The Extraordinary Importance Of Astrology To The Ancient Egyptians

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 Robert Bauval joins
 Carmen Boulter and her guests Claude Swanson, Walter Cruttenden, John Anthony West, Christopher Dunn, William Henry

What accounts for the extraordinary importance of astrology to the ancient Egyptians? With his groundbreaking Orion Correlation Theory, Robert Bauval suggested that the Giza pyramids correspond to the Belt of Orion. This shook traditional assumptions revealing the depth of the ancient Egyptians knowledge of cosmology. His 1999 book, Secret Chamber, explored the deeper layers of the Giza quest and made the linkage between the ancient ‘magical knowledge’ and the Hermetic Tradition that carried it across the ages and into the mainstream of our modern western intellectual and esoteric tradition.

In this interactive online video conversation Unlocking the Pyramid Code: Ancient Egypt as a Model for Empowerment, Carmen and Robert will discuss:

Star alignments and the sky-ground correlations throughout Egypt
 The absolute certainty that the Egyptians followed the movements of Sirius and its significance
 Our expedition to the stone calendar circles in the desert of Nabta Playa, Egypt.

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