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Thoughts on what has occurred before….

Some folks can spot a scam but what makes it so ‘effective’ is that many cannot. And at times the bigger the swindle the more successful it becomes as the perplexed masses figure it must be genuine as it is so large.

Many point-scoring politicians have apparently fallen for the passion of eco-fundamentalism; the Global Salvationist Movement, hook line and sinker wherein rational debate is virtually frowned upon and perceived as a form of blasphemy.

Opec’s Secretary-General recently stated that the Nicholas Stern’s Report on climate change, published by the British Government, had no basis in science or economics. He was supported by a plethora of top scientists globally who also questioned the so-called ‘science’ behind that particular government attempt to sign us all into the sanctified realms of the ‘Church of Climate Alarmism’.

Alarmists should be made aware that many sources around the globe fail to share their ‘belief’ that the “Science is proven”:

“Few government reports have been greeted with less scepticism than Nicholas Stern’s scary scenario on climate change, but seldom has a report purporting to be a serious study been so deficient in scientific back-up. While its contents have been taken as gospel by various interest groups, the media and the ALP, a number of bona fide experts are deeply concerned at the report’s lack of any real intellectual rigour. ” Australian Daily Telegraph, 5th Nov. 06

“Apocalypse Now!!! … or that’s what global warmiacs would have us believe as the British unveil the increasingly infamous Stern economic report on global warming. It’s beginning to look remarkably like a Monty Python parody of that other British parody on government called Yes Minister. Just add Victoria’s Mr. Floaty to the scene of Python-like loonies running around in circles, all screaming that the sky is falling, and you will get the picture. Prime Minister Tony Blair is desperately trying to resuscitate his own demolished reputation. It has dropped so low members of his own caucus and cabinet recently tried to kick him out as leader in an equally desperate attempt to salvage something of that party’s electoral hopes. Blair has seized on global warming as his road to personal recovery and for creating a legacy. Proposing measures only a lunatic in an opposition party would ever consider, Blair is plunging the British people into a quagmire of taxes, restrictions and rationing that would do justice for a reprise of Russian centralized government control.” Cowichan Valley News Leader, Canada – 8 Nov 2006

Climate will and has changed constantly and radically over eons. If the current trend is one of (natural) planetary warming then rather than wasting valuable resources on chasing contemporary versions of Noah’s Ark, via anthropomorphic global warming myths, we should be preparing to be flexible enough to change our ways, as ancient man was forced to when Mother Nature went though one of her many climatic moods. Global warming has happened many times before cars and industry were invented, and to a much higher degrees than now.

Mother Nature produces far more greenhouse gases than humans do. For instance, when the Mount Pinatubo volcano erupted, within just a few hours it had thrown into the atmosphere 30 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide, that’s almost twice as much as all the factories, power plants and cars in the United States do in an entire year. Oceans release 90 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, each year. Decomposing plants push out another 90 billion tonnes, compared to just six billion tonnes a year from man. 100 million years ago, there was six times as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as there is today, nonetheless the temperature then was marginally cooler than it is today. Numerous scientists have also concluded that carbon dioxide doesn’t even influence climate.

Regardless of whether the somewhat bewildered alarmists are able to get us all out of our cars, onto bicycles with little wind turbines installed on the top of our houses, if the planet wants to change it will as it always has done. No amount of green taxation, recycling or shouting in the press will make any scrap of difference. Ergo, sensible adaptation rather than futile prevention attempts must be the reasonable way forward. Looking like you are doing something nice, noble and ever so green may win a few votes and cut it with some, yet if your efforts are based on sham science, the dubious economics, which follow suit and political point scoring they will be doomed to failure from the start.

Sadly politicians are now terrified to come out and call for reasonable debate on these issues and instead decide to jump on the popular green bandwagon – a wagon with very shaky wheels. The cost of implementing the ineffective so-called ‘solutions’ to climate change would be mindboggling and utter nonsense as well – have these politicians been made aware of this or will they just continue to follow the popular trend of this modern eco-myth?

Another thing I have noticed many time has been point-scoring politicians crowing about global warming whilst turning a blind eye to local wildlife habitat destruction for commercial profit. Such hypocrisy is legion and par for the course in the establishment. The subterfuge is clear for many lie-ridden politicians. They pretend to care about the ecosystem via banging on about climate change, yet at the same time they are right behind local ‘profit-orientated’ plans to bulldoze that old frog pond down the road to gain a few more bucks in the council reserves.  Money is placed before the countryside almost every time when it comes to the establishment.
Man is happy to pollute the planet for commercial profit if he can get away with it. This is wrong, incredibly wrong because the earth is our genetic home and we must safeguard it. We hurt the earth and ultimately we hurt ourselves. We are small cells within the greater whole. Nevertheless, alarmist myths on climate change will not stop the grass-root polluters and stiffer action with harsher penalties must be implemented for such transgressions.
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13 thoughts on “The Church of Climate Alarmism

  1. My Concern for Climate is No “Church”
    My deep concern over too-rapid climate change is not any kind of “church.” Why characterize it as such? Billions of people know it has changed too drastically and violently to be one of Nature’s “moods” as if she were pre-menstrual. Earth goes through cycles but I believe humans have added that extra fuel through abuse, to create this extremely fast-moving, radical crisis. Maybe Stern’s report was lacking, it proves nothing. Floods, super-storms, droughts, ice melt & more tell us, it’s real!

