The Fear


I received a great deal of email and interest from my article about the woman abductee I interviewed. The woman was the one of the most interesting people I have ever talked to. My article received a great deal of interest so I asked the woman if she would talk with me again. A few weeks ago she agreed and I was able to spend a few hours a day with her over a three day period.

My time with this woman was an extreme experience. I will be writing about our time together over the next few weeks. She requested I do a few things for her which of course I agreed to do. The first thing she asked me to do was to rewrite and re publish my article about the Fear. She felt it important for those who truly want to understand the subject of lost time events and abduction experiences to understand it from the eyes of those who have lived and survived it. She asked me to press the points I made in that article to my readers in hope the message would be clear to the truth of abduction.

I was a bit hesitant to fulfill this request. When I first published the original article on ‘The Fear’ it was received with a bored cool indifference. Others became angry and outraged sending me hateful emails for going against the fad at that time of warm fuzzy lovable aliens here to save mankind.

Time has passed and I seem to find a new far more logical realistic view breaking through the nonsense of the paranormal world. The trend seems to be bending now to consider those who report a far colder harsher experience by those enduring abduction or lost time events.

I am hopeful this time around my words are at least considered as a possibility by those who have taken off the rose colored glasses and are looking at the strange events of those enduring these events as possible and truthful.

That is the hope of those who have endured the unknown. They do not want attention or fame. In fact it is exactly the opposite with the Abductees I have talked to. They do not want anyone to know they are dealing with this type of strangeness in their life and recoil if they are threatened with being identified. The main hurdle I always have is to convince those I interview that I will protect their identity before all else.

Although I write about all things paranormal my special interest is UFO’s and aliens. The people I seek out to write about are those who report having real time sightings and encounters. For me real time events are those encounters that do not take place during bedtime or sleep periods. Real time events happen when the abductee is fully awake and clearly recalls being taken or the start of the event followed by knowing when they are returned.

Most often the actual event is memory wiped leaving the Abductees with partial recall of what took place during the abduction. Some Abductees recall being taken and nothing of being returned or vice versa. Others recall more of the time during the abduction while someone else may not recall any of the lost time. The main thing is that these events all take place while the person is busy living their normal life and fully awake.

The real time Abductees are the people I find extremely interesting. My thoughts and warnings come from the combined interviews of those who have lived and survived through a real time lost time or abduction event. I have listened to them and I have collected what they think, feel and wish to pass on to those who are willing to consider their side of the subject known as alien abduction. I have a personal interest in this as well as I admit with regret that I belong to this group of people.

The woman abductee I recently interviewed wanted me to talk about ‘The Fear’

The fear is the key that makes me pay close attention to those I talk to who claim they have had a close encounter with other beings. When I see or hear this fear that I have come to know so well- I listen. Reference to this fear usually persuades me more to believe who I am talking to.

This fear is so powerful you do not feel you will survive it. This fear is a heart stopping paralyzing sense so strong you are certain it will kill you. It is of absolute horror- a feel of fright that is like no other. It is a fear that life has stopped as you have known it and something else deadly and sick now replaces it. It is fear that changes you once you have known it and stays with you once you experience it. It is indescribable deadly and something I would not wish on any living being.

This devastating fear is what a human feels when face to face with a situation they do not think they will live through. It is a feeling that locks your senses and over takes your body with such power you do not think you will live another second. This gut retching fear is what is felt when you are alone looking into the non-human face of a creature you have never seen before.

This is what is felt when you have lost control of your surroundings and find yourself being completely controlled by others. This fear is what you feel when your destiny is in the hands of an alien and you are powerless and without choice in the matter. This fear is what those who are taken against their will feel when abducted by beings that are not human and are not asking but taking you without your consent. This fear is why I find those who go looking for aliens with flashlights and cameras extremely foolish and child like in their thinking.

I have been told there are abduction cases that concluded with the abductee having a wonderful adventure. I find it hard to believe anyone would enjoy being taken against his or her will under any circumstance. I have never heard of anyone being asked if they wish to be taken, examined or questioned. I have only been told of those who have been taken- against their will. That one fact seems to be the main truth of the alien abduction agenda- they take us without permission.

