The Confused Convoluted Dead End Road to the Answers of the Unknown

The paranormal.  I write about it , I talk to people about it and I think about it a great deal of the time.  I have periods of time I think I finally have parts of the unexplained  figured out when something happens to confuse my thinking leaving me once more wondering exactly what it is that makes it  remain unexplained?

 Adding to the fact that we seem lost to most of the truth behind many areas of the unknown is the ciaos surrounding the paranormal by those who enjoy spending time keeping it that way.

This is one area that attracts people for many reasons . The unfortunate part of this is that many of those reasons have little to do with wanting to find the truth and fact behind so many unknown mysteries.

The paranormal is a extreme mix of Hollywood and Science mixed in a large stew of serious investigators with the fakes for funds and plain confused or crazy all trying to swim in one large pool.

This of course keeps the subjects considered paranormal standing in a laughable  less than serious light by many as well as a source for entertainment for most.

The minority of the subject matter are those trying to figure out what really is happening in the world of the unknown . The people who want to investigate the unexplained spend as much time climbing over road blocks built in to the paranormal by way of those who want to keep it in the dark making it  nearly impossible for those trying to  make headway .

As a society we seem to insist the  things we do not yet understand , that are considered unexplained,  remain that way .

I have come to the conclusion that we have made a decision as a civilization to keep the paranormal good camp fire stories to frighten and thrill us instead of considering the fact they are simply unknown science or facts we just do not understand.

We are funny creatures that way.  We also insist  that anyone who may think they are a serious person of science should never consider looking at or trying to understand things unknown.

As a society we prefer to exclude things we do not  understand as ridiculous rather than admit we  are ignorant and do not have the ability to explain them.

  Our rational with things unknown is as paranormal in my thinking as every other subject connected with the unexplained. It is beyond my comprehension to understand why we are close minded and arrogant with things we do not yet understand and cannot figure out.   

All of this makes it incredibly difficult to sort out what really is happening with so many unexplained events and encounters that occur each and every day.

I have been writing over the years about many strange events that I have been told about by the people who live  where I do on Long Island , New York.  I have written about UFO sightings, lost time events. abductions, ghost sightings, along with other odd things that have happened to or  have been seen by my fellow Long Islanders.  I have written many firsthand reports of  my own strange experiences and events that I have endured during my time living here on the Island as well. 

Long Island is a odd place. It is close to New York City yet within a short drive of  open country and long stretches of  beach facing the Atlantic Ocean.

 It also is the home of the infamous Plum Island as well as Camp Hero  the now closed famous military base located at Montauk Point.
We are an old community as far as this country is concerned with lots of history surrounding us.

I considered all of these things as factors with the paranormal events that have taken place here on this long thin island. 

I often thought that the activities that took place on Plum Island or in the Montauk Area military bases may have had some type of connection to the many strange encounters of those living on Long Island.

This all seemed logical to me as more information about experiments and strangeness comes forth about those locations.

This is where it gets frustrating , annoying and obvious we are disconnected and completely disorganized  with things we do not understand.

Recently I was sent information about a group planning to start a dig to look at the idea that  North America is covered with canals built by ancient builders  dating back past the  pre Columbian time.

The thinking is that we were once part of a massive civilization that was advanced to the point of building large irrigations and canal systems across North America. The demise of this civilization came with the changes in our earth  considered our ancient world history  of  disasters and continent changes leaving us only with the carvings we now consider rivers and inlets that were once part of this lost empires water systems.

I found this information interesting yet far from being proven and did not think much of it until I looked at the areas considered part of this lost civilizations main canals.  With only a slight interest in this subject I looked at the area this group considers  part of their top priority for  ancient canals. I nearly fell off my chair.

What I found myself looking at was the exact river, area and town that I not only grew up but where I  had many strange encounters and sightings.

Not only was the location  posted by this group where I lived, it had a  Google Earth  tool  of the area allowing me to zoom in to the exact places I had odd encounters .  I was able to zoom to clearly view the place I was chased by a strange green ray as a child . It gave a clear view of the house my family lived in while we dealt with a strange creature that invaded our home as well as the dock where a large UFO was sighted in the 60’s. I felt a bit confused finding  the top area of the ancient canal builders to be the very same that I experienced all those horrid events. 

