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By Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — The iconic sea serpents, mermaids and other mythical creatures found on world maps from medieval and Renaissance times splash to life on the pages of a new book.

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Despite their wild appearance, many of these creatures were based on real animals.

“The creatures look purely fantastic. They all look like they were just made up,” Van Duzer, a map historian at the Library of Congress, said here Thursday (Sept. 5) in a talk about his book. “But, in fact, a lot of them come from what were considered, at the time, scientific sources.”

Bizarre beasts
Sea monsters on maps run the gamut from menacing sea serpents to improbable lion-fish hybrids. Many cartographers simply copied these sea monsters from illustrated encyclopedias, Van Duzer told LiveScience. At other times, particularly a period in the 16th century, mapmakers took some poetic license with the animals (like terrestrial-aquatic hybrid animals).

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[In Images: Ancient Maps and Sea Monsters]


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