The Continued Reports of Extremely Strange UFOs



By Chris Holly

The Continued Reports of Extremely Strange UFO ‘S

Recently I wrote an article about reports I was receiving describing odd large building size and shape UFO’s being seen all over the world. I found the reports strange and thought they were very rare. 

As soon as I published that article new reports started to come in concerning this type of sighting. I realized that this may not be as rare as I assumed . I also found a thread running through each  report stating that since the people who witnessed these strange crafts never heard about anyone else seeing them they remained silent about their encounter. Once they read others  also were encountering  these odd large crafts or floating structures they decided to come forward  by sharing their experience.

I think this may be a case of a strangeness that has been swept under the carpet by way of its odd appearance and fear of ridicule by those seeing them. I do think they are uncommon but feel there are enough people on this planet who have seen them to realize this is another face of the UFO subject that simply has been neglected.

I do not know what the people are seeing. They all report what appears to be a building type structure  floating where buildings or any structure should not be- yet there they are!

I have no idea if these structures  are huge alien crafts, our own military black ops , or something that we have not even named or categorized yet. They may be dimensional or holograms  or projections of some kind.

I have no clear theory or explanation for what is being seen . I do know people are seeing these things all over the world.  I believe I once read that ancient civilizations left references to flying buildings however I am not sure of the source or if that was correctly translated over history. I do know people in our time are seeing these strange structures .

I will present to you the reports I have been sent concerning these strange structures. I always protect the Identity of those who are gracious enough to share their encounters with us. I am not interested in destroying privacy or lives I am only interested in what they have seen . Sharing the knowledge of what is being witnessed is far more important than ripping apart someone’s privacy. 

I will start with the most recent reports including the original article sightings below  the new reports for those who did not read my original article on this strange subject..

Here are the new reports recently sent in concerning this new type of craft or structure:

Hi Chris,

 I just read your article about  big rectangle building looking  UFO’s on  one of the paranormal sites on the internet.  In Sept. 2004 I saw a tennis-court size building floating over North East  Charlotte, North Carolina. It was broad daylight about  5pm  during rush hour traffic. I was driving very slowly on an exit ramp off of route  I-85 North.  I did not have the sense  at the time to look around to see if anybody else saw it.  This  strange UFO had 6 or 7 floors . It was  encased in reflective panels like you would see in a skyscraper.  It made no sound.  I reported this to NUFORC  at the time. My account is listed there.


Next  came this strange report:

Chris Holly

On August 8, 2008 I was on a 8:30 am break at work. I worked 5 miles. north of downtown Ft. Worth Texas at the time..

I was staring out the back door  of my workplace  looking toward the skyline.

Suddenly I  saw a huge grey object slowly moving across the sky from East to West. The sighting lasted for  about 35 seconds.

 The object looked like a 3 level parking garage .  I could see sky light through horizontal slits in its structure. .  I did not see any lights on the structure. I did not hear any sound however think it was too far away for me to hear from that distance in the early active morning.

I think it was about 1/4 mile away.  From what I could tell it was approximately  150 ft in length and about 60 ft in height. I would say it was  moving along the skyline about  30 mph. 

 I watched as it began to  move or float behind the building next door to it.  I ran to tell the two other workers who were also on  break who were located in a different part of our workplace to take a look at this odd thing moving through the sky.  It had moved behind another building. We waited for whatever it was to move into view again.  That did not happen. The thing just disappeared. It was simply gone!.

My co- workers made a big joke of it . I will tell you   the sight of that thing plagued me for quite a while.

I had almost given up thinking about it until I viewed Episode 20 of UFO Hunters on the History channel  and couldn’t believe that  they were talking about nearly the same thing I had seen .

I always wondered if I would ever  see a bona fide UFO. I really had my  doubts . I never thought  I would see one in the form  of a floating grey building structure.  I just think of this as more strange things that go on out there. Wonders never cease.


 TX I find all of these  sightings very strange and frightening . I have to wonder what and how many beings or inhabitants may be housed in these structures . Could they be transporting hundreds if not thousands of alien  life forms? Could it be a dimensional craft? Can this be top secret military experiments?  The report below I find very interesting as it shows that this is an ongoing mystery. This sighting happened only a few days ago.  

Ms. Holly

Somebody gave me you article  concerning  floating building UFOS.

