The Blue Skin People!

Blue People – A Door Towards Thinking About Other Life Forms

by Chris Holly

Below find a very interesting article concerning a family linked disorder that produces people with blue skin. The reason I am posting this article is to show the extreme difference in life forms on our own planet.  It helps to open our minds to what other life forms may have developed across the universe if we understand how varied life is on our own planet.

 I am a believer that life may come in forms we can  not yet  imagine and keep an open mind to other styles of life that may be far different from the human form or typical form reported of a head legs and arms format of being. I think if we have blue beings here on earth the universe must have life forms beyond our understanding. 

When you think of life think with an open mind. There can be life forms that have multiple appendages who may crawl or fly rather than walk.  There may be life forms that are pure energy who can move and manipulate via sheer energy and not need form. We may find cloud like life forms or cold scale covered intelligence out there.

My only point is for you to  not keep your thinking of other beings always in human form or as presented by Hollywood.  Understand that life from other places be it universal , dimensional or from places we have not even considered existing may very well be nothing like the life on this planet.  We really have to view the unknown clearly with open boundaries to consider any concept that  may have evolved in ways far from our way of things.

Many life forms may have one head , two arms and legs however others may have a completely different set up.  If humans come in many shapes , sizes , and colors who knows what the endless space of the unknown offers.

Keep your mind open and your thinking wide.  It is the only way to approach the subjects we do not yet understand.  One day we may crawl out of our dark hole of ignorance that we stand in concerning things we think of as paranormal. Until then simply realize we have miles to go and need to be open and willing to ever climb out of the darkness to a level of enlightenment for all that we do not know. 

Blue people may seem frightening or strange however their existence is explained so we can understand why they exist.  One day if we can open our minds and evolve our intelligence we too will understand as we do about blue people what we need to know about all the other life forms that exist out there-  in the  place we call the  unknown!

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Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise

Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise

Benjamin “Benjy” Stacy so frightened maternity doctors with the color of his skin — “as Blue as Lake Louise” — that he was rushed just hours after his birth in 1975 to University of Kentucky Medical Center.

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