Not only was this group looking at the places I had my experiences they had the places on Long Island where others have reported major UFO sightings, lost time events as well as many other odd occurrences of extreme strangeness also marked as places of interest . 

I had to sit back and wonder if  we can really be so  wrong about so much of what we believe as our history or if we are getting lost in research that simply does not make sense. Could it just be a coincidence they picked the exact spots we experienced so many odd  events or was it not coincidental at all?.

I do understand that there may be no fact at all to the claims of this group looking at  Long Island as being a place of ancient builders and lost civilizations.

 I realize  many have been searching for the lost land of Atlantis as well as other theories of our past for years without  any major success. I also know we are lost when it comes to our own history and not really sure what took place before recorded history . 

There may have been civilizations that did exist on this earth during different times when this planet and its land mass was very different then it is today.

Who knows what took place and if we were the only ones who inhabited the planet. We may have been a combination of species or beings from all over the universe living in harmony all over the earth.

Or the planet  could have been void of  life as we know it or somewhere in between. All I know is that we do not know . Who knows how many options there may be  for what really took place before the human race commanded the planet.

I  admit I now have  confusion in my  thoughts  why the people of Long Island have had so many strange encounters in the same exact location being looked at as part of an ancient site of a extinct civilization of builders .

 Can the  river and outlets I once stood while viewing a large unknown craft or being chased by a strange ray of light along the rivers bank as a child be the place of an ancient civilization?

It seems my questions concerning the unknown are  becoming more convoluted, more  suspicious and  extremely difficult to unravel. We seem to be in a locked box where we continue on our path of disorganized, disconnected   confusion in the paranormal surrounded by those who refuse to work together on one hand and those who insist on dragging fantasy and delusion into it on the  other hand.

 By way of  my own personal experiences I have learned we have other forms of  beings here with us. I do not know where they come from or how long they have been here. I just know they come here.

My guess would be they have been visiting – passing through for a very long time. I do not think we are very important to them but do have some resource be it biological material or something else I do not understand that keeps them coming back.

I think if we were serious  about learning who and what they are we could do it. I think if we joined forces and stopped being self centered self agenda driven beings we would understand our own history and realize a great deal more about our coming future.

As it stands we remain in a struggle with our own kind without  understanding the art of working as one civil society. The paranormal is simply a reflection of the world. We refuse to work together and continue to stay in a state of ignorance and darkness . 

I would love to know if the places on Long Island were in fact the area where once a ancient empire  stood. It sure may help us understand why so many people have encounters that are strange and unexplained. If  other life forms were involved it may explain why these areas are hot beds of paranormal activity still today..

I have no idea what to think about the questions we have  concerning so many unexplained subjects. There does not seem to be a united joined connect of  those who want to work together on finding the answers.

I do see many people working on solo projects on many subjects. I anticipate many different theories on all of the questions being looked at as I know there is little unity yet tons of  need to be the one who is right .

Like many of you I would love to know the outcome of all things unknown.   I guess unless those who are far more evolved than we are   decide to tell us our own history we will remain confused.  We seem to remain by our own will  disconnected  and without the ability to organize  to figure it out.

 I have little hope we will join in a working order to find the answers of the unknown . As it stands we are not able to live on the planet together without constant hate, war and death as a way of life. 

We have miles to go before we can consider this planet being one with a civilized population. Surely we are viewed as savages by those who watch us live as aggressive murdering barbaric beings. We may be on the verge of a working society but up until  now we have a long way to go before we can enter a universal community of beings who have advanced to the point of visiting us on their terms with technology we can only dream to one day master. 

Maybe one day we will become a united planet with a united need to understand the universe around us . Maybe one day we will be ready to reach for the stars and join our universal neighbors.

I for one doubt it will be in my lifetime and will have to continue on my path drawing my conclusions from my own personal experiences.

I hope one day we can get past our own humanity and traits that keep us locked in the dark and reach the stars and all who live among them.

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