 Monday afternoon I was on a plane coming from Dallas to Houston. I was on the 3:00 pm Southwest flight #50 from Dallas to Houston January 24, 2011.  It was approximately 3:35 – 3:50 pm. As we approached Houston we entered a storm and some  heavy clouds.  I looked out of my window and I saw what looked like the top of a radio tower with 3 spires pointing up sticking out of the clouds.

 It was not moving and very close to the airplane- maybe 200 – 300 meters tops. I thought to myself that we must be really close to the ground in this  thick fog and I was seeing the top of a building.

The plane then  went through another break in the clouds and I could see the ground around 20,000 feet below us.

I am  not aware of any radio towers that tall or big.  What I saw was big, probably the size of a small house (800 – 1200 sq ft) base with 3 long spires sticking out the top (sort of like the San Francisco  tower). The spires where about the length of an interstate light pole with other things hanging off of it.

 The rest of it was in the clouds below and I could not see it. It was dark grey like a titanium wedding ring color. I watched it from the time it came to view in the front of the window and continued to look at it  until we went into a new cloud bank.

 It wasn’t moving so it was like flying by a building 15 – 30 seconds. A few people looked concerned/confused on the plane.

 I should have stopped and asked the pilot but in all honesty I was a little bit worried about asking around. Nothing personal but I never thought I would see something in the air or be on a UFO web page asking about it.

I can assure you it was not an illusion or reflection. It was solid as a rock and not obscured. It was just like staring at a building as you fly by. There were no flashing lights or anything like that. I did try and take a picture but my phone didn’t boot in time.

D from Texas.

Below find the original reports I included in my first article concerning other strange structure sightings:

The Canada wilderness report was of a large rectangle sized building  covered in bright white light that hovered silently over the tree tops.  The man who encountered this large object did not see a base of the object on the ground . He saw this huge structure hovering behind his tree line at the back of one of his fields.

The man noticed a bright light coming from one of his back fields as he stood on the porch of his home located deep in a sparsely populated part of the middle of Canada in the northern part of the country. The man knew there were no lights or source for the light that he could see brightly shinning from his field. He got into his truck and drove to the field to see what was generating the light. When he arrived he saw just above the tree line, in the back area of his field , a large rectangle fully lit structure . He said it looked like a building that was aglow. He immediately became frightened as he had no idea what this structure was or why it was in his field. He had a camera in his truck and quickly took a photo of the event.

The man became extremely frightened at this point as he realized this object seemed to be hovering behind his tree line. The structure was the size of a large building. He did not want to risk facing whatever it was that may  be in this craft alone.  He knew he was alone  in the middle of the wilderness .  He jumped into  his truck and returned to his house. The light eventually went out . The man returned to the field to investigate the encounter  the next day but did not find anything out of the ordinary.

This man is a very private person which is why he lives in this desolate area and is very concerned for his privacy . He was very hesitate to share his story and his photo. After thinking about what he encountered he  came forward  in order to warn others about the strangeness he encountered. He refuses to talk about the event and does not want any attention brought to his private property or private life.

 This is the from the Canada sighting of the actual craft taken by man in his field The Canadian report was the first I ever heard or reported concerning large building size UFO’s. It was about a year later that I was  contacted by another man who reported a far stranger event in hopes I had heard of others like it. This man had not seen or heard of the Canadian report. The man told me that the event he was reporting happened to his mother  while she was traveling along a highway in southwest Texas. The year was 1999 and it was in the fall .

The  man’s mother was driving along the highway she traveled frequently very late at night . It was a very dark night. As she drove she noticed just to the side of the road some lights that looked like the lit windows of a tall building.

She knew there weren’t any buildings  anywhere near where she was driving. In fact the only place near where a building like the  one she was  looking at was located was a good 50 miles away .

The woman drove past the building amazed at the fact it was standing in the middle of nowhere.  After she drove past it she pulled over as her curiosity got the better of her to get a  look at this strange sight. She got out of her car to get a better look at this misplaced building.

