The Cumbrian UFO/earthquake situation – what next in 2011?

By Pat Regan


The Cumbrian UFO/Quake axis is a fascinating one that I have been following with interest over the past few years.

The following article was presented by me for the Cumbrian media in the UK 

North West UFO Research has been amazed by the number of Cumbrian UFO sightings send to us since the start of 2009.

Founder of North West UFO Research, Southport author Pat Regan, said:

“Something rather unusual seems to be occurring in the Lake District skies with regards to the UFO axis. We have had reports from Ravenglass; Santon; Ambleside; Walney Island; Maryport; Workington, Barrow and Silloth. Many of these Cumbrian sightings  have been of  orange or red balls in the sky that have allegedly performed bizarre movements with some shooting off at speed when approached as is startled. We believe witnesses to have been genuine people and we’ve have been impressed by the openness of the Cumbrian people to freely present their accounts. We have also noted great similarities with UFO reports from the Lancashire and Shropshire regions. In many instances sceptical claims, that these sightings have been nothing more than Chinese lanterns, have been disproved. North West UFO Research has brought this potential air safety issue to the attention of the Ministry of Defence, yet we have to say that they have shown little interest. Something is up there and so far we do not know what it is; the authorities that we pay to protect our air space should be taking it much more seriously. “ 

Following this comment Cumbria had a minor earth tremor in April 2009.

I made several reports including the following: 

Even later, another quake occurred at Yuletide 2010.

UFO: Earthquake predictions come true as Cumbria suffers Yuletide tremor

I welcome further data on this situation.

Pat Regan, 2011

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