The Devastation of Mankind!

Recently I have been doing a lot of writing about a group of people I refer to as  Real Time Abductees . This group of people  is made up of  everyday people who while going about their daily routines of life were taken by an unknown kidnapper. They were forced  against their will to experience lost time events which have both  harmed and changed them.  The people  in this group have had to endure  multiple abductions over the course of their lifetime.  

This group of  abductees is not looking for any publicity . They do not want to write a book or be seen on TV. They do not want to be known or have their privacy invaded .  The reason this group is willing to talk to me is that they feel they have a moral obligation to warn society about things they do not think we are aware of. They want to tell their side of this mystery of  lost time and abduction in their words as well as wanting to warn as many as possible about the  difficulties of being one who is taken, abused and thrown away.  This group also wishes to use me to warn you about the fears they have concerning what they see as the devastation of  humanity. 

The abductee  group  I am involved with is made up of six very  interesting people who are extremely bright and think differently than the average  man or woman .  By way of their unusual  experiences  they have an outlook  about this world that I think needs to be  listened to by each and every one of us.

I am going to write this article about their  ultimate warning as they have told it to me.I would like to add that the  members of  this real time abduction group is not interested in  any form of discussion concerning what they have to say. They are not looking for a debate nor are they concerned with your opinion.  They are very straight forward people who  will  have their say and walk away . They all feel you can do what you please with what they have to say.   The group does not feel it is their concern to convince you or  entice you  to their thinking.  They will tell you what they think and you can digest, reject or  think about  their words. That is completely up to you.

 The fact is they feel they will be able to go with a clear conscious along the  road of their existence by offering their warnings to you.  Past explaining their fear for  our species they feel it is up to each and every one of you   to do what you please with what they have to say.  You can heed their warning, laugh at it, yawn and walk away – they do not care. The  fact is they are simply  putting it out there.  

I tell you this as I have mentioned before in past articles  that this group of people have no  interested in fame, discussion, exchanging  ideas, and especially do not care to hear the  opinions of those who have not walked in their shoes. The fact that I have openly and frankly made these things very clear did not stop a deluge of emails trying to debate or offer those very things!

 In fact to be honest I feel this group of people who have been taken by the unknown- used and thrown back without concern are hostile to those who have no idea what they are talking about offering them advice or opinions.   With all of that said  and hopefully understood  I will jump directly into their warnings and leave it for you to do as you please .

Technology.   It has taken us in a short time to a completely new way of living.

In my lifetime alone I have seen changes that when I was a child I could not have dreamed of.  

Look around you.  Be it at work, at home, shopping, driving,  or out and about for whatever reason – we are connected to  some form of technology. 

We are connected to the point of obsession and distraction. We are connected to a never ending  onslaught of information or communication at a frantic pace from the moment we wake up until the second we go to bed at night. 

The technology we have today can be wonderful tools adding to and making our lives better and easier to manage. However this is not the case and what should be our tools has become our way of life.   Instead of  using technology to advance our humanity as a useful tool  we have become a society of  technology driven lumps of flesh who day by day are willingly giving up our own humanity  to the flashing screens and addiction to our  tools.  Instead  of  being the master of our tool chest we have become the controlled  slave of our tools.

I do not think I  have to tell you how ridiculous we have all become with the obsession of  having some gadget  plastered to our faces as we ignore the real world around us. Watch people while they drive, shop, walk in the street, sit in an office, eat,  or are with other humans  be it family, work associates or friends.  

We are lost and addicted to the gadget in our hands ignoring or disconnected from the humans surrounding us.  It is interesting to watch the youth of today on an outing. They all walk along or sit at the local burger or pizza place  gadgets in hand with  thumbs  frantically flying – looking down instead of talking or laughing with the people they are out with!  I have no idea what they are thinking or doing?  Are they texting each other? Are they  calling each other on their cell phones?  OR have they lost the ability to socialize with other people their own ages who are sitting right next to them?   

What about the time they do spend together ?  Is it talking or forming friendships or love relationships or is it standing or more sitting on large buttocks madly playing a computer game?  Is any of their interaction ever one on one anymore? 

