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Officials Suppress UFO Ties to Nuclear Sites

By Bill Wickersham

In September 2010, six former U.S. Air Force officers, ranging in rank from first lieutenant to full colonel, testified at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., regarding UFO-related observations and operational “shutdowns” of U.S. nuclear weapons sites in this country and abroad.

Minot AFB, North Dakota

A few days ago, another former Air Force Minuteman nuclear missile launch officer, Capt. David Schindele, cited a 1966 UFO incursion at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., at which time he was warned by a superior officer never to speak of the incident again.

Capt. Schindele’s testimony brings to mind the statement by the late U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper, who said of UFOs:

“For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the U.S.A., our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us…

And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public.”

The pressing question concerning this insidious secrecy is:

Will this silence continue to be tolerated by the press, government officials

and otherwise concerned citizens?


Robert Hastings

Author “UFOs & Nukes”

Photo Composition :Robert D. Morningstar

For additional information on the UFO-Nuclear Connection, see UFO analyst Robert Hastings’ website:

Also, see the website of former U.S. Air Force missile launch officer Robert Salas at:

Bill Wickersham

Editor, the Columbia Tribune

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