The woman told her son that the building was the size of a 7 or 8 story building. She told him the windows were rectangle in shape and well lit from the inside. There was no sound at all coming from the building. As the woman stood looking at the huge structure of windows she realized she could almost make out the interior of the building . She also realized she could not make out the definite lines of the exterior of the building or see the base where it was attached to the earth.  As the woman stood next to her car she realized the structure seemed to simply be floating next to the road. This startled and upset the woman.  She jumped back in to her car and drove away. She looked back numerous times in her rear view mirror to find she could not see the building , the windows or the lights anywhere behind her. According to her son this woman is a stable normal woman who does not follow flights of fancy or have any interest in subjects considered paranormal. She does remain fixed in her report that she did see this structure floating along the side of the highway.

Her son drove back to the location a few different times searching for clues to what his mother could have seen that day. He did not find anything usual or any structure of any kind in the area.

I have no idea what this woman witnessed that day. She did not have a photo or a witness to add to her report. I thought it may have been a day dream, or a hallucination or something of that nature. I also realized it could have been a military operation , a hologram or an actual ship of some kind that are rarely seen by human eyes. I did not think about this report too much again   until I received  other reports equally as odd.

I opened my email one day to find this report :

“Hi Chris

In 1988 while living in Colorado. I witnessed the strange sight of a large building floating in the air with my wife.

My wife and I  had a store in a small town in Southern Colorado at the time.  It was located in a roll up the streets at 9 p.m.  types of quiet  towns.

We lived in an apartment above our  store. Late one evening we looked out the window to find a very large- bigger then football field boxy craft with numerous block type projection all over it moving behind a small mountain at the edge of town.

It was approximately. 2-3 blocks away from the store.

There was no sound at all. It moved very smoothly. It was very close to the ground.

We  thought it must be a government  project because it was moving over  the mountains outside of town that is surrounded with government. signs warning they would shoot if anyone entered the area.

We only saw this happen once but knew it was strange. Someone somehow was moving a huge building effortlessly without noise or fanfare over the mountain range.

Any way for what it is worth that is what we saw .”

After this email I started to think that something very odd was happening that we were all missing. It is without question possible that these events were black op projects.  It could also be a hologram event  or a large UFO craft we have yet to see often.

Who is behind these building size crafts is anyone’s guess.  Could it be we have the ability to move entire structures in this manner?  Can we be projecting them to give the illusion of cities or towns where none exist or can they be actual crafts of another visiting species   that are being moved about.? I just do not know.

The next report was sent to me which I truly found incredible. At first I thought it was a joke until I had a few more contacts with the people who sent it  and realized they were  serious and unsure what the odd object was that  they had seen.

This article was sent to me from UFO sightings Devon England


Day/night: Dusk about 20:00hrs

Duration: 15-20 minutes

No. of Objects: Single

No. of Witnesses: 3

“Full Description & details:

This craft was amazing an L-shaped building complete with balconies at the rear (three of them).

 Below the balconies were two mesh dishes shaped similar to Butterfly wings. These were pulsing a blue/purple light and seemed to be propelling the craft.

 Underside we saw three white lights with huge pipes between them. There were two lights at the rear and one light at the front. Also every straight edge was like a fluorescent  tube.

The craft looked as if constructed of concrete with a yellow appearance.

This craft emitted a heavy electrical humming noise as it passed over about fifty feet in the air.  The building was about 6 stories high and moving along at about 50 miles per hour  at top speed.”

I will let the above report stand on its own merit. I have no idea at all what the people are seeing. I realize the reports are coming from all over the world concerning the floating  building structures and realize they are to be considered until otherwise explained  unidentified floating objects or UFF!

At this time I can only wonder if this type of craft or sighting will become more widespread or if they will remain far and view apart. Time will answer that question. I am sure we all can come up with countless theories to what these people encountered. I think it is another warning to us all to be alert and aware of our surroundings and to be prepared to catch what you may encounter on your camera if possible. The road to figuring out what is going on out there is to join together with evidence and unity. We also need to demand our questions be answered and our sightings  investigated and taken seriously.

I find these reports to be extremely strange and intriguing. I have no idea at all what is going on . I do know something unexplained and odd is being seen all over the world. If we all continue to pay attention to our surroundings we have a chance one day of figuring out what all this strangeness is and where these odd structures, crafts, UFO’s are coming from and why.

I will continue to bring updates on this subject and continue to bring all new reports sent to me to my readers attention. I truly believe once the UFO’s turn into building size structures it is long overdue for us to find answers.

For now watch for those flying buildings!

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