Let’s get right to it. Technology is driving a huge wedge between human interaction and you all know it.  How many of  you stare at your hand held device rather than talk to the person right in front of you.  Be it your spouse,  friend,  your children, your parents, your brothers or sisters?   How many times have you tuned out of  real time interaction to slip away in to the false  security of your tech world and your tech personality?   It seems to be much easier to live in that false world of Face Book and Twitter  land then it is to live real life with real humans face to face in real time.  We are becoming controlled beasts being driven by hand held devices to the point of losing our own humanity .

Here is the fear.  We  now know that  hackers,  even  14 year old in training hackers in China can  find out everything about you once you have connected into the grid of the new technology.  Not only are you an open book to whoever wants to find our all your information  , you are  connected to things you may have no idea  about.  Once you have given yourself over to the Face Book and Twitter life you have opened the door to being hooked to whoever and whatever wants to connect to you.  Forget your security or how careful you think you are. Any first class hacker will tell you we are all mincemeat in their hands.

OK- let me recap up to here where  we all stand.  We have become a society of  numb gadget controlled  captives living a fake life by way of  technology and its toys while losing touch with real people in real situations in real life.

 If we are not texting or talking on a gadget we are playing a game or sitting in front of a computer monitor or a large TV screen.  We are constantly connected to the grid of communication that controls us all.  Not such a good road if you ask me.

Have any of  you read the many reports floating among  the internet concerning the sighting of  large UFO’s  above or worse connected to either electric wires or telephone  poles?

  I wrote one a few years ago about a sighting by a group of reliable men while on a hunting trip who came upon an area containing  a group of  electric  grid  wires located next to a large cell phone tower and a radio transmitting tower  out on the end of   Long Island  New York.  The men were walking along  just before dawn when they came to this cluster of poles  and wires  deep in the woods when they realized something large black and oval was hovering above  the cluster of poles and wires  silently hovering  in the night sky.  This large object hung in the night sky with a long thin laser type ray running from the craft down into the wires below.  The men became terrified and retreated  in a fear  from this craft . They had no idea what the object was doing but knew  they had walked into  something they should not be seeing . They ran quickly  back to the road as fast as they could terrified by what they had seen.

This report along with others like it became a   subject of  great conversation  by those who read my article.  I received many emails concerning what  the object was doing at the time it was seen.  The most interesting in my mind came from a group of men and women who  were  scientists.  They felt the object could have been busy  adding information in to our grid as well  as taking out information as well.   The  idea of course seemed logical and extremely frightening.  The scientists reminded me that we can easily be accessed  by way of all our technology in ways we may not yet understand much less  have control over.  

The abductees feel we are being weaned with ease away from our humanity by way of our technology and gadget habits.

Not only are we allowing who knows what to upload who knows what into our heads daily by way of  our being connected without pause from the communication grids we have become addicted to -we have given up our one to one human relationships with it.  How many people have  ‘ friends’   via the internet?  How many of you have given up real  flesh and blood people for  Face Book or Twitter pals?   How many of you communicate with your loved ones via a device rather than sitting  across from them at a dinner table?  

Let us recap this portion of our downfall.  We not only allow our brains to be  loaded with mush via gadgets attached to us for hours each and every day loading who knows what into us as we go about our daily life – we have also let go of  human to human connections for  the fantasy of on line or  tech like fake persona.  Not looking too good for mankind now is it?

Add to this already sad scenario the  best way to destroy any society or culture which  is to simply divide and conquer.  We seem to have made this as easy as possible.  Do you spend time each day with those you love or care for discussing the issues of our day together without any outside influence of  computers, gadgets , television or radio or do you all go to separate parts of  your home or living arrangements and connect alone to your private land of  technology that controls and ultimately owns you? 

Do you spend time with your family or do you spend as much or more time with your  on line pals?  Do you read  and discuss  the issues of the day from the opinions of other human beings or do you take all your information from sound bites and quick controlled remarks  by way of your assorted technology devices?

Do you understand what this group of abductees is  trying to tell you?  

It seems apparent to them that we have been sent down a road of self destruction with ease and willingly.  

All that was needed to walk us down this dangerous path was to understand our never ending gluttonous need to be entertained.  Feed us brightly colored movies,  frightening Sci-Fi  stories, addict us to social networks where  we can build fancy profiles of our otherwise  ordinary day to day life and we are there, hooked and easily controlled.   