Be it a child, teen, adult or senior citizen if they want you they simply take you. I do not find that friendly, fair or fun.

It would be far too harsh for me to say I do not believe the claims of those who talk about being taken by lovely beings who fly them about the universe in scenic flights while sharing a lovely chat about the meaning of life. I will say I personally do not find any interest in this type of report. I am far more involved and drawn to the less fabulous but far more realistic reports that have common threads that I find in those I interview and by way of my own encounters.

The common threads I found in those who report real time abductions include:.

1. Being taken against their will

2. Not recalling the event in full however do suffer from hellish flash backs of things they do not understand

3. Suffer the incredible fear when encountering a partial memory or flash back.

4. Are fearful this will happen to them again

5. Many felt ill after the event and reported having rashes, feeling sick to their stomachs or finding strange bruises or body changes that can last for years if not a life time.


There are exceptions with alien contact that take place when humans encounter the human like aliens that also visit this planet. I understand people who have had face-to-face encounters with beings that fit in with our concept of humanoid looking creatures have a far less traumatic close encounter.

I have spoken with those who have had encounters with human looking aliens. They told me they were cautious knowing they were in contact with a creature that was not human but did not have the deadly fear of those who encounter other forms of aliens. As comfortable as they may be with this type of visitor it is always clear they are having an encounter with a non human being and caution remains paramount in their dealings.

The fact of the matter is that being taken is terrifying. Being viewed with the same attitude we view monkeys or lab rats is an extremely frightening event to endure. The reason I understand this is because I have known this fear and I have shared this feeling with others like me. It is a mortifying experience to be on the wrong end of the microscope. It is something that changes your life and cannot be placed aside or forgotten. It is a hard world to be in when those who have no idea about these things mock and ridicule you for talking about your encounters making them even crueler and harder to endure.

Every time I write about my own experiences I receive two types of emails. One is from those who have been enduring the same things and have lived through abduction. The other emails are from cruel nasty people attacking me for writing the truth about these things. I receive emails from those who never had any type of sighting or encounter yet send hate filled name calling insulting mean spirited mail. I can only assume doing this somehow calms the fear they have of paranormal subjects. The only other reason for this reaction concerning something they have no knowledge about would be a brain washed trained trigger or simply ignorance.

I imagine I make those who wish to live in fantasy angry and frighten those who do not want any of this to be true. It is sad but that this is the nature of humans. They quickly become unkind and vicious to those who do not tell them what they want to hear and filled with anger at those who talk of things they do not want to be real.

I cringe each time I read or hear about people who go to deserted areas in order to draw the attention of unknown crafts and beings to them. I can only shake my head as I listen to ideas of using laser lights, radio signals and even camp fires and smoke signals to try to draw the creatures of the unknown to their location. I have discussed this with other Abductees and we can only wonder what in the world are these people thinking? We cannot think of anything more dangerous or reckless and fear for those who do this type of thing.

I am curious how they know they will catch the attention of kind benevolent beings? I wonder how they would feel if emotionless beings who care little about the human race arrived, took them and what they wanted from their bodies and discarded them when done like worms or rats.

Do they really think that this type of careless action could not bring them harm? Are these people living under some ridiculous notion that nothing bad will ever happen to them? This type of reckless dangerous behavior has always been a mystery to me.

I think until you experience ‘THE FEAR ‘ that goes hand and hand with a real time close encounter with a being of unknown origin you cannot understand the emotional life long horror that follows Abductees through each and every day. That fear is why I write and why I will stand up for those who live daily with the fact they were taken.

Be careful out there and always be fully aware of what you wish for. Some dreams do come true and those nightmares can last a lifetime.

I dedicate this article to Edward, Millie, Jo Patrick and John plus all the Abductees whom I respect and thank for their reports of the experiences they have endured with beings that are not of this world. To all of you I say thank you. 

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