a period thousands of years ago and well before mankind had the ability to fly. 

Later versions rationalise this story by saying they burned their ships to avoid withdrawal, and the “clouds” were the smoke produced by this act. This seems potentially illogical as no fleet would surely resort to such draconian measures after transporting themselves great distances, via sea. 

Nuada, their king, lost an arm in battle which was, according to legend, later replaced by a ‘fully operational’ working one crafted out of silver. 

Some would claim that this primeval tale displays ancient extraterrestrial medical technology, far above any human ability known in that day. 

Other strange capabilities possessed by The Tuatha De Danann.

Myth has it that they came from four cities on four islands; Murias, Falias, Gorias, and Findias, bringing with them The Four Treasures, also known as The Hallows of Ireland. 

The supposed location of these islands varies; a number of stories placing them in the far north, others placing one island apiece at each so-called corner of the world, while a third account places them in the ‘skies’. 

From Falias came The ‘Stone of Fal’, The Stone of Destiny which was purportedly located near the Hill of Tara in County Meath. This object was said to cry out underneath every Irish king. 

From Gorias came the Spear of Destiny. It was crafted by the Smith of Falias for the god named Lugh to use in his fight against Balor a rival (his hateful grandfather) in battle. Such was its power that no skirmish was ever continued against this item, or against the person who wielded it. 

Moreover, Balor had great power for legend tells us that when he was cut down by Lugh, his lethal eye was still open. 

Balor fell into the ground and then his deadly eye shot out a beam which scorched a hole into the earth. Subsequently the hole filled with water and became a lagoon which is now known as Loch na Suil, or ‘Lake of the Eye’, which is to be discovered in County Sligo. 

From Findias came the sword of Nuada.  No one ever escaped from it once it was drawn from its deadly sheath. Such was its supernatural power that no one could oppose it. 

From Murias there came the ‘Dagda’s Cauldron’.  This paranormal cauldron was bottomless. It could, according to the old Celtic accounts, nourish an entire army. No company ever left this item unsatisfied. It also had the power to heal the wounded and the sick. 

The Tuatha De Danann is just one ancient culture, people, deity pantheon or mythological aspect said to have super-human powers. Many more exist in parallel cultures throughout history. 

I am led to believe, after years of studying and writing on the latter, that the majority of legendary accounts are clandestine heathen metaphors for the unremitting cycle of life, death and resurrection found in the natural world. Cycles that our primordial Pagan forbears knew intimately, and that were later on usurped by the ever-scheming Church fathers. 

However, could a minority of mythological stories, which tell of enormous feats of power, paranormal objects, etc, be cloaked indications of mysterious visitations from more ‘advanced’ alien civilisations from other far distant worlds? 

Could these well-recorded and remembered treaties in native folklore be concealed traces of our long-lost cosmic relatives that once roamed the earth?  

My latest UFO/extraterrestrial research indicates that this is in fact distinctly probable. 

This of course brings us right back to that extraordinary little lady and her beloved child, which we have come to know most affectionately as ‘Alien Mom’.

Yes, to coin that well-worn phrase once again: ‘The truth is out there!’ 

The coveted doorway to truth will however ‘only’ be unlocked via the truly open-minded ones.  

Vatican jumping on the extraterrestrial bandwagon 

Long before the intolerant Christian missionaries usurped the older native legends/traditions of the dear old Emerald Isle, an anciently-inherited perception ‘within’ held the populace in awe. 

Try as they may, the trained devotees of Christ and Saint Patrick could not completely eradicate the earth-orientated, Pagan mythology of Ireland; and to this day the ingrained secrets therein are unfolding for all genuine seekers of truth. 

Somewhat comically the Vatican is jumping on the UFO/Alien bandwagon, not wishing to be left out in the vital popularity stakes, and offering to baptise any aliens that happen to come along. 

Apparently nowadays the once untouchable Catholic principle of only mankind possessing immortal souls has been comically jettisoned in favour of the relentless Vatican quest to evangelise the un-churched, godless masses. 

This is the height of religious fraudulence after centuries of monotheistic suppression of our wholesome, heathen spiritual inheritance; a legacy that granted every living being, place or action its own essential spirit within. 

The iron-fisted Church was once quick to transform beloved Pagan gods and goddesses into new-fangled heroes, saints or wicked demons. Over the centuries, it happily drove an ecclesiastical bulldozer though our wondrous pre-Christian spiritual inheritance and now expects its latest popularity gambit, i.e. Baptise an aliento be taken seriously by the world’s populace. 

Evidently the priestly authors of such religious claptrap still perceive the global public to be as uneducated, and gullible, as the Dark Age peasants they once deviously hoodwinked out of their native, Pagan birthright.  


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