Divide us from our families and friends by  placing hand held entertainment up to our drooling faces and quickly we become rude,  socially crude and divided from the pack of  normal human tendency.   Alone one by one we are easily brainwashed, controlled and eager to become more machine like and less human.

How long do you think it will take before we all become more machine  in nature and less human?  How long do you think it will be  before the process of  control via our connection to the grid of communication becomes overpowering and we become lost to being an individual   and more part of  the grid?  

Think about family and tradition and  the human contact in your own life. Has it changed since you hooked up to the grid?   Are you happier now ?  

I asked myself this question and immediately closed down my Face Book communication and refused to become part of the Tweet  way of life. I realize how destructive and how easily I could be accessed with data while  spending time connected to those things.

I now restrict my computer time and writing time.  I only watch a few shows and movies on my TV and spend a great deal more time reading and talking to the people in my life I respect and love.

I listened to the abductees when they talked to me about the fears they have on how we will be taken over .  I think it is obvious they have some good points and we all have been willingly walking down a dangerous path quickly offering our humanity to whoever or whatever will entertain us the fastest or with the most glitter next.

I asked the abductees if  they thought we were  being manipulated  via these things for our destruction.  They told me they thought we were being walked down this road for the reason of control.  We seem to be easily controlled by fancy pictures and bright gadgets.  They think that in obtaining this easy way to control us our humanity will be the ultimate cost.    


The abductees feel that those who may be walking us down this road may have walked this way already long ago in another time and place.  They think that beings that may have already given up their nature to become more machine like may be wanting to bring us to the same fate.    They also discussed  possibilities of others who may benefit from  control via our new addiction to technology including time travelers  trying  to keep us headed toward a specific outcome. The abductee group also discussed the idea  perhaps of  a one world  group that many conspiracy theorists  believe  want full control of  planet as the ones seeking human control.  Addicting us to toys and gadgets would be an extremely effective and easy way to control society.   

I am sure there are many candidates we can think of who would want to control the human race.  I am   not sure any of these warnings about our growing dependence on technology is as serious as the abductee group thinks it is.  I do think it is my job to bring their thinking forward  so  you can digest and form your own opinions. I do know that technology is taking over our lives and it is destructive and additive. If you do not think it is turn off your cell phones, computers,  TVs and gadgets and see if you do not crave and fight a addiction type desire to run back to them. That experience alone should shock and bring fear to you knowing these things have so much control over your life. The  younger you are the far more addicted I am sure you have become.  

My reaction to all of this is to think about what they are warning us about with care. I  have removed myself from this grid over the past few months and realize I almost immediately began to feel more human.  I found pleasure once again in being outdoors  or seeing more of my family and friends.  I  read more and tune in less.  Before long my mind started to clear and I was able to think clearer as well as finding life slower and more enjoyable. 

As I said at the start of this article – it is up to you as a individual to think about what you are being warned about by people who have come face to face with the very unknowns they are warning you about.  All I can do is be the messenger and walk away from it .  

Over the years of my spending time working on the internet and being involved with chat rooms, forums, social networks and all the other options our technology has brought us I also could not help witness some really destructive behavior by those using this technology.  I have known people who have become lost in the abstract world of the internet be it via chat or a social site , whatever they locked in to, who lost their way.

I have seen people become mean and vicious as well as an enormous amount of bullying and hate all easy and way too frequent due to the anonymous land of the internet. I have watched those who would never say things to the people in their real time life attack without mercy those they come across on the internet. It is sad to watch society slide down a hill without a moral compass with such ease using this technology on the side or evil so willingly .  The day of the internet profile and persona was the beginning of the loss of real identity as a living fully  human being.  

My decision is to do all I can to live the rest of my life as a walking , thinking , living, loving , feeling , touching  human being. Once I made that decision I realized I did not have enough days left on this earth to waste playing in fantasy with other fake people in a fake world who when all is said and done mean nothing to my real human life. 

My time with the real time abductees has changed my thinking and my life. I do hope you will give some consideration to the subjects they have gone out of their way to try to warn or share with you.

I will be finishing , in my next few articles , my conclusions concerning my time with the group of real time abductees.  

I will be taking time now with the new year to work full time on my books.  

I wish you all the best of all things human and  real.  Make this year of 2012 the best year of your life.

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