    “Church” – building used for public Christian worship. An organization with clergy and particular doctrines.

    Christian – one who believes in Jesus Christ.

    Belief – a conviction based on trust or faith.

    As a geophysicist, I form opinions on the basis of facts, not belief. The facts are in, and are as yet not disputed by credible evidence of “natural causes”. Man’s contribution to warming is established in science.
    Today’s news:

  3. Thanks for a reasoned mind
    When I am attacked by a man made climate zealot, my question to them is if the climate were cold rather than hot, could man in all his technological prowess warm the cold planet. The answer is almost always “no, the Earth is too big for man to do that”. I then ask “if we can’t warm a cool planet, how can we cool a warm planet?” Deer in headlights look. The main culprit is the largest sphere in our solar system, the Sun!

    1. Zealot? Another Religious Mistake
      Reasoned? You begin with “when I am atacked by a man (or woman, I would add) who is a climate zealot” Ah, now there’s “reasoning”? If I have a different opinion, well based in science, I am your attacker? Or as Mr. Regan says,I’m something out of Monty Python. Hot & cold have different properties, your glib comeback makes no sense. From what I can deduce from Mr. Regan’s article, I must be “just right” in my concern for the environment but if I step one inch over his rule, I am “in the church.”

  4. Wrong end of the stick!
    The “Monty Python” quote I am alleged to have made was in fact made by ‘Cowichan Valley News Leader, Canada’ – 8 Nov 2006, not I! My concern is that politicians jump on the climate eco-bandwagon whilst at the same time conveniently ignoring local habitat loss. As a devoted eco-campaigner I am utterly amazed and extremely disappointed how some folks have misunderstood me and U-Turned on what has gone before!

  5. “From what I can deduce from
    “From what I can deduce from Mr. Regan’s article, I must be “just right” in my concern for the environment but if I step one inch over his rule, I am “in the church.”

    My rule, what…? I make no laws! However, if I see a coterie floating a misleading myth then I speak up. So, guilty as charged on that one. I do ‘not’ expect everyone to agree with everything I say however. That is ‘freedom of opinion’, which I defend with my life! I covered most of this is my book – Dirty Politics.

    1. Local Confusion
      Perhaps articles on local situations are confusing to the rest of us in the world; maybe that’s why we don’t do articles on local political issues (U.K. issues in Pat’s case). If one does such an article, it needs to be clear it is about that local issue, not the planetary situation. To call it “the church of climate alarmism” seems to include all enviornmentalists planetwide but apparently was not intended that way. The wording got confusing, Pat, which is always the challenge to a writer.

      1. No bees, no flowers, no water
        In Iowa, we have no bees anymore, not honey, not bumble, not wild. The brambles (briars) had no flowers this year and thus no blackberries. There are no butterflies, no dragonflies, most birds have left early – but to go where, the drought is worse in the Midwest than the Upper Midwest. Farmers pour chemicals on the land and plant GMO crops,killing Her slowly. I moved back to Iowa 15 years ago; then it was still a living land. Now it is dying before my eyes, no alarmism, but truth.

  6. Warming, Cooling, or What?
    There is no isolated “local weather” pattern of change. All changes, though appearing different, are connected to worldwide changes. I.e., as the Greenland Ice pack melts, it dumps millions of tons of freshwater into the Gulf stream, the principal source of warmth for Europe, driving the warm water to the cooling depths, and slowing the flow. As the stream slows, Europe gets colder. Stream stops, Europe in mini-ice age. A counter intuitive result of global warming. And, the dominoes fall.

  7. Solar Maximum
    Your presumption that I fail to realize the influence of solar activity is in error. I am quite aware of the several influences on atmospheric warming. All taken into account, human production of CO2 stands out as the principal additional factor contributing to the rapid and accelerating changes now being experienced. Solar activity is not rapidly changing, but is acting in a predictably cyclical manner. CO2 is not the single cause, but is the additional element “tipping the balance”.

    1. Re Solar Maximum
      There was no presumption of any failings directed at you. I was not replying to your comment. I was merely adding to the subject at hand a perspective and information previously not mentioned. No attack on you was implied or intended.
      I am sorry if you felt that way.

    The focus of this site is not geophysical debate. But, one last comment. Further confirmation of excess production of CO2 is ocean acidity due to CO2 absorption which is increasing at a rate parallel to atmospheric increases. Acidity is killing coral reefs. Life dependent on the reefs is dieing. Life dependent on the life from reef environments is dieing. Life dependent on the life dependent on, etc.
    Excess CO2 is a murderous monster with more than one head.
    No more from me on this.

  9. Solar Maximum is playing its roll
    The Solar activity and a highly ion charged upper atmosphere coupled with weak spots in the magnetic shield that surrounds the Earth are playing a significant role in the current climate behaviour. Latest technological advances in Satellite design have allowed a closer study of Solar activity via SDO, SOHO and European Satellites. Believe it or not but our planetary weather is closely linked to the weather system in our solar system. It is all a much bigger picture than you realise.

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