I watch as we push off planet reaching for the stars but must say that I know I am right in saying the condition of this planet and the human race needs to be our first concern. I also know that until we can maintain and provide for our planet and the earthlings upon it we are not going to be welcomed in to the universal neighborhood. We need to stop being a planet or killing, destroying primitive beings before those far more advanced want anything to do with us. It is why they keep us at arm’s length. They watch. They visit and even have interaction with us but past that they leave us be as we continue our savage ways.

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I refuse to be pushed aside with how ridiculous I am to think his machine would work or that no one knows what he was doing or that his years of hard work are all missing.  I think the need for greed and power still dominates us all and withholding free energy from the world continues for the benefit of the few instead of moving towards and forward for the benefit of the many.

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It is the continuing case of a few select who want all the toys and feel you do not deserve any. This is the problem of life and the very tests our souls are handed as we live our human lives on planet earth.  In this class room of life  Edison and Morgan’s souls I assure you will not be found with the many, the good or the kind, the energy of their souls surely are helping keep hell fully burning.


My wish is for Nicola Tesla’s inventions to be developed and used for the benefit of mankind and the advancement of humanity.  Nicola Tesla was without question one of this planets greatest minds. Tesla was a super genius who invented technology that we still have not mastered. The least we can do for the gifts he tried to give to us is to build and use and hopefully in the end give thanks to him for his work and his genius.

Nicola Tesla also was a man who was beaten down, abused and ignored by the greedy and powerful. Tesla was a threat to those who stood to make large sums of money from old technology they were involved with or funding. Thomas Edison was an enemy of Nicola Tesla because Tesla had advancements that would have made Edison’s endeavors obsolete. Stopping Tesla from continuing with his inventions gave Edison his road to power, money and fame. The real price of Edison’s greed was that we all paid the price for being without the advancements of Tesla’s genius.

I hope one day we understand more about space and can travel beyond our own planet and solar system but we are not there yet as a society. We continue to allow the elite to use our money to explore space and ignore what is happening to each of us here on the surface of the earth. We should not allow another Edison or Morgan to keep us living in war and hardship so the few can explore space or take trips to space stations for vacations only designed for the rich or elite few. We need to use our money and our brain power to develop free energy and concentrate on the advancement of mankind here on earth before we reach for the stars. When we have finally become a civil working society I am sure our universal neighbors will decide to become more openly forth coming with us but until then my bet is as long as we stay as we are, they will stay as they are, at arms length – in fact I know it.

I can only hope for these things to happen and try to reach out to others who may feel the same way. Maybe if we pull together for a new way of things in this world we might actually one